Fragrant Qigong Case Histories

To give you an idea of what sorts of diseases are treated by Fragrant Qigong, we'll introduce some of the many case histories and testimonials accumulated over the years. Following are the case histories collected from so-called Fragrant Qigong "stations" across China - showing the benefits of Fragrant Qigong.  The included diagnosis' are the ones given by their respective doctors and do not necessarily reflect the true conditions nor mean that Fragrant Qigong can cure such conditions.

Case 1

Wang, male, 12 years

Diagnosis: Congenital Ichthyosis (scaling of the skin)

Wang had been taken to more than 10 specialists for treatment with no satisfactory result.  His family was told by the experts that nothing could be done.  The boy was very distressed.  Finally he tried Fragrant Qigong twice a day.  He also applied Fragrant Water - drank it and washed in it.  Within a month his skin was normal.

Case 2

Bo, female, retired worker, 55 years

Diagnosis: Psoriasis

Ms. Bo had suffered with this condition for 20 years.  The itchiness tormented her and scratching the sores was hard to resist.  She tried every known medical remedy and medication with no success.  In 1990 she began the practice of Fragrant Qigong.  In one week the psoriasis had gone, never to return.  She couldn't believe it.  While suffering with psoriasis she also had an aversion to cold water.  But when recovered, not only did she want to go swimming but had an intense desire to swim in cold water.

Case 3

Liu, male, 70 years

Diagnosis: Stