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Are you unfit, unhealthy, or inactive & want to get better without too much hard work, whilst having fun on top of that?

How are you supposed to get fit & healthy if you have no money, time or interest for commonly-available fitness programs, get intimidated by heavy machinery, electronic gadgets and fitness maniacs’ perfect bodies? 😱

Is it actually possible to get fit & healthy without sacrifice & hard work?! 

I bet you’ve joined fitness clubs, followed online courses, tried yoga or pilates And nothing has quite worked for you, right?

How do you find the TIME to implement their strict programs… if you're unfit & unhealthy in the first place, or have a full time job?

How do you justify spending money on a
treadmill or a rowing machine, if you barely use it?

😨 Why you find ‘no pain no gain’ so nerve-racking?

Is the constant battle to get fit and healthy really worth it?

Can you really
get fit and healthy without too much time & effort?

🤔 And when should you swim or run?

🤔 Should you even swim or run?

🤔 Are you doing dumbbells? How often?

🤔 What about exercise bike?


If any (or all) of the above questions run through your head… day after day… I might be able to help.

Hey, it's
John here… 👋

And, while I don't claim to know it all, I HAVE helped thousands transform their body & life by creating a sustainable step by step action plan. They call themselves NoPainers 💪

And yet…

Some time ago, I was in their shoes.

Those early days were rough.

I'd take a step forward only to take three more back. I was drowning in complacency, lack of motivation, lack of discipline, finding the right equipment, sticking to workouts…

Anyways, if that's kinda how you feel right now...

Let me give you a road map, so that you stop hitting dead ends or getting lost on back roads, and instead take the fast lane to
fitness and health that you can be proud of.

Let me show you a NO pain, YES gain way 💪

👇 Here is what I’m proposing. 👇

I’ve had a TONNE of people who were sick & tired of being sick & tired, reach out to me asking for help.

So I had this crazy idea to build a step by step plan guide you from struggling & surviving to flourishing & bouncing in even as little as six weeks.

No fluff. No messing around, just a simple plan to take you from PAIN to GAIN.

If you are interested in claiming one of the 10 spots available, comment below with: “NoPainer”


👉 More details to follow tomorrow (31/1/2023), or on at 15:00 UTC time.

Win without fighting! (is what you’ll be taught)


Chinese Fitness

How To Get Fit & Healthy Whilst Having Fun & Without Too Much Hard Work?

💪 REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: The 6 Week “Feel Great Again” Challenge

  1. Week 1: NoPainer Quick Start
  2. Week 2: Hear Your Body Again
  3. Week 3: Confidence Ignited
  4. Week 4: Hello Fun
  5. Week 5: Bye Bye Struggle
  6. Week 6: Live Your NoPainer
  • Bonus #1: Weekly Group Coaching Calls To Personalise Your Plan
  • Bonus #2: 6 Weeks Nutrition And Meal Plan To Maximise Results
  • Bonus #3: Accountability Facebook Group So You Don’t Quit Until You See Results
  • Bonus #4: NoPainer App To Workout Anywhere, Any Time
  • Bonus #5: NoPainer Master Membership: Including Access To New Content, Weekly Coaching Calls After The Challenge And The NoPainer Community To Hold You Accountable And Create Long Term Results

Usually: AU$1,997

Founder Special Offer: AU$397💪

Yesterday I revealed information about my step by step plan to guide you from struggling & surviving to flourishing & glowing in even as little as six weeks.

The response was AMAZING.

So here’s what’s going to happen…

I am looking for 10 unfit, unhealthy or inactive people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and are ready to take back control.

On 21st February 2023, these founding members will start working closely with me to achieve fitness and health. I will not let you fail.

Does that sound exciting to you?

Would you LOVE to stop sacrifice, pain & hard work and start taking the right steps towards FINALLY achieving fitness and health?

Those 10 Founding Members will get:

✅  The 6 Week “Feel Great Again” Challenge so that They Get Their Life Back.

👉 The Challenge follows the Chinese Fitness Method, which is a unique system to achieve fitness and health.

What makes the Chinese Fitness Method unique?
  1. 20-30 minutes per day
  2. Fun, gentle Chinese fitness exercises based workouts
  3. No heavy machinery, no electronic gadgets, only easy-to-follow gentle exercises
  4. For extremely busy people, split the routine 50/50 between morning and evening
  5. Body positive, like-minded people only community

✅ Bonus #1: Weekly Group Coaching Calls To Personalise Your Plan

✅ Bonus #2: 6 Weeks Nutrition And Meal Plan To Maximise Results

✅ Bonus #3: Accountability Facebook Group So You Don’t Quit Until You See Results

✅ Bonus #4: NoPainer App To Workout Anywhere, Any Time

✅ Bonus #5: NoPainer Master Membership: Including Access To New Content, Weekly Coaching Calls After The Challenge And The NoPainer Community To Hold You Accountable And Create Long Term Results

The best part is, you will get all of this for a huge discount as a founding member!

