Qigong Healing (Energy Healing) - Features and Benefits

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Qigong Healing - Features and Benefits

One of the main reasons for Qigong's expansion & unprecedented popularity in China in recent years were, no doubt, its incredible healing powers.

And to name all the benefits Qigong can bring along, just in that department, would take pages upon pages.

If you had a chance to spend some time reading our articles (or any other Qigong website's articles) or, even better, if you were involved in the practice yourself, we are sure that by now, you would have quite a clear understanding of the many and various benefits Qigong practice can bring along.

Qigong can treat many, many (and again many) conditions.  Among hundreds of millions of Chinese people cured by Qigong (ie. energy healing) in the last 30 years (and countless many more during the last 5,000 years) there were cases of almost any known and unknown disease and injury.

From mild allergies, flus and colds to the most debilitating diseases such as cancer and lupus, from minor sprains, cuts and bruises to severe fractures and disabilities.

This statement in no way suggests that Qigong Healing is a "cure all" modality because, among those who practiced it diligently, there were still many patients whose conditions did not improve a bit and some even died.

But then again, due to enormous number of Qigong styles that exist in China today (literally tens of thousands), sometimes finding the most suitable one for a particular condition can be quite a task. Which in most cases was a major reason why it did not work in the first place (apart from other factors such as failing to do it properly or not allowing enough time for it to take effect and so on).

Not to mention that some of the best styles of Qigong were only created in recent years (such as Walking Qigong) or were kept secret until only recently (as in the case of Fragrant Qigong).

In other words, many cancer patients practicing some inferior styles of Qigong died long before the appearance of Walking Qigong, now best known for its amazing curative effects on cancer. Or many deaf people who did not get any results from other styles of Qigong, would possibly regain their hearing if they were given the opportunity to practice Fragrant Qigong (ie deafness being one of its specialties).

However, Qigong is much more than just healing. As a matter of fact, treating diseases is only a side effect of rebalancing chi energy, and because according to traditional Chinese medicine, all diseases are a result of blocked chi energy (in their meridians), then getting rid of the blockages will automatically produce health benefits.

Qigong practice can enable one to reach many different levels. Among them treating diseases (no matter how grim their prognosis' may be) is known as "rough balancing of chi energy" which is an initial phase and therefore regarded as one of the lowest levels of Qigong, usually not too hard to achieve.

To reach higher levels of Qigong where "fine tuning of chi energy" takes place though, requires steady practice over longer periods of time. Sometimes this involves celibacy, becoming vegetarian or even giving up all possessions in the process.*

But, no matter how drastic it may seem, that is exactly where the real fun begins. Not only does one become much healthier and live longer, but their quality of life greatly improves too.

They often experience (on a daily base) things like: happiness without reason; total absence of negative thoughts (stress becomes so foreign that they start to wonder why anybody in the world should ever be that way); improved mobility, concentration, memory and clarity of thoughts. This all leads to an inner peace, love and compassion towards others and joy becomes their constant companion, whatever they do, wherever they go...

In addition, higher levels of practice lead to the ability to treat other people with their own (or, even better, with the so-called "universal") energy, use their mind to move solid objects around, predict the future,...

Listed below are some of the major features of Qigong and next to them their many benefits:

FEATURES                       BENEFITS

Qigong is Relaxing

You become stress-free, accompanied by a feeling of calmness, harmony and happiness.

Qigong is Enjoyable

Qigong practice itself can be great fun making you look forward to each session.
Qigong Promotes Intellect Better study at school, better performance at work especially for professions relying on their intellect or in the field of science and technology.

Qigong Boosts Creativity

Whatever you do, you'll do it better and in less time, be it sport, work, or studying, and especially in music, the arts, or creative work - and it takes less effort too!

Qigong Improves:

  • Sleep
  • Digestion
  • Immunity
  • Blood Circulation
  • Bowel Movements
  • Sexual Performance
  • Energy Levels
  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Sight
  • Hearing
  • Quality of Skin
  • Quality of Hair
  • Coordination
  • Balance

You become physically fit and mentally balanced, need less sleep yet have loads of energy, your skin glows, hair shines, you rarely catch the flu or cold, all faculties (well, the ones that you still have) stay intact making you fully enjoy every aspect of your life.

Qigong works on all levels and promotes functions of all organs and systems. At the same time it is one of the best natural beauty therapies available. 

Qigong Balances:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Hormones
  • Body Temperature
  • Body Weight
  • Emotions 
Qigong normalizes everything. It works both ways, whether you have high or low blood pressure, are overweight or underweight, suffer from hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism... Long term Qigong practitioners appear to look much younger than they are while anger, anxiety and stress will become a thing of their past. Qigong lifts spirits and is known to eliminate or significantly reduce feeling of uncontrolled grief and depression.
Qigong Treats Diseases

The number of diseases that can be treated by Qigong is far too long to be listed here. To get a slight idea of the many conditions indicated and the very few contra-indicated to Qigong treatment, please feel free to browse through and check other sections of our website. 

