Relaxation Qigong (downloadable track) - Audio
Great for Insomnia & Stress!!
Relaxation Qigong (downloadable track) - Audio
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Relaxation Qigong is one of the many static styles of Qigong that is simple, practical, can treat a wide range of diseases, greatly aids recovery from sports injuries, helps with stress, insomnia, relieves pain, balances emotions. And the best part is - it can be done while sitting or lying in bed and involves no movements whatsoever. In other words, it is a 100% mind exercise (in Qigong terminology “Jing Gong” meaning static style of Qigong as opposed to “Dong Gong” dynamic styles) that requires minimum space, a little bit of concentration and can be practiced by anyone who is mentally capable, regardless of their age, sex, physical ability and fitness levels, making it a great exercise for the bedridden. For more information regarding Relaxation Qigong, please refer to Qigong Chinese Health magazine – issue 7, page 10-15 or go to
Full Length (5 tracks): approx. 38 minutes
Track 1 – Guidelines 6’ 56”
Track 2 – Preparation 0’ 29”
Track 3 - Step by Step Instructions 15’ 06”
Track 4 - Step by Step Instructions 15’ 06”
Track 5 – Closure 0' 11”
Features Benefits
does not require any movements ideal for bed ridden and physically disabled
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