When I do the full public launch, I’m going to charge AU$1,997 for this program.

But I have a sneaky reason for giving you a huge discount…

I’m looking for 10 Founding Members, who I can work with closely over the next 6 weeks to get them incredible results.

I’m looking for future testimonials of the NoPainers 💪 Movement!

All I need from you is AU$397.

Here is what some of my previous and current NoPainers had to say about the Chinese Fitness Method:

“I have been practicing Chinese Fitness for eight months and I benefited greatly. It helped me completely get rid of the pain in the wrists due to RSI and I highly recommend it to everyone!!”

“I used to suffer from depression & anxiety for years. I’ve seen many doctors and specialists but there was little improvement. And then I came across Chinese Fitness. It saved my life!!”

“Chinese Fitness not only helped me get rid of many health issues but I love doing it as well. Since I started practicing I hardly ever get even a cold or flu. And I am so much happier!!!”

“I love Chinese Fitness! I recommend it to everyone!!”

"Since I have been doing Chinese Fitness I stoped all my medication and I feel better than ever!“

“My boyfriend tells everyone I am never cranky when I practice my Chinese Fitness!”

… …

Interested in getting fit and healthy?

Comment below with NoPainer & I will personally send you the details.  

It’s that simple.

Just type NoPainer below to secure your spot.

Win without fighting!


PS: You may be thinking… What’s the catch? Well there is no catch. I’m simply looking to test out my new program and get some killer testimonials before releasing it to the wider public at the price it deserves.

PPS: There are only 10 spots available as founding members for The 6 Week “Feel Great Again” Challenge so, if this sounds like you, don’t wait!

Chinese Fitness Characteristics

Chinese Fitness is for people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired

How does Chinese Fitness compare to Western Fitness?

Well, let’s just say it’s DIFFERENT!

But probably the most significant difference is that Chinese Fitness makes you healthy while Western Fitness makes you strong!

Listed below are some of the major differences between the two
Chinese Fitness


   Chinese Fitness: strengthens life energy (chi), and promotes its flow, thus making you healthy
    Western Fitness: strengthens body - its muscles and bones, joints and ligaments…, thus making you strong

   Chinese Fitness stresses stillness (non-action) (Taoist ideal of wuwei or getting more by doing less - peace, harmony, relaxation)
    Western Fitness stresses action (just do it!) (physical effort, endurance, cardio, sweating and puffing)

3    Chinese Fitness uses a holistic (or macrocosmic) approach so that it can easily be incorporated into your daily life thus becoming a part of your very being (e.g. many techniques can be done while resting, walking, driving, even in bed at night) (the same exercise often affects many organs and parts of the body and it’s not unusual that, after a period of applying it, one discovers that many conditions, even seemingly totally unrelated, have been improved or completely disappeared e.g. high blood pressure, short-sightedness, insomnia, a skin condition…)
    Western Fitness uses an analytic (or microcosmic) approach (do this exercise for this muscle / joint and this one for another) often requires a time exclusively dedicated to each part

4    Chinese Fitness not only improves your health and overall wellbeing but it can (and often is) a great fun that many people are looking forward to doing (Confucius: Choose a job that you love, and you’ll never “work” a day in your life)
    True, many people enjoy doing Western Fitness too, and it can be great fun as well (especially for those who are young, healthy and in great shape), but there are still way too many of those who are doing it only because they are expecting certain short term results, and are not looking forward to it as eagerly (or at all)

5    Chinese Fitness often brings long term results so, even after ceasing the practice for good, the desired outcomes remain, however many people choose to stick to it (even for life) since they feel great about it and there are many additional benefits e.g. general wellbeing, disease prevention, sharper senses, longer life, improved intuition, greater creativity, peace, joy, content…
    Western Fitness often brings short term results only and, after stopping the practice, the condition often comes back, sometimes with vengeance

6    Probably one of the best features of Chinese Fitness is that, once learned, you are in possession of a great tool that you can use whenever you need it and as many times as you need it, giving you a total freedom from fitness instructors and even health practitioners - for life!
    In Western Fitness one often needs relying on a fitness instructor or a PT for a long time thus depending on them, plus the cost, travel and other related inconveniences
7    For Chinese Fitness, in 99% of time, no equipment is needed and, even if it is, it can be easily obtained / improvised from the environment
    Western Fitness often relies on heavy machinery or some sophisticated, electronic equipment that can cost a fortune, that needs to be learned how to be used properly, and can sometimes even cause harm if malfunctioning, not being used properly or due to its electromagnetic radiation

   In Chinese Fitness no clearing from health professionals is needed in order to participate in its programs, since it is designed to activate and strengthen chi thus having a healing effect on the body and inner organs rather that placing a burden on them
    Western Fitness often requires clearing from a doctor or a physiotherapist in order for people to participate in it, thus many conditions are contraindicated and prevent them from exercising (e.g. certain heart conditions, cancer, asthma, diabetes…)

And here is the best part: not only are these conditions not stopping them from taking a part in Chinese Fitness but, on the contrary, Western Fitness’s contraindications & limitations are often Chinese Fitness’s indications!!!!!

