Chi Energy Lines

Strange Methods of Qigong - correcting chi energy lines

When great masters of Qigong use their incredible powers, they do things that are hard for the layperson to understand.  One such thing is detecting and correcting the so called "chi energy lines" (in Chinese "xin xi lian") that exist among all living things, connect us in all sorts of ways and can impact our lives in both positive and negative ways.  If, due to our ignorance, we mess them up, they can cause unhappiness, serious communication and health problems, even death.  However a high-level master of Qigong would be able to detangle the energy dreadlocks and reverse the process (well, unless the person has already kissed us goodbye that is).   As described in the following few examples:

One of the greatest Qigong masters of the seventies, Yan Xin, was once invited to treat a sick baby who suffered from severe stomach problem.  The child could not drink or take any medication and, if they tried, it would immediately vomit.  After examining the child, Yan Xin concluded that the child's chi lines were messed up and, on top of that, he discovered that someone used superstitious methods which made the condition worse.  At first, the family denied it but, after Yan Xin kept insisting, admitted that an old clairvoyant lady had tried to treat the child using her superstitious ways.  In the end she gave up and said that there's no cure for the child.  Before she left however she predicted that, within three days, they're going to come across a high-level healer.

What concerned Yan Xin further was that the old lady asked for their horoscope details (both mother and child's), took some of their clothes and other possessions, wrapped them in a red cloth and left.  Yan Xin asked for the old lady's address and paid her a visit immediately.  After he got there, he kindly explained that there was an error in the procedure she used and she should not have taken any possessions, especially not in a red cloth, because red in Qigong terms has special properties which can cause further damage.  He tried to explain to her that if she returned these things, the child could be cured fairly quickly, otherwise there might be further complications.  But, the old lady stubbornly refused.  For some reason, she believed that, if she went back to them, she would die.  In the end, Yan Xin left and rushed back to the child's home.

There he used his Qigong methods and discovered that the main cause of this child's illness was the negative chi energy coming from its mother who, he reckoned, had the desire to kill herself.  After discussing the matter with the family and having them agree to cooperate, Yan Xin asked for the mother to enter the room and insisted she admit to having these thoughts of suicide.  The mother kept denying, but after Yan Xin's persistence (plus he used chi to help her come to realize), she kneeled and broke down in tears admitting to her shameful thoughts.  Apparently, her brother and parents were not good to her and even her husband didn't treat her well when she was pregnant, so she thought of killing herself.  After the child was born and unthriving, she was worried about it and this thought never left her.  On the contrary, it became even stronger.

When her husband thought back and realized the err of his ways, he immediately fell to his knees and cried in shame.  This cleared the couple's blocked chi.  When the lady's brother and parents realized that they were the cause of her death wish they too fell to the floor and pleaded for forgiveness.  When she saw the whole family's attitude change, it made her so happy that she vowed never to have such thoughts again.  As soon as she said that, the baby rolled over and started crying.   Under Yan Xin's instructions, they fed the baby and for the first time in a long time, she ate without any problems.  And she was cured since then.

But, on the very same night, the old lady became gravely ill.  Her whole body became stiff and had spasms, her jaw locked and she could not stop crying.  She was hospitalized, but she could neither take an injection or any medication because she could not open her mouth.  Her family, seeing her in this condition, worried that she was going to die so they ran to Master Yan Xin for help.  The first thing that Yan Xin did was go to her home and take the red cloth that she was hiding under her pillow.  As soon as they unwrapped the cloth, the old lady was able to speak again.  Then after a couple of other procedures that Yan Xin performed, she was ok.

Treat the Daughter to Cure the Mother

The blood pressure of a GP's wife suddenly went up to 170/90mmHg and she complained of severe headaches.  Her husband was too cautious to give her any medication so, he and his daughter, went looking for Master Yan Xin's help.  Yan Xin found no need to go and visit the patient personally but said he's going to use the daughter to treat the mother.  First he asked the daughter to take off her watch, then poured a glass of tap water and asked her if she was game enough to drink it (Note: in China it is unheard of to drink cold water straight from the tap, they always boil it and drink while hot or, at least, warm).  The girl without hesitation agreed and guzzled it right down.  Yan Xin then sent them back home and told them, as soon as they get there, to check the lady's blood pressure.  They agreed and what they found was not only that the blood pressure went down to 100/80mmHg (which is within normal limits) but her headache disappeared too.

Now, according to Master Yan Xin, the reason the daughter was asked to drink the tap water was because he had energized it first and she was going to be the carrier of the energized water to her mother who needed treatment.  The reason he asked her to remove her watch was because it was a metal watch and it might have interfered with the energizing.  According to scientific findings, some of the simplest molecular structures are the hardest to change and that is the case with water.  Since about sixty-five percent of the human body is made up of water, many Qigong masters choose to use water to treat disease.  For example, on another occasion, Master Yan Xin in order to treat a professor's severe oedema (swollen legs), somehow, made all his water retention shift to another man's body who went to the toilet several times until the professor's condition gradually disappeared.

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