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It would be advisable to read the article "Lost Credibility" before reading the following articles

When great masters of Qigong treat patients with their incredible power, they pay special attention to the patient's belief and what they call "wu xing" (comprehension / understanding or "getting the message").  The reason being, as much as their ability or power is important as being the transmitter of the power or energy, it is important that the patient is open to it as being the receiver.  The belief and comprehension plays the most important role in establishing a good receiver.  Some masters wouldn't even treat a patient who lacks belief and this sort of comprehension.  But some would try their best to increase the patient's understanding without saying it in plain English (Chinese that is).  The following four articles (all true stories) demonstrate a few examples of "wu xing" in action.  

Tell the Diabetic to Eat Sugar

As it is common knowledge to reduce sugar intake for a diabetic, then it would be quite a crazy and dangerous order to get a diabetic to eat loads of sugar.  However, it is not crazy if there is a high-level master of Qigong involved and it can be an excellent tool to test the wu xing and belief of the patient.  The following is the perfect example.

A hospitalised diabetic patient made a special trip to see a high-level Qigong master about the severity of his case.  When he got to see the master, the master said "Is that all you are hospitalised for?"  The patient said nothing, which meant that he did not "get the message".  Therefore the master approached him in a different manner.  He told him to go home and eat yoghurt with 3 tablespoons of sugar and see how he goes.  When the patient heard this, he was astounded, saying nothing.  The master then said to him "Well, since you have no comment, make it 6 tablespoons of sugar and eat this for the next week."  The patient's wife who was sitting next to him, pulled him and screamed at him accusing him of being extremely ignorant to what was being demonstrated.  Upon which, after realising, the patient said "Y-y-yes, I will do so", scared that he might miss his chance of being cured but also worried that the master will keep increasing the dosage of sugar.  That evening he went back to the hospital and ate yoghurt containing 6 tablespoons of sugar that his wife secretly brought him.

The next day, his urine sample showed no signs of sugar.  An incredible overnight change, amazing the doctors to disbelief.  He was asked to stay for another week however since all the tests showed no signs of abnormalities he asked to be released.  Since the doctors could not understand this miraculous change, they insisted that he continue to visit them every so often.  He continued to do so for a year but nothing had changed since he was discharged from the hospital. Strange indeed and hard to believe, you may think, but the miracle did not end there. Out of five patients that he shared the room with, 4 left the hospital with the normalized blood sugar levels too!

I don't want to know!

Some masters of Qigong who have extraordinary healing abilities with treating disease, don't want to know what problem the patient suffers from.  One example is when a patient who was suffering from cancer of the throat came to see a master of Qigong asking for help.  As soon as he visited this master he began to explain his problem.  The master immediately stopped him from going any further, by saying "Don't bother telling me about your disease, it's all right", implying that he doesn't need to know.  However, the patient did not get the message and tried to continue until the master interjected by asking him for doctor's test results just to make him stop talking.  After pretending to look at the results he turned to the patient and said "This is going to be alright, I'll tell you what you need to do and you will be fine."  But the man was not happy, he was adamant about telling the master his problem.  The master then explicitly said "Don't talk, I have seen your test results, I have examined you (he had pretended to take his pulse) and now you may go home!"  The patient was totally dissatisfied slamming the door on his way out and thinking how rude the master was.  The truth is, the treatment started the moment he entered the room (this is common for great masters of Qigong to treat people without even touching them).  However, after a while, the patient began to feel very well.  He went to the hospital for tests and they showed no traces of cancer.

Quick Fix

A journalist of Xinhua, a reputable Chinese news corporation (similar to Reuters), heard about how a famous Qigong master was going to treat a patient's fractured arm.  The journalist became very interested in making a report with photos on the case.  The case was quite a complicated one, the patient's arm was in a bad state due to the bone having been shattered.  The doctors had set it with plaster but after it came off they told him they would have to operate due to complications.  Even though there was a high risk of him losing his arm altogether.

a man with a broken arm doing pushups

The patient then decided to look for help elsewhere by visiting Master Yan Xin and the journalist came along.  The journalist found the best angles to take photos of the whole event.  Master Yan (knowing very well what a sling is used for) asked his patient "What is this on your arm for?" The patient replied "It's a sling".  "What does that do?" says the master.  The patient who was aware of the master's "tricks" (in other words his "wu xing" was pretty high i.e. he got the message) immediately replied "I don't need this" and then proceeded to undo it.  The journalist tried to stop him, but the master discouraged him.  Then the master asked him to move his fractured arm, to see if it still hurt or not.  The patient moved his arm and was surprised that it did not hurt at all.  "Would you dare to do a few push ups?" said the master.  The patient thought he would give it a go and proceeded to do so.  Since he could only ever do four or five, he only did that many.  But since he felt he could do more he then asked the master if he should do any more?  Master Yan said "Do as many as you can".  Surprising himself, he was able to do another ten.  After he got up, Master Yan said "That's it, tomorrow go to work".  All that happened so quickly, that the journalist realised that he forgot to take any photos.  Therefore his trip was made in vain.

