Chi Energy Lines

Fragrant Qigong and the Chi Energy Lines

Using chi energy lines to treat disease is quite a common approach that high level Qigong masters use.  However, with most styles of Qigong, it takes many years of diligent practice to master.  Not with Fragrant Qigong though.  From day one, a total Fragrant Qigong beginner, someone who never practiced any Qigong in his or her life, starts connecting with chi energy around them in many different ways, benefiting enormously in the process.

The fifteen simple arm movements (in Fragrant Qigong referred to as "chi energy codes") that are repeated two to three times a day, firstly connect the practitioner's chi energy with the high level Fragrant Qigong master's chi energy, who then connects them with all the past masters' chi energy (don't ask how) and the universe as a whole, creating order in their Small Universe (i.e. the practitioner's body) thus treating disease, increasing intellect and activating all sorts of psychic abilities.  Smelling fragrances during practice is just one sign that connection has been established.

That is the theory.  Practically though, practitioners wave their hands around and somehow get rid of their illnesses.  Since there is no other explanation of what actually happens to the disease, it is wise to accept this theory as valid.  After all, it comes from masters of Fragrant Qigong who already cured millions of people so, chances are, they know what they are talking about.  Regardless of the theory behind it, let's take a closer look into the different ways chi energy lines manifest themselves in Fragrant Qigong:

1. One person practices, the whole family benefits

It is common knowledge with Fragrant Qigong that even though only one family member practices it, the whole family can benefit from it. Not only healthwise but in many other ways as well. This is because by correcting and strengthening chi energy lines of the person who practices it, the benefits are passed on to all those whom he share the same with.

2. Preparation of Fragrant Water*

There is a Fragrant Qigong technique called the "Preparation of Fragrant Water", or rather "Coded Water" (in Chinese xinxi shui), that can be done only once a day at the specified time and within the timeframe of 10 minutes. What happens is that, at that time, millions of people raise their right hand and face towards Luo Yang city in China and all those living in Luo Yang city towards Master Tian's** home, thus directly connecting with this amazing master's chi energy and receiving his special healing chi energy codes that can then be transferred to a glass of water or any beverage. One of the signs that the connection was successfully established is that there is a sensation in the palm and there is a change of taste in the water (such as sweet or bitter). These are all positive signs and, after drinking this water, healing starts taking place. Of course, to completely get rid of a condition, one should persevere and do it daily for weeks or months, even though there were some cases where, after only one session, the patient was completely cured. What is also interesting is that for this technique, the distance from Luo Yang city is irrelevant, as long as the time is correct. And it can work regardless of whether Master Tian being at home at that time or not. Normally, for the best results, it is recommended that each person does it for themselves only, but in special circumstances, it can also be done for others, ideally for the close family members or pets.

Such as in the case of a 6 year old boy, a sufferer of Encephalitis B (a severe condition affecting the brain, transmitted by mosquitoes, quite common in China) who, after contracting the disease, was hospitalized and treated unsuccessfully leaving him with severe disabilities. Since he was unable to do it himself, his mother and his grandmother, both committed practitioners of Fragrant Qigong who experienced excellent results with their own illnesses, decided to try and cure the little boy by using Fragrant Water. Should we say they had lots of faith in the technique and they cared for him more than anything in the world (‘belief' and ‘love' in Fragrant Qigong are very important factors that strengthens chi energy lines and makes the healing process easy and powerful).

Every night, from 10:00pm to 10:10pm (Beijing time) both his mother and grandmother were preparing Fragrant Water for the little boy. They gave him a little to drink and applied it topically. After only one night, at around 3:00am, the boy who for twenty days could not say a word, woke up and in a soft voice, said to his mum, "I can smell fragrances". The mother was so happy, she could not sleep the whole night. Three days later, he was able to stand while supporting himself against the bed and after another couple of days he was able to walk. The head doctor of the hospital and a few nurses that were tending to him were astounded at his instant recovery. They asked which magic doctor had cured him and they replied "the magic Fragrant Water". He gradually recovered completely, could sing, play and be like any other normal child of his age. After a month or so after he left the hospital, his family took him back for another test at the major hospital. When the doctor who read his case history looked at him, who was running around and being very lively, he simply could not believe that it was the same boy. All tests showed absolutely no abnormalities.

3. Fragrant Qigong Masters' Mass-Healing Sessions

For some reason, the bigger the group of Fragrant Qigong practitioners practicing it together, the quicker and stronger the healing results, as well as the stronger fragrances and other chi energy reactions are experienced. It is the same with the mass-healing sessions that some Fragrant Qigong masters, from time to time, hold. As a matter of fact, they are so strict about that, that if there would be less than (typically) 1,500 people, they would not even proceed. But, as it was, thanks to their extraordinary effectiveness in the treatment of many conditions, that was never the problem. Not only that people would turn up in their thousands, but the venues would often be too small to accommodate all those wishing to attend. There were many cases of people who, for whatever reason, were unable to attend (often due to being seriously ill and bedridden) so their family members would go instead of them. And, then during the few hours the healing sessions usually last for, the homebound relatives would be rid of their condition.

