Spontaneous Five Animals Play Qigong and Fasting

Spontaneous Five Animals Play Qigong is one of those styles of Qigong that can trigger spontaneous fasting (bigu or pigu) at any level of experience, including total beginners'.  As its name suggests, everything in this style is spontaneous from the word 'go'.  So, all the movements, whether they are self massage, Reiki-type energy healing, stretching, yoga postures or imitating the five different animals, are spontaneous.  And so are all the other experiences that come with it, such as laughing, crying, chanting, singing (or rather humming) or simply lying on the ground for several minutes (so-called ‘earth healing' or ‘grounding'), even vomiting.

Fasting would be just another "one of those things" and would come as naturally as everything else, with the exception that it happens outside of practice.  No two people in the world have exactly the same condition, so no two people who practice Five Animals Play Qigong do exactly the same things.  It is 100% tailor made to suit each and everyone's individual needs.  And if someone's constitution requires fasting for two, three, five or ten days, they will do so.  But once the energy is balanced, disease is gone, "Small and Large Universe" are established and one reaches higher levels of this Qigong, such as San Quan (Three Entireties) or San Yuan (Three Rounds) (please refer to Qigong Chinese Health magazine, issue 1, page 11 or read the article Spontaneous Five Animals Play Qigong), then fasting becomes something that is voluntarily controlled.  In other words it can be consciously applied whenever wanted and it comes effortlessly.  By then most practitioners develop many psychic abilities, such as intuitive diagnosing with 100% preciseness, energy healing, remote healing, x-ray vision and teleporting.  Even though masters who reach this stage eat less, sleep less and have less desires generally (ie the Three Entireties), they are well rested, full of energy and happy.  Of course, to reach this kind of level, would often take years but even the journey itself is very enjoyable and rewarding along the way. 

Below is a typical example of spontaneous fasting triggered by Spontaneous Five Animals Play Qigong:

My name is B. Zhou and I am a 62 year old farmer.  Before practicing Five Animals Play Qigong, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and I have been blind in the left eye, since birth.  After practicing Five Animals Play Qigong for about a year, I had experienced spontaneous fasting - bigu twice during that time.  The first time it was during the hottest part of the summer and it lasted for eight days.  I not only ate nothing, but I also drank nothing.  When I normally practiced Five Animals Play Qigong, I would always move spontaneously during the practice, but during this time, I went through the process without moving at all.  I just sat in lotus position and my breathing felt extremely slow (this is known as Xu Wu level of Five Animals Play Qigong - for more information, please see Qigong Chinese Health magazine, issue no. 1, page 11).  In winter of the same year, I had another seven days of spontaneous fasting.  During that time I did not need to sleep at all, I meditated and, several times, had out of body experiences.  Out of curiosity, I attempted to eat a couple of times, but every time I did that, it felt like fire was burning my throat and then I vomited.

Before I started practicing Five Animals Play Qigong, the doctors had suggested I have an operation on the brain tumor.  I was extremely reluctant to do so.  However, after these two experiences of bi gu, my condition improved remarkably.  After another seven months of practicing Five Animals Play Qigong, during the practice I would spontaneously pull the third toe of my left foot. (Editor's note: in foot reflexology, the bottom joint of the third left toe is connected to the left eye and the tip of that toe to the brain).  Not only did the brain tumor completely disappear, but I began to see with my left eye, for the first time in my life.

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