Fragrant Qigong & Spontaneous Fasting

Fragrant Qigong (Xiang Gong) is one of the easiest yet most powerful styles of Qigong.  Fifteen simple arm movements, twice a day, no concentration required, no special breathing, can be done sitting and watching TV or chatting, yet it is known to treat almost any disease humankind may suffer from.  With the exception of late stage cancer, schizophrenia and emergencies like heart infarction, poisonous snake or spider bites or rabies, which are contraindicated, there are stacks of successful case histories to support this claim.  Among them, stroke, cancer, allergies, asthma, diabetes, depression, ulcers, stones, epilepsy, even deafness and blindness (including congenital).

How is this possible?  On the one hand, we have western medicine with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, digital, computerized and super precise, yet unable to cure almost any disease (note: surgically removing parts or entire organs is not considered curing and neither is temporarily relieving the symptoms of disease) and on the other hand we have this simple technique where a person waves their arms around for ten minutes, somehow magically producing sweet fragrances or feeling tingling, itchiness, cold... and then, within weeks or months, getting rid of one, two or all their health problems without taking a single pill.  Sounds too good to be true.  But it is true and there are more new cases proving it over and over again, everyday. 

Even though modern science is, by many, considered to be highly developed and very advanced, when it comes to explaining how Fragrant Qigong works it is quite useless.  At its very best it just states the obvious - confirms the facts and draws conclusions of the kind ‘the practice somehow enables the body to heal itself'.  But, what we would add here is that, in the process of doing so, it awakens all sorts of magic healers within.  One of them is a "Fasting Master".  It comes naturally and effortlessly.  In other words it is spontaneous and, what is even more exciting is that, it comes tailor made to each individual.  What does that mean?  That means that the person who practices Fragrant Qigong does not have to do anything special about their diet.  As long as they follow the instructions, such as practice everyday, do plenty of good deeds, do the cleansing exercise before bed and so on, there is a chance that, one day, they will experience the spontaneous "bi gu" where, according to their constitution, disease, gender, age, etc., they'll be "offered" the best possible diet that can not only combat their illnesses, but often induce psychic abilities, for example seeing auras, telepathy, teleporting.

Some practitioners might, all of a sudden, crave certain foods (i.e. something that their body is lacking and desperately needing), say walnuts, peaches or even things like sesame oil or vinegar, while others lose interest for say meat, grains or food altogether.  And it can last, on average, anything from three to ten days.  During those days, the person, as a rule, feels great, has no discomfort, no feeling of hunger (even though, in many cases, a single mouthful is not taken during those days).  Not only that, some people who try to eat, on the contrary, end up feeling quite sick and vomit.  This spontaneous fasting comes as a natural progression and is what the body needs most at that time to repair the damage caused by disease, or strengthen itself after the disease has gone.  Or simply to reach higher levels of Qigong (for more information on higher levels of Fragrant Qigong refer to Qigong Chinese Health magazine, issue 4, page 20-21 or click here).

It is very safe, cannot cause any problems and, as we mentioned earlier, is very enjoyable at the same time.  During that time a person may get rid of some serious illnesses such as Cancer or Lupus and can also lose unwanted weight, in some cases, up to ten or more kilos within a week or two.  Once a disease is gone and chi energy is in balance again, the fasting naturally ceases and the person starts eating normally again. But not necessarily ‘normal'.  Some people after that become vegetarians or vegans and some experience bi gu several times, say every several years, or less frequently but it lasts much longer, in extreme cases for months.  No food whatsoever, yet feeling great.  Here are a couple of concrete cases of spontaneous fasting triggered by practicing Fragrant Qigong:

Case 1

My name is S. Yang, I am 50 years old and I suffered from high blood pressure, heart disease, bronchitis and rheumatoid arthritis for many years.  Then I developed some lung disease for what I was once hospitalized for five months.  After many tests including nine x-rays, I was finally diagnosed with lung cancer.  The tests showed a 15 cm sized lump covering both lungs.  Apart from this my right eye's fluid was unclear and I also had gynaecological problems.  I was sick and tired of being sick all these years.

Luckily, in May of 1991, I was able to attend one of Master Tian's mass healing sessions being held in the city I live in (Xi-an, China).  That evening, I felt a surge of energy throughout my body, followed by feeling extremely exhausted and weak.  The next morning, when I woke up, I noticed two cysts, the size of a walnut filled with liquid, on both of my feet.  I knew this was a sign of bing chi (bad energy) leaving my body.  A week later I began spontaneous fasting which lasted for six days.  There was no mere feeling of hunger, but my spirits were high.  I kept working as normal, riding my bike to and from work, never feeling tired.

After two months of practicing Fragrant Qigong, I got rid of all of my diseases and there were no abnormalities shown on any of my tests.  My blood pressure had normalized, the cancer had disappeared from my lungs, my rheumatoid arthritis disappeared and I could see clearly.  I was so amazed and overwhelmed with the results in such a short period of time.

Case 2

My name is Lao Duo.  I've been practicing Fragrant Qigong for eight years and I experienced spontaneous bi gu (pi gu) twice.  The first time it came upon me was about six years ago.  I was very active those days with my fitness, did a lot of stretching and martial arts and my appetite was quite good to say the least.  But one day, for no apparent reason, I felt I wasn't hungry.  I could hardly finish my breakfast.  Then lunch time came along and I was still not hungry.  I only ate because it was time, but I wasn't hungry at all.  So I ate half and stopped.  I wasn't sure what was going on, but I did not want to force myself regardless.  I even worried for a second, thinking, am I getting sick or something, but then again, apart from not being hungry, I felt great and was in top condition - fit, full of energy, relaxed and happy.  I completely forgot about bi gu which is quite a common occurrence with Fragrant Qigong.  However, when the evening came and there was still no trace of hunger, something told me that I'm ‘into something good'.

That's it, it's bi gu, there's no doubt about it.  So I put away my apron and chopping board for the time being.  For three days and nights I ate nothing, despite the fact that I was more active than ever.  On the fourth day, out of the blue, my appetite came back, so I went back to my normal 3 big hearty meals a day.   Last year it happened again, only this time it lasted ten days.  It's interesting that while I was on this fast, I did enjoy the food smells around me, whether coming from fresh fruit and vegetables or from somebody's cooking, like the smell of onion or garlic.  But, there was no desire for me to eat it.  This time, I did lose some weight, even though I am not overweight, but that came back in no time.  Just like the first time, I felt great, not only during the ten days, but for the weeks after.

Another interesting thing that happened since then is that I became much more inclined to eat vegetables (especially raw) and soups, which were never my thing.   And even though I am not a vegetarian, I am well on the way there.  I tried a few times in the past to become one but felt it was too hard.  However since my second bi gu experience I effortlessly went for months without meat.

'zhongguo xianggong' characters for 'fragrant chi kung'
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