First level: Open Your Eyes

The first level of seeing is when we only use our 2 eyes to see with.  The characteristics of this basic level of sight are that you can only see things that are in front of you, not what is behind you.  You can only see things that are a certain size and you can only see if there is light.  Improper use or overuse of our eyes can lead to shortsightedness.  When we reach a certain age many of us end up with long-sightedness or gradually lose our sight altogether.  Regular practice of Qigong can not only prevent all these possibilities, but can treat many similar conditions leading to good sight in old age.

Second level: Open the Heavenly Eye

The second level of sight is known as the Heavenly Eye (or Third Eye).  The majority of the population never use it.  Regular practice of Qigong can open the third eye which enables us to see more than what is in front of us, such as seeing through things and seeing far away.

Third level is: Open the Wisdom Eye

This level works off the third eye and it has four special functions:

(1)"Many Eyes", which means you can use it to see the same thing from different perspectives.

(2)"Analysing Eye" which can not only see something but understand it.  This ability comes from being able to use your accumulated knowledge from past lives to understand what you are looking at and to know what it is for.  For example if someone with this ability had never seen a tool that was used by our predecessors centuries ago, he would be able to recognise and explain its use.

(3)"Chasing Eye" is when one can trace something back to whom it belongs.  For example, by looking at someone's pen or shoes one can know exactly whose they are, describe the person's appearance, what their name is, their date of birth etc. even if they never met them in their life.  Or they can see the invisible traces on the floor of all persons who recently came to a certain place and can describe them accurately.

(4)"Predicting Eye" is when one can not only see the past and present, but they can see the future as well.  All of these different levels are a result of practicing Qigong for a long time and developing the ability without abusing it.

Forth level aka as: Open the Universal Eye

With this level, which takes many more years to develop, not only can one see what other people can and can't, but they can also move things around without touching them (telekinesis).

Fifth level (the highest one of all): Open the Buddha's Eye

Finally, when a person reaches the highest level of Qigong, they are able to see and know everything there is, was and will be.  With this level one is constantly surrounded by a huge aura that many can see, and can be measured by instruments.  The mere presence of such persons can bring healing effects to anyone who approaches them without them even intending to do so.  Their possessions have the same healing properties, for example their pens, business cards, clothes etc. can all be used to treat disease.  If anyone tried to harm such a person, say with firearms, as long as they are within range of that person's energy, they would automatically sense the danger and prevent it from happening.  For example, if there are five assassins equipped with guns, they discover that none of them are able to pull the trigger.