Why are there So Many Chinese People in the World?

street crowdsHave you ever asked yourself this question?  Is it because they have or had bigger families?  Is it because of their climate?  Or is it the food they eat?  Does it have anything to do with their genes?  What made them the world's largest population?

Chinese families used to be big in the old days, however, so were many other nations'.  On the contrary, for the last 30 or so years, they limited their families to the so called "one child policy".  So it is not because of that. Nor, is it because of their climate being extremely good.  Same goes with the food they eat and their genes.  Their genes are not any better than any other culture's.  As a matter of fact, in many ways, their constitution is weaker than ours. 

Well, you probably haven't thought of one of the most important factors - the existence of their traditional medicine.  For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has been successfully treating all sorts of problems including some of the most severe ones.  At the time of large epidemics of contagious diseases, when the rest of the world would often half within only a year's time, the Chinese were able not only to "take the fight" but to "win" as well.

Long before the introduction of penicillin, Chinese medicine was treating bacterial infections with acupuncture and herbs and long before there were surgeons, the Chinese successfully surgically operated on inner organs (about 2000 years ago by Hua Tuo) but they decided not to go that way.  Why operate, when diseases can be treated without invasive methods.  Or ultimately, prevent rather than treat them. They stay healthy happy living to the very ripe old ages.

Chinese medicine is not only highly effective, but very practical too.  There were never any experiments applied on plants, animals or humans, and it is 100% natural.  Rather, it developed over thousands of years of experience, by observing nature and the correlation between us and the universe. 

The highlight of Chinese medicine is Qigong, self healing method which does not require any equipment.  It is fulfilling, enjoyable and extremely effective.  Our website aims to bring it closer to you and explain Chinese medicine in layman's terms as well as teach you some simple and effective Chinese self healing techniques. Hope you enjoy reading it!

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