Qigong Master Performing Miracles

When great masters of Qigong treat patients, sometimes, the most trivial things, can negatively affect the healing.   For instance, many of them would insist that a patient perform an absurd task like jumping on a broken leg or for someone with a broken arm to perform push ups. Or after being on a sick leave due to an injury or a severe condition to stop resting and go to work. Never did the former (ie. using fractured limbs) create any problems but a hesitation to execute the later (ie. to go to work and the like), or a change of heart after promising to do so, even just a thought, a gesture or a word that followed the healing sometimes did spoil everything. Or have further complicated things such as in the following example:

Go To Work Now!

The following scenario happened in 1986, in a village near Beijing when a famous Qigong Master Yan Xin treated a school teacher.  She suffered from severe spinal injury and couldn't move from her bed.  The master used a special chatting method to bring her back to health.  He spoke to her for a couple of hours and then she fell asleep.  The next day when she woke up she was completely cured.  Before he left her home though, he asked her to promise to go to work the next day.  She promised she would.  The next day when Yan Xin was in another city about 200km away, he felt great discomfort in his back.  People enquired about what the problem was and he replied, "I am sure the school teacher I treated yesterday has not gone to work as I asked her to, so I must go back and urge her to go". 

He left immediately for the first train back to the teacher's village with his assistant.  There was standing room only left on the train so he had to suffer the constant pain standing up.  Once they reached the village station, the master could not walk anymore.  He asked his assistant to go and tell the teacher to go back to work immediately as he suffered her pain.  The master in the meantime performed some self-healing techniques that involved receiving energy from the high branch of an old tree.  The concerned assistant could not leave the master's side, therefore taking longer for her to receive the master's urgent message.

The master and his assistant finally made it back to her house once he regained some energy and insisted she go straight to work.

The teacher, not realising the repercussions of her actions had decided to go to work the day after.  She was feeling so well, she opted to wash and clean the house instead as it had not been done for so long, while at the same time enjoying the freedom to wash with cold water - something she had never been able to do before due to an allergy.

As soon as she realised the pain and suffering she had caused, she immediately dropped her dirty washing and returned to work, hence bringing the master instant recovery.


Qigong Fun

Contagious Pain 

The head of a western medicine hospital in China, had no belief in Qigong.  Master Yan Xin was asked to treat a patient of liver cancer who was hospitalised there.  When the master heard about the attitude of the head of the hospital towards Qigong, he decided to teach him a little lesson.

He used his Qigong energy to make whoever passed by the cancer patient's ward (be it doctors, nurses, patients, visitors) feel pain in their liver.  The same pain that the cancer patient felt.  The pain "spread" to a few dozen people.  Some people felt such pain that it urged them to have their liver checked, however, all their tests showed normal.

The doctors and the head of the hospital were very concerned.  So they asked Yan Xin what was going on.  Yan Xin smiled and replied, "It seemed to me that unless you see something you don't believe it.  Therefore, I thought you might want to experience it for yourself in order to see if these things really do exist."