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Did you know that we all posses incredible self-healing powers?

The Chinese do. They call it Qigong (qui gong / chi kung).


Qigong is an ancient Chinese art of self-healing, spiritual development and wellbeing.  Those who practice it regularly can experience huge improvement in every aspect of their life.  They may even develop some extraordinary powers such as energy healing, X-ray vision, teleporting objects using their mind, levitating and accurately predicting the future, to name a few. 

Qi (chi) meaning ‘life force’, ‘vital energy’

Gong meaning ‘practice of’, ‘benefits’, ‘abilities’

Put together: “practicing life energy” or “getting positive results from practicing qi”  

In other words, Qigong is all about rebalancing life energy, making it stronger, in order to (and by doing so) enable the body to heal itself / treat disease, improve quality of life, extend life, develop psychic abilities as well as make the practitioner do everything better, be it work, study, sport, dealing with relationships etc.  There are tens of thousands of different Qigong techniques (or 'ways to practice vital energy').  Some are static (i.e. done while standing, sitting or lying, with no particular movements, only using mind to activate qi), some are primarily special breathing techniques and some are dynamic (involving all sorts of movements with one's arms, legs and body, sometimes involving imitating animals' movements). 

All living things, including humans, have amazing self-healing powers and Qigong is simply a tool that puts them into practice.  When you practice Qigong, it is as if you are treated with acupuncture, reiki and shiatsu all at the same time, enabling the body to prevent and treat all kinds of diseases by itself, when it needs it and for as long as it needs it (saving you a lot of time and money in the process). Not to mention avoiding all the hassle, appointments, waiting rooms, going through trying to explain how you feel to doctors or, if you choose so, to all kinds of alternative health “experts” and, most importantly, not depending on them, their knowledge and sometimes even their mood. 

Qigong has been practiced for thousands of years in China and, in recent years, slowly but surely, it is spreading to the west.  Millions of people, each year, are helping themselves get rid of all kind of diseases, ranging from minor aches and pains to the most debilitating ones.  It is becoming quite apparent that its future looks bright and that it can be beneficial to whoever practices it, regardless of sex, age, race, religion, level of education or status. 

Hate everyone?

Do Qigong and you'll fall in love with everyone.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is a unique, holistic system of healing which has developed in China over thousands of years from practical observations and the influence of Chinese philosophies.

Unlike western medicine which is based on anatomy (ie. the matterial body and its structure) Chinese medicine is based on the above mentioned concept of 'life energy' - Chi or Qi. Here are some of its key features and characteristics:

It is effective, safe, non-invasive, natural, affordable, treats the cause or the 'root' of the problem (disease) and not its symptoms, pays a lot of attention to what the patient feels and offers tailor-made treatments to suit their unique individual needs.

Even though Chinese medicine and Qigong were first introduced to the western world about 40 years ago, they have been around for more than 5,000 years.

Now that more and more people are turning towards nature and eastern culture, and especially with the introduction of Qigong, they are finally starting to realise their true values.

The invasive methods used by western medicine, its negative side effects, inability to treat many (especially chronic) diseases, not to mention high cost of its treatments, added to this even more.

People in Australia and many other developed western countries are becoming more aware of the limitations of today's science and are becoming more and more open to the alternative ways of looking at things and solving problems.

Being an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine, Qigong has all its great characteristics i.e. it is effective, safe, non-invasive, natural, affordable,…

Despite the availability of western medicine in China, Chinese medicine is still preferred by the majority of the population. While Qigong, to many, is the best part of that preferred medicine.

You were told that you would have to live with your disease forever. Well, probably yes.

But if you do Qigong, probably not!

Qigong chinesehealth is the world’s leading Qigong website that provides quality articles and useful information about Qigong, offers Qigong tuitions, workshops and seminars (including FREE classes and seminars), sells DVDs, CDs, magazines and books on the subject and organises Qigong trips to China. It is intended to cater to open-minded people with an interest in Qigong, health, wellness, spirituality and love towards nature.  All of the articles are easily read, because they are written for non-professionals.  It does not require its readers to have any knowledge of Qigong, yet they will be able to understand and apply it in their everyday life. 

Qigong - it's more than health. It can change your life!!

Our mission:

Popularise Qigong

Explain Qigong

Demystify Qigong

Bring Qigong into our homes and let everybody benefit from it!!

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