Fragrant Qigong Level 1 DVD
Sweet Smell of Health
Fragrant Qigong Level 1 DVD
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Step by step instructions for Fragrant Qigong basic level.
Learn how to perform this amazing style at home at your own convenience.
No mind focusing required, no special breathing techniques, just simple arm movements and you’ll start getting results from the very moment you begin the practice.
As you perform these gentle movements you might smell sweet fragrances, feel tingling, itchiness, heat or cold, start yawning, burping, sneezing etc, all great signs of rebalancing chi energy.
It takes only about 15 minutes at a time, performed twice a day (as you say watch your favourite TV show or chat to a friend at the same time) and it can be done while being seated.
Ideal for any chronic condition, especially for allergies, asthma, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, insomnia, skin conditions, migraines and many others.
For more info re Fragrant Qigong see Qigong Techniques/Fragrant Qigong.
Length: 12' 35"
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