Such as in the case of a man from An Hui Province, who after a car accident had his hip joint severely fractured. After being in a hospital for three months, he was dismissed, but he was unable to walk. His sister who practiced Fragrant Qigong for five years and was rid of more than ten conditions, wanted to help him, so she attended one of the mass-healing sessions on his behalf. She told him to expect some good results within the next few hours. Her brother was sitting in bed, not knowing what to expect and then after a while, for some reason drifted to sleep. After he woke up, he felt a lovely heat around his hip and down his leg. He was pleasantly surprised to find that he could bend his leg and, after he tried, could even get up out of bed and walk.

4. The masters' photographs, video or audio recordings, signatures, personal belongings, such as pens and watches, all have healing properties when getting in touch with the so-called chi energy sensitive people

There were many cases of people who, after seeing master Tian's mass-healing-session videos, or had a chance to touch some of his personal belongings, experienced great improvement, such as in the case of a thirteen year old boy who was born deaf. In a village, at one of the Fragrant Qigong learning centres, the head teacher was showing footage of master Tian's healing sessions where the little boy was brought to watch them. In the midst of watching it, the boy could hear and without any reason, uttered the word ‘daddy', which brought tears to his excited parents.

There are many of these cases so we will mention a few more:

Case 1

In 1985 I was sentenced to death by Tianjin's*** leading hospital.  The diagnosis was a severe blockage of the main stomach artery.  At the time I was only twenty eight and I was not ready to leave this world, however, the specialists told me the only option would be to go to America and have a major bypass surgery.  Unfortunately, I could not afford something like that. 

Maybe it was my fate to come across Fragrant Qigong and not die this young.  A few good people recommended I embark on Fragrant Qigong and, just as I was planning to join one of the courses organised locally several months ago, I was invited to watch a video on one of master Tian's healing sessions.  It was a public broadcast organized by one of the leading Fragrant Qigong groups in the area.  I was told that many people get cured just by watching it.  I was curious enough to go, but I did not expect much.  However, the sensations I got during the program were quite amazing so I decided to watch it again.  After watching it four times in a row, I was completely cured of my dreaded disease.

Case 2

I have been suffering with stomach problems for sixteen years, I would constantly feel bloated and after many tests, including an endoscopy, I was diagnosed with erosive atrophic gastritis.  In order to monitor its progress, I was strongly advised to have half-yearly endoscopies.  Normally, I would be very careful with my food, because my stomach was very sensitive.  Not only could I not eat much, but I couldn not stand cold or very hot food.  I was forever hungry but could not satisfy my hunger.  For the two years that I practiced Fragrant Qigong my condition improved enormously.  My problem would not flare up as often and, when it did, it was very mild.  However, I still had to be very careful with my diet.  I could still not eat all that much. 

One day, as my stomach started playing up, I decided to prepare Fragrant Water to see what was going to happen.  At the class we were repeatedly told to do it as often as we can and that it can speed up the recovery/healing process, but I ignored it.  That night though, after drinking the full glass of water I prepared, strangely enough, I did not feel bloated.  However, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling nauseous and vomited half a bucket of phlegm containing pus-like mucus and traces of blood that smelled like fish.  I also noticed that it contained no food I had eaten that night.  After vomiting I instantly felt better.  I slept well afterwards and that is how I got rid of my stomach problem.  Since then I have been eating normal.  I can eat any food and as much as I like without any problem.  

Case 3

I am a 67-year-old retiree from Shanghai and a great Peking Opera fan.  Not only do I enjoy listening to it but I often like to sing it as well.  However, after having a bad flu which lasted for almost a month, it not only made me suffer in the usual way (coughing, fever, sore throat), but it also affected my voice and I could not speak.  I went to see a doctor who referred me to an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist.  I was prescribed many different types of medication, but without any results.  I also secretly worried that I had throat cancer.  On top of that, I suddenly developed angina and was hospitalized for that for two months.

After leaving the hospital, I felt very weak and exhausted and my throat was worse.  I sounded very hoarse and found speaking took too much energy.  And just as I was worrying about my condition, a friend introduced me to Fragrant Qigong.  I joined one of the classes and within two months I felt a great improvement.  My stamina was much better and my voice much clearer.

A couple of months ago, our Fragrant Qigong group organized a public display of master Tian's mass-healing sessions which I attended.  I was very excited and then in the midst of it all, for some reason, I started crying uncontrollably.  When I stopped crying, my throat felt better instantly.  The next morning when I brushed my teeth, all of a sudden, there was a tickle in my throat and when I went to clear it, there were two big bloody lumps that were expelled.  Something told me this was a good sign and I was right.  Since then, my throat improved dramatically and today I can honestly say that I am 100% cured.  My voice is back to normal and I often sing my favourite Peking opera "arias".

* More on this technique, please see Qigong Chinese Health magazine, issue 4, page 9 or click here, where the concrete steps were introduced

** Master Tian Rui Sheng: A famous Qigong master from He Nan Province who in 1988 introduced Fragrant Qigong in China publicly for the first time after being secret for almost two millennia.  He has many psychic powers that he developed through diligent practice of Qigong for over fifty years.  More on Master Tian see Qigong Chinese Health magazine, issue 3, page 10-13 and issue 4, page 20 -21 or click here and here.

***Tianjin City, one of the largest cities in China, approx. 100km east of Beijing 

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