Qigong gives you the much needed (and so precious, may we add) ability to treat your own illnesses, thus offering you not only the freedom from suffering (caused by symptoms, discomfort and pains), but also from everything else that normally comes "packaged" with it, eg. medical centres, hospitals, doctors, nurses, alternative health practitioners, waiting rooms, transportation to and from all those places, medications, operations, all kinds of medical aids, all kinds of medical tests, fear, anger, frustration, despair, feeling of helplessness,... in other words, it saves you time, money and nerves.

Qigong Prevents Diseases

"One Qigong a day keeps the doctor away!"

Qigong Prevents Tooth Decay & Gum Diseases

You'll be in possession of your own teeth for much longer and spend less time and money at the dentist if you regularly practice Qigong. That alone can add 10 years to your life but the best part really is that you'll enjoy your food much better and you'll seldom suffer from terrible toothaches.
Qigong Reduces (even completely eliminates) negative side effects of western drugs, anesthetics, surgical operations, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and (often) the need for any of those in the first place If you regularly practice Qigong, chances are, you probably won't need them anyway but, if you choose to go that way, the great news is that it is effective in combating nasty side effects of western medical treatments.

Qigong Prevents Secondary Diseases & Complications

Qigong is a wholistic treatment so it takes care of all the body tissues, organs and systems at the same time. In other words, practicing Qigong treats all your problems simultaneously, thus breaking vicious circles, while western medical treatments, in the process of treating symptoms, often cause more damage and, on the contrary, establish new ones.

Qigong Prevents Falls

Falls are a leading cause of death among the elderly (above 60 years of age), so by practicing Qigong, not only will you have more strength and better coordination of movements (as well as see and hear better), but, even if you do fall, your body will be able to handle the impact much better.

Qigong Treats Addictions

Give up smoking, alcohol, drugs, painlessly. Stop sugar cravings.

Qigong Extends Life

Qigong can not only improve the quality of life but can significantly increase its length as well. 

Qigong Develops/Enhances Intuition

Many Qigong practitioners experience better intuition from day one. In long term practitioners however it does not stop there, many turn into psychics, healers and clairvoyants.
Qigong helps Develop many Psychic Abilities Seeing auras around people, being able to treat diseases with chi energy (lower level) or mind (higher), Clairvoyancy, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Teleporting, X-Ray Vision,... (check out Qigong Believe It Or Not for more info)
Qigong is Widely applied in Kung Fu (Chinese Martial Art) making it more powerful (long list of benefits)**

and finally (for some, the only one worth practicing)

Qigong can lead to Spiritual Enlightenment

Understanding the meaning of life and death, the Universe and everything else.

*This is normally only required from the most committed practitioners aiming the highest level achievable - Enlightenment and freedom from the materialistic world and its Karmic laws.

** Qigong is practiced as part of Kung Fu, especially in the so-called internal (or inner) styles of Kung Fu such as Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Xing Yi and Shaolin. It can improve practitioner's:





Sight (including the ability to see in the dark)

Hearing (including the ability to hear even the slightes sounds)




Sense of Righteousness

Better Judgment

Being able to withstand strong punches and kicks even sharp weapons like spear or sword.

Just the fact that Qigong, as frequently mentioned earlier, can treat and prevent many illnesses, is of utmost importance when it comes to using it in self defence. How much better off one is when, during the fight, they do not suffer from any ailments, discomfort and pains at the same time? Beyond compare! Not to mention having sharper senses, being relaxed, calm, in control of one's emotions and so on.

As a result one makes less mistakes, movements become automatic, mind clearer, leading to level of Kung Fu high above average where one "works less" but "achieves more" or even reaches the level of "three don't knows".

Some masters specialise techniques like Qing Gong or Light Qigong where one becomes so light that they can do high jumps, effortlessly climb steep hills, walls and trees, even levitate, walk on water, snow or similar surfaces without sinking through or even leaving traces.

High level masters of Qigong, even if they never practiced Kung Fu in their life, are truly invincible and can use chi energy in many unique ways to protect themselves from potential attackers. Not only can they sense danger long before it manifests itself (as well as take the appropriate actions to prevent it from happening) but they can freeze the opponent(s) on the spot, electrocute them by simply touching them (or even without a physical touch), strike them using non-contact techniques like the so-called cinnabar palm, one finger chan , and if all that fails (very unlikely!!) simply vanish from the sight with the help of a technique known as ban yun or self-teleporting.

In the article 5 levels of sight there is a description of the highest level of sight, known as the Buddha's Eye where one reaches automatic protection from all danger and where a care is taken without the need for the master to do anything in particular.  However to reach this level would require many years of steady practice and a lot of sacrifice.

(If all the above seems a bit too far fatched, please read the article "Lost Credibility" or, ideally, go and live in China for 10 years, there is still so much to see and experience that we in the west are totally oblivious of).

There are many other benefits of applying Qigong in Kung Fu or, really, in any other martial art, however the above mentioned ones are the most significant ones. And because they are closely interrelated they can not only make each other more powerful but can produce many other benefits as well. For example, if one can take hard blows and kicks without feeling pain or causing them any injuries, plus their own speed and strength increases tremendously, they can be much calmer, much more relaxed and can even afford to "play" with the opponent if they wish to (say using only one arm instead of both to fight several opponents, or not using any, letting their legs do all the work, as some masters do). Sometimes they even look after their opponents during the fight so that they do not injure them too badly in the process of defeating them.

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