Do Aliens practice Qi Gong?

aliensAre there aliens in the world?  Or rather in the universe?  (The latter is much easier to answer.  We know for sure there are because we are all aliens).   Well, we don't know for sure, but if they do exist, they definitely practice Qigong.  "What the ...", will probably be your first reaction.  After you calm down and (if you) keep reading, you might think again.  There are already so many books, magazines, videos and TV programs on the subject and if you are interested enough we're sure you'll find something.  All we're saying is that, if only one percent of that is true, we have strong reason to believe there are aliens among us.  Especially when you take into account almost identical stories of people with different backgrounds who could not possibly know each other, who claim they were abducted by aliens.  In many cases research was done not only by reputable scientists, but also on people highly regarded in their community. 

Plus, all the unexplained things in the world that tell us that whoever did them, were not humans.  Such as the pyramids of Egypt built thousands of years ago, out of huge stone blocks, in the middle of the desert, where there is nothing but sand, while we are still not able to construct them today in such proportions.  Or the huge crop circles that keep occurring overnight every year in different parts of the world, so precisely and so neatly constructed.  Not to mention Roswell where, despite numerous witnesses and pressure from all sides (based on our "right to know") until today, the US government never shared their complete report on the incident that happened in the 40's.   It's not the first time that truth (for some reason) is being hidden in front of our very eyes.  And so, as our children continue to learn at school that pyramids were built by Egyptian slaves, let's see what Qigong masters have to say on the subject. 

Unlike most of us, who can only see what is in front of our eyes and what's offered for us on say TV and the internet, masters of Qigong can "see" many things hidden from everybody's eyes.  They can even see and hear things that no longer exist or are yet to happen.  Remember the Qigong master from Guangzhou who knew so much about aliens that he wrote books and books on the subject (see Qigong Chinese Health magazine issue 2 page 20 - "Qigong and UFO's" or click here).  Some Qigong masters proved that they have some kind of connection and communication link with aliens and they describe aliens as energy (chi) superior to all humans including high level masters of Qigong  (as described in Chapter 7 of the Chinese bestseller book "Great Masters of Qigong" by Ke Yunlu).  Or others who know a lot, but for whatever reason, hesitate to share their findings with ordinary people or only on rare occasions hint a thing or two when asked about someone's encounters (As described in the same book "Great Masters of Qigong - end of Chapter 7.  A Qigong master was asked about the origin of aliens.  He suggested that there are not only one type of alien on earth, but a few - one that always resided here and others that came from some other planets). more aliens

Now, regardless of where they came from and what they look like, if you know a little more about Qigong masters and their extraordinary powers, there is one thing that comes to mind straight away, once you hear the stories of people who encountered aliens.  You'd be very surprised to find that, "apparently", aliens can do all those things that they can, such as use their minds to communicate with each other, read other people's minds, control objects, animals and people (e.g. make objects move, jump, levitate, paralyse people), teleport objects, people or themselves (i.e. disappear from one place and reappear in another), walk through walls, predict the future and see the past (even play it on an invisible screen right in front of your very eyes), play with electric energy, make electric devices work without power etc.

Of course, Qigong masters can treat all sorts of illnesses, which make one wonder that aliens must be great healers as well.  Drawing more parallels, it would also mean that they would be detached from material possession, live a very long life, be calm and of very good character.  The fact that they, again "apparently", bring people back after abducting them (instead of "having them for dinner") and that with their, more superior technology than ours, they could easily turn us into their slaves, but they don't, demonstrates that.  They are obviously interested in getting to know us better before (if ever) they introduce themselves to us "officially" and they are already trying to tell us something before that. Something they know about and we don't.  It's probably something that we are doing, that can endanger us more than them.

It's not quite clear whether aliens are born with those abilities, or they acquire them after years of practicing some form of Qigong, like Qigong masters do, however one thing is for sure - they definitely are grand masters of Qigong.

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