So, does this mean that Chinese Fitness is better than Western Fitness and that they are exclusive of each other? No, not at all. They are just different and can even complement each other. Not only that, the regular practice of Chinese Fitness is known to improve anything else one is doing (including Western Fitness) e.g. work, study, play, sports, relationships, creativity, dance, musical performance, even chess, maths, scientific work… In other words, everything, including life itself!  

With Chinese Fitness you get much, much more than you bargained for!!!

How To Get Fit & Healthy Whilst Having Fun & Without Too Much Hard Work?

💪The 6 Week “Feel Great Again” Challenge

Founder Special Offer: AU$397💪


📣 “I’m shutting your butt down”

Yep…  ⏰ 48 HOURS LEFT ⏰

Time is running out to grab your spot on the The 6 Week “Feel Great Again” Challenge

And I’ve had a BUNCH of questions, so I wanna cover some important stuff real quick...

If you are still sitting on the fence, here is what you need to know...

👉 When does it start?
✅ On 21st February 2023, 10 Founding Members of The 6 Week “Feel Great Again” Challenge will kick off their journey working closely with me to achieve fitness and health withOUT sacrifice, pain & hard work.

👉 Who is it for?
✅ The program is specifically designed to put an end to complacency, lack of motivation, lack of discipline, need of equipment, sticking to workouts. It’s designed for people who’ve joined fitness clubs, followed online courses, tried yoga or pilates… and still haven’t been able to get fit & healthy.

👉 What’s included?
✅ You’ll get the Founder Special Offer for AU$397, valued at AU$1,997.

👉 What equipment do I need?
✅ No equipment needed whatsoever

👉 How much time do I need?
✅ 20-30 minutes per day

👉 Are they difficult to learn and perform?
✅ No. Chinese fitness is a no-brainer.

To grab one of the remaining spaces, send us an email with a comment…


Then hold tight for me to send you the sign up details straight into your messenger inbox.

But act fast… You’ve only got 48hrs before registration is closing!

👇 Send us an email with a comment NOW to reserve your space. 👇


5 out of 10 are already gone!

Spaces in The 6 Week “Feel Great Again” Challenge program are rapidly being snapped up, and registration closes in just 24 hours! ⏰

If you’re unfit, unhealthy or inactive, struggling with complacency, lack of motivation, lack of discipline, sticking to workouts, this is your opportunity to achieve fitness and health. Don’t miss out!

I shared this system with Paul and the results he achieved shocked me (ha ha, not really, I’ve seen it too many times before :).

⭐ I’ve had a long list of physical, mental and spiritual issues, too many to list here. To name a few Depression/Anxiety, addictions (alcohol, smoking, drugs, coffee… alcohol being the worst, I would consume two liters of wine daily), mental fog and physical aches and pains, commonly acute but at times chronic. Chinese fitness has been life changing for me, bit of a magic cure. I started getting better from day one and within the first couple of months the transformation was significant! And what some people would die for, I got as an added bonus - within a year I lost 29kg! ⭐

(for more details re Paul’s condition, please visit listed under Fragrant Qigong Testimonials Case #16)

Or how about Samantha’s story? She did Chinese fitness purely to cope with her numerous health conditions but then, she was more than happy when she discovered that, along with gaining top health, she got rid of her smoking addiction that was plaguing her for over 40 years.

(for more details re Sam’s experience, please check

Disregarding all the health benefits and getting their lives back, let’s for a moment take into consideration financial benefits alone, these two (among many others) gained from doing Chinese fitness:

Even if Paul was consuming the cheapest wine available, he has already saved himself at least $3,000.

And Samantha, who stopped smoking 25 years ago (and never lit a single cigarette ever since) by now has saved at least a whopping $250,000!!! Or maybe not that much, since it would probably kill her long before that :(

One thing is for sure: they never regretted investing their $397 :)

If you want to achieve these sorts of results in the next 6 weeks and beyond, send us an email with a comment:

NoPainer. 👇

Then, hold tight for me to send you the sign up details straight into your inbox.

But act fast…

⏰ There are ONLY 5 spaces left! ⏰

👇 Send us an email with a comment NOW to reserve your space. 👇

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