Note: Yes, such ‘treatments’ are usually instantaneous, and involving all sorts of crazy things but they never produce any harm to the patient. No master would ever propose to the patient anything that they were not 100% sure it would work or that it wouldn’t cause any damage. However, one has to be lucky enough to come across such high-level masters. As a rule they never charge any money for their services, neither they run private practices where you can find them Monday to Friday 9 to 5.

Don't Kick the Bucket

an old man in a wheelchair his foot in a bucketAn old man fractured his right ankle, it had become swollen, very painful and he could not walk on it for 4 years.  Since it appeared there was no cure for him, he wanted to find the amazing Master Yan Xin to have him cure his "incurable" condition.  Two good friends helped by taking him to see Master Yan.

When they got there, Yan Xin first talked to him for a while, telling him of past case histories.  Then he put a combination of hot and cold tap water into a bucket and asked him to soak his injured foot for a few minutes until he got back.  However, Master Yan left him there with his friends for several hours.  The old man fell asleep, but his friends became quite frustrated and angry because they thought they were dealing with a "quack".

At this moment, as if nothing happened, Master Yan came in, patted him on the shoulder and said "Your treatment is over."  The pat on the shoulder woke and almost startled the old man and annoyed his friends even more.  But when the old man checked

his ankle, very much to his surprise he felt that it was alright.  Master Yan asked the old man to go outside, walk, run and go up and down stairs as much as he can and ordered the two young friends not to offer any assistance.

They all left Master Yan and returned after half an hour.  Everything went well up until the moment one of the young men told the old man to take it easy and not get tired.  Unfortunately, this line of compassion that came from the young man for some reason affected the success of the treatment.*  After this error, Master Yan Xin needed to use his energy again to correct the damage.  Then he sent them out again to repeat the whole walking and running exercise, only this time he asked the young men to not make any comments towards the old man.

When they returned, the whole healing process was complete and he was directed by the master to return to work the next day.  The old man did so, only his boss sent him to the doctor to get an X-ray because he could not believe that he was well enough to return to work.  Well, we could tell you what happened next but we are sure you "get the message".

*Sometimes the slightest gesture, word or even a thought can have a negative affect on the overall result.  To the average person it would be difficult to understand but to those who are aware of the energy workings understand how certain things affect each other. In other words, it's not only that the treatments are weird (to say the least) but so are the explanations of those treatments - to make the perfect match..

Extracts translated from Mandarin (with the author's written permission) from the Chinese best seller ‘The Great Masters of Qigong'.  Written by Ke Yunlu - writer, philosopher and Qigong promoter.  Ke Yunlu is the writer of at least 20 books on Qigong.  This book is based on fact and only names and places have been changed.  The main character, Ouyang Jue is a young scholar and famous promoter of Qigong living in Beijing.  

Mysterious Visitor in the Middle of the Night

There is a group gathering late at night at Ouyang's Beijing flat.  He has organised for a great Qigong master to be there.  Some of the people gathering are there to seek help for their diseases and afflictions, others simply want to meet and talk to this great master.

Among the guests are journalists, scientists interested in research and high ranking politicians all with their own reasons for being there.  All are very excited because they had heard about this master's incredible power.

They have all arrived early and they are eagerly awaiting the master's arrival.  As the time approaches the atmosphere becomes more and more lively, full of hope and expectations.  The word being spread amongst the gathering is that the master is going to transport himself instantly from Guang Zhou City (Canton) two thousand kilometers away (in Qigong terminology the so called Ban Yun or teleporting technique).  This is scheduled to happen at midnight.

One hour before midnight the master had asked Ouyang Jue to enter a Qigong state of mind, relax and calm down until free of thoughts and interruptions from the outside.

Ouyang did this and then shortly after he felt the right side of his body went numb.  And then, suddenly, he clearly saw the master in front of him telling him that the time of his arrival would be twelve midnight sharp.

*          *          *

Under the moonlight there is a dark mountain.  The mountain is covered with a thick forest.  In the crest of one of the tall pine trees, sitting in the lotus position, is an old man - a Taoist monk with long white hair and a beard.

