Qigong and UFO's

It has been proven over many years, with many millions of cases, particularly in China, that if Qigong is practiced, it can provide definite healing effects.  However, Qigong is much more than just a healing aid.

The healing aspect of Qigong goes to the lowest fundamental level, that it is possible to reach, because according to traditional Chinese medicine, disease is a result of an imbalance in the body's Qi (life energy).  The practice of Qigong over a period of time restores the energy balance.  Once the balance of Qi energy is established in the body, there is an automatic healing process, where the metabolism of the patient is restored, often with varying periods of time, depending on the complex nature of the imbalance and which meridians have been blocked.

a picture of a 'UFO'It is only after the energy is in a balanced state and the person is in good health again that he or she is able to move to higher levels of Qigong.  To reach the higher levels, may take some years to achieve, and is dependent on the amount of practice and the sincere intent of the person to reach it.  The style of Qigong that a person does, also affects the extent to which the person achieves a higher level.

Many great masters of Qigong have a lot in common, regardless of what style they practice.  They are all, to a greater or lesser extent, able to carry out the following: mind healing comprising direct healing, involving concentration or focusing the mind onto a problem, mass healing, remote diagnosing, remote healing, teleporting or using the mind to transport objects from one place to another, telepathy, predicting the future and many other unusual abilities.

Some other unique abilities that only some Qigong masters possess would be:

  • The ability to talk to animals or to make animals come to a certain place at a certain time even if such animals would not normally come to that requested place, e.g. snakes, wolves, foxes, eagles and many others to come to someone's garden.
  • Some Qigong masters are able to effect changes to weather conditions. They are able to generate clouds and make rain, or if it is cloudy they can return the weather to being bright and sunny.
  • Some by mind focussing can join or cut heavy items such as bars or sheets of metal, wood or heavy paper. Such dedication to the practice of Qigong also enables some masters to be able to pass through solid walls or to become invisible. Etc., etc.

All of the above, no matter how unbelievable it may seem, have been witnessed by many people and have been the subject of scientific research in China for over twenty years, involving reputable scientists and institutions. a picture of a 'UFO'

One of the well-known Qigong masters from Guangdong Province in China, Master Lin Qingquan developed a strange ability which enabled him to write stories and novels whilst in a Qigong state.  He has already published more than twenty fictional works that are mainly concerned with the UFO's, aliens and the deep mysteries of the universe.  His books are presented in an amazing orderliness where the matters he describes appear in a very logical manner.

Unlike the usual Western style science fiction novels, which are often written by people who have a very artificial view on the matter and who often use their imagination to prepare their stories so that their readers are left with a low level of creditability, with many obvious errors in structure and substance involving English-speaking aliens that have human habits, Master Lin displays an in depth logic and an impression that he has personally experienced the matter he is writing about.

What is even more strange about the way in which Master Lin prepares his novels is that they are written in finished format within a very short period of time, say overnight.  In other words there is no rough draft or proofreading required.  It is as though Master Lin, when entering the Qigong state, connects with some other existing world which he absorbs and then converts into a simple written and understandable form.

The only conscious thing about his work is his desire to write about a certain subject, and the rest is all a result of the practice.  In other words, before he enters his Qigong state, he might request the information to a certain question, such as "what type of life is there on planet X?" for instance, and then his pen becomes the writer, he is merely the one holding it.  It is almost like surfing the internet, where you can do a search on a particular subject by entering the subject name or related words.

In most cases the only way that one can ever achieve similar experiences with Qigong is by consistent practice over a long period of time.  One first learns to stop the brain and all the senses ( ie using consciousness) so that they reach total blankness and detachment and then at that level of knowing nothing, they start to know everything (ie using their sub-consciousness).

Master Lin however, didn't stop there.  Apart from writing books, he established a research institute and school to examine the mysteries of supernatural events and to research alien civilizations and alien technology.  His work has already attracted the attention of many individuals and institutions and he has earned himself an interesting title " Strange Man of Present Age".

Master Lin works hard on his ideas working sixteen hours a day, seven days a week, but always remains fresh in mind and full of energy, which is a typical characteristic of high-level Qigong masters.  They tend to require little sleep and can perform a lot more than other people, they never tire.

Master Lin explains that his ability to achieve the high level of Qigong that he has attained is explained by the fact that he began to practice Qigong early in life.  Firstly, he achieved an ability to heal others for which he has become renowned, and remains so. Then he discovered the power of his sub-consciousness, allowing him to surf the Qigong Internet.  All this lead to an increasing interest in extra-terrestrials and other mysteries of the universe.  Among his books are titles such as: Flying Saucers & Aliens, Negative Physics, Qigong Awakening, Notes of the Soul, Zen in the Depth of the Night, Who am I, Oriental Art & Imagery.  Many critics agree that, in the areas he concentrates, his quality of work is excellent.

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