Deposit for China Qigong Adventure with John Dolic
Deposit for China Qigong Adventure with John Dolic
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China Oct 14th at 11am to Oct 20th at 11am

A mixture of Kung Fu, Qigong, Tai Chi, Chinese Medicine, Taoism, Buddhism with John Dolic, BTCM Beijing, Kung Fu and Qigong instructor.
Small groups – offer strictly limited to 6 people (shared accommodation included AU$590 p.p.) (approx. US$450)
In case of higher demand, offer extended to (maximum) another 6 people (accommodation not included $290 p.p.) (approx. US$220)
Plane tickets to and from Shanghai airport in both cases to be purchased separately. For those without accommodation we are hapy to offer help in finding one.
Everyone is welcome, from total beginners to advanced practitioners of any or all of the above disciplines. Or if you are simply interested to be introduced to them in an easy to understand language.
Simple self-healing methods including Chinese massage (acupressure), Qigong (energy healing), Tai Chi, food remedies, water healing, fasting and, above all, the way of thinking (Taoism and Buddhism) - the root of all diseases and suffering but also the means to fix them all!
Simple self-defence techniques, basic stretches and forms, sparing etc. for those interested will be introduced. Styles to choose from: Baguazhang, Shaolin Kung Fu, Long Fist (Changquan) and Tai Chi Chuan.

The resort is conveniently located between Shanghai City, Hangzhou and Suzhou (two ancient cities also known as the “Two Beauties of China”) so there is plenty to see and do at other times.

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