Though an old man, his face is wrinkle free, the Chinese say "the hair of a crane and the face of a baby".  This describes people who have been practicing Qigong for many years looking very healthy and enlightened.

Everything lay beneath him.  He was on top of everything except the moon which seemed to be almost touching his head.  His eyes are closed and he is in deep meditation.  Moonlight wraps around him.  The night is still and very clear.  Not a living thing stirred.  All animals and insects had gone to ground.

Slowly the old man opens his eyes and says to none in particular "You have come already?"

Standing under the tree looking up is a slim-built young man whose clothes are damp with the dew.

He answered "Shifu (master), tudi (disciple) has just arrived."

A slight pause before the old man stated "So you are going to Beijing?"

"Yes." answered the disciple.

"Good." replied the master "You go and treat those people there."

"Remember the principles of the Universe - the Tao."

He then started reciting some sayings that the disciple could take away with him.

"If you are pouring liquid into a cup it's only full until you stop pouring.

If a room is full of gold and diamonds don't take any.

Being rich and proud turns back against you and you will suffer.

If you overuse the power you have, you may lose it."

"Do you understand all this?" asked the old man.

The young man nodded his head slowly "Yes, I understand and I also want to come back and continue learning with you master but I don't know when I will see you again."

"When the time comes for you to see me." answered the master "I will find a way to let you know."

"Shifu, do you have any further advice for me?"

The master thought for a minute before answering "Know the male side (strong side) and take care of the female side (weak side), know the white and hide the dark side, know what is good to have and what is bad."

The old man slowly closed his eyes and said "You go now."

"Remember you don't have me as master (some great masters don't want anyone to know about them).

"I understand" said tudi.

The young man turned and silently started back down the mountain, occasionally looking back to the tree where the master was sitting - by now however he was too far away to see his master.

He still however heard his master's voice saying "You go now."

He could still hear his master's voice as he traveled north to Beijing a thousand miles away.

*          *          *

Back in Ouyang's flat in Beijing more and more people are gathering for the master.

Not far from the flat partly hidden under the trees was a parked car.  Inside there was an American and his driver.  This American was a high-level psychic sent on a mission to spy on Chinese psychics and their involvement in the secret service with the Chinese government.

They were quietly chatting to each other as they observed the people arriving at the flat.

The driver asked the psychic "Do you think there is a high level psychic there?"

"No, at least none with high-level powers." he said.

"How can you be sure?"

"I can see and feel inside Ouyang's flat." the American master smiled. "It is a two bedroom flat.  In one of the bedrooms his wife and daughter are sleeping, he is in the other room writing at his desk.  "Inside the living room there are about twenty people talking."

The driver looked at him and was convinced by his words.

The psychic leaned back and closed his eyes as the driver continued to watch the flat. After some time he opened his eyes and asked the driver "Has anyone else arrived?"

"No, why do you ask?"

"He is there, he has just arrived" the American said.

"How could that happen" asked the driver "I haven't seen anyone else arrive. Does he possess great powers?"

"Very much so!" answered the psychic.

believe it or not - master appeared out of nowhere

Incredible Teleporting Power

Inside Ouyang's flat his guests were buzzing with anticipation.

Suddenly the lights went out.  "A power cut?" someone asked in the darkness.

Strangely the lights were still shining from the other flats in the street.

"A fuse maybe?" someone suggested in hushed tones.

Suddenly the lights came back on and from nowhere standing in front of everyone there was a young man.

Everyone was surprised.  How did he enter?  The doors are all locked.

Everyone fell silent, then started whispering among themselves - this was the Grand Master of Qigong.  This was the man they had all been waiting for - Master Yao Jue.

Ouyang came to the master and warmly welcomed him.  They exchanged a few words and then Ouyang started introducing him to his guests.

The master looked very relaxed as he shook everyone's hand.  At first glance he didn't look out of the ordinary.  He wore nothing special in dress and could have passed as one of the thousands of students in Beijing.  However in his eyes you could see a sparkle, a spirit, they danced with life.

He looked around and said to Ouyang "Let's start healing these patients and when they have left we can talk."

The first patient was a sixteen year old boy.  He had a problem with his face.  One side was constantly in spasm.  It marked the side of his face and pulled it into an ugly contortion.  One could only feel sorry for him.  It was causing him much discomfort and acute embarrassment.  His mother who was with him asked for help and explained they had tried everything.  Both Western and Chinese medicine had failed to make an impact, neither drugs nor acupuncture had helped.  In fact his condition had become so distressing to him, he spent most of his time hiding in his house and crying.

The master didn't really listen to what the woman was saying.  The way he uses his healing powers doesn't require a history of the problem as seen from the outside.  This was his way.

He called the boy to come close, looked at him, saw his face and said "You don't do it any more?" meaning the spasm had suddenly cleared.

When everyone looked at his face it was normal.  His mother looked at his face and said "Yes, this happens sometimes, his face returns to normal for a short time but then returns again after a few minutes.  Just watch and it will return."

"If it comes back again" replied the master "I will treat it again but it will not happen again."

He turned to his next patient.  As he was treating others the mother and son waited but it didn't come back.  The longer they waited the more the mother couldn't believe it.

"Is it cured for good?" she asked the master, full of anticipation.

The master answered in a fashion typical of Qigong masters.  He turned to the boy and asked "What do you think - is it going to come back?"

The boy moved his face, felt it, touched it, thought before answering "I am all right now."

The master said "Yes, it's all right now it will never come back"

Most Qigong masters will asks the patient to confirm the cure.

At this point the mother couldn't stop her tears of joy. She just did not know what to say.

"Do you know ", she blurted out "you have saved my whole family, my boy is my only child.  How can I ever repay you?  Money!  How much do you want?"

"No" said the master "I don't take any money."

"What about a donation for research into Qigong" she insisted.

"No" again said the master this time more forcefully "I don't take money or donations."  This attitude is typical of great Qigong masters.

His second patient was a middle aged man who couldn't walk.  He was carried by two young men who put him in a chair in front of the master.  The master looked at him and asked him to stand up.

The man smiled, embarrassed he looked left and right and his two helpers started to move forward to lift him up.  The master stopped them.

"Don't help him!  I want him to stand up by himself." master asking a man in a wheelchair to stand up

One of the helpers began to explain that he needed help in standing up.

"Let him stand up himself" repeated the master.

"Doctor, I really can't stand up." implored the man (Note: Qigong masters are often referred to as ‘doctor'.  In Chinese language the word ‘doctor' refers to either - western medicine as well as to Chinese medicine practitioners).

The master insisted "Stand up! Can't you hear me?" his voice raised.

The poor embarrassed man didn't know what to do.  He knew that for many years he couldn't walk but he didn't want to anger the master, so he thought, "I am going to try and I know I will fall."  He leaned forward on his chair but suddenly instead of falling he was standing up.

His helpers stared blankly.  Everyone in the room went silent.

The master said "Now take a few steps forward."

The man, once he understood what the master was wanting him to do, lifted his leg and then the other until he was walking around the room.  Everyone started clapping.

"Now do a few crouches" the master ordered.

The man went up and down on his legs.

The master said "Go outside and run."  After so many years of not being able to walk this middle aged man was beginning to think he could do anything.  He was as excited as a little child at Christmas.

He ran out of the door followed closely by his two helpers.

The man started running around the back garden.  He was so excited, screaming, shouting with joy.  Tears of joy ran down his face as he punched the air with his fists.

It was a quiet night, the only sound for miles around was the sounds of joy coming from this newly liberated man.

The master listened for a while, smiled and turned inside to attend to his third patient.

This was a lady of about fifty with very swollen legs due to kidney problems.

The master knelt before her and asked her to roll up her trouser legs.  Her legs were swollen like a balloon.  When he gently pressed them a hole appeared.  This was a very severe case of edema.

Sitting beside this woman was her husband.  He was a professor of Biology at Beijing University.

"This is a very severe problem." the master said to her husband.  "Please sit beside her and I will deal with the problem at the end."

With that he turned to attend to the next patient.

The professor and his wife sat quietly watching the gathering.  After a short time the professor got up and went to the bathroom.

The master looked briefly at him before returning his attention to his patient.

After the professor had returned to his seat beside his wife it was a short time later before the professor had the urge to go again.

Up he got and went to the bathroom.  When he returned his wife asked him "We didn't have any soup for dinner so why do you keep going to the bathroom so often?"

(Note: We must explain here a Chinese custom is that if you are a guest in someone's home you don't try and use the host's bathroom so often.  It's just not considered polite - especially here as the toilet was a room off the lounge where everyone would notice.)

"I just don't know what the problem is." the husband answered.

A few minutes later he just could not hold back any longer, he tried everything from crossing his legs and putting his hand on his lower abdomen.  He just had to go.

After a few times of this people started to notice.

"You seem to have a problem" commented one of the guests sitting nearby "Why don't you ask the master to treat that as well?"

The professor answered he had never had this problem before.  Once everyone knew, he didn't care about being noticed.

He just kept going - five, six, seven, eight times.

Every time he just shrugged his shoulders in resignation.  After a while he asked the master for help.  Master Yao looked at him and said "Nothing wrong with you but lets see how your wife is getting on."

They turned to his wife and noticed her face was almost normal.  He asked to see her legs and she rolled up her trousers - the swelling had gone.

Her husband was flabbergasted. "How can this be?" he uttered.

Master Yao smiled "What do you think?"

The meaning of his words slowly dawned on the professor. "Was it me going to the toilet that was helping my wife get rid of the fluids in her body?"

The master still smiling said "Yes.  Today I did a little ‘medical experiment'.  I used your body as a medium to get rid of the fluids in her body."

"When did you use the Qigong?" asked the professor.

"As I was treating other people I was treating your wife at the same time."

The master turned and went back to treating his other patients.

Suddenly the lights went out again.

*          *          *

By this time it was late at night - well after midnight.  The two Americans were sitting quietly outside talking and watching the lights of the flat.  By now all the other lights in the other flats and houses in the street were out.

"What are they doing now?" asked the driver.

"They are doing some sort of medical experiments" the psychic answered. "I think we will play a little joke on them" he continued.

"What sort of joke?" asked the driver.

"Just look at the flat" replied the psychic.

Suddenly the lights went off.

*          *          *

Back inside the room Ouyang asked the master "Is that you turning off the lights?"

"No, not me." answered the master.

"It must be a power cut then."

"No, look all the street lights are still on."

The master slowly said "That was me turning off the lights when I first arrived but this time I think it is someone playing a joke on us."

In the darkness he began to accumulate the energy.  He felt somebody opposing his energy, a resistance.  He built up his energy a bit more and then the lights came on again.  By now the master knew who it was.

"Look out of the window and you will see who is playing jokes on us."

*          *          *

When the lights went out in the flat the driver turned to the American and asked "Was that you?"

"Yes." answered the psychic.

As the light came on again a low scary sound could be heard coming from the car.

The psychic's belt was tightening around him, he was struggling for breath and letting out a low whistling sound.

Then it snapped and he could breathe again.

"Let's get out of here" he gasped to the driver.

And they were gone.

This was a small contest between two high level psychics.

*          *          *

The Qigong master had finished treating his last patient and could now turn his attention to other matters.  At the gathering there were some journalists after some sensational stories and by this time it was late - about four or five in the morning. Someone noticed that no-one was tired.  They asked the master why it was that everyone was so full of energy?

He answered "Well, if you are with me I am constantly using my Qi energy - it will heal you if you have a disease, if you don't it will lift your spirit and give energy so don't be surprised if you get rid of problems you have suffered from for years or you are full of energy."

Among the guests was a female reporter.  She was very talkative, bright and bold as reporters are.  Maybe a little too open for this gathering.  As it was late and she was hungry she inquired in a loud voice if there was any food available.

The host said "Of course, I'll bring some coffee and biscuits."

"Coffee and biscuits!" she retorted.  "I am not interested in biscuits.  I want hundun" (wonton dumplings).

Now to prepare hundun at this time of the night is difficult and she had a hidden agenda when she requested dumplings.

She turned to the master and asked if he could help.

"How can I help?" the master asked.

"Well, you have powers.  Can you get some food?"

"I don't use my powers to do that." the master answered.

This lady would not give up.

"Everyone here is really hungry, why can't you do something?" she said turning to everyone "Wouldn't you all like some hundun?  Would you like to see the master conjure some up?" she appealed to the gathering.

Everyone smiled politely as they respected the master and didn't want to trouble him.

The master began" Well if you..."

"Yes!  Yes!" she interrupted on behalf of everybody.

The master scratched the back of his head and said "Well OK.  Do you want Guang Dong style (mild) or Sechuan style (hot and spicy)?"

Everyone decided on Sichuan.  There were twenty people so the master asked for thirty cents from each person.

The master held the money tightly in his hand, knitted his brow then threw the money toward the wall and before it hit the wall it just master threw the coins and they vanisheddisappeared.

Everyone was dumbfounded and stared blankly at where the money should have been.

They then saw him taking out twenty bowls of dumplings from where the money disappeared.

The smell filled the room from the hot steamy bowls.

Everyone couldn't believe their eyes.  One of the journalists took pictures.  Everyone was speechless.

But the food was real and everyone started to eat.  It was delicious.

After finishing, they put their bowls together on the table, the master swept them away but they didn't fall down - they just disappeared.

Someone asked what part of Sichuan did they come from?

"Chongqing City." (which is over one thousand miles away) the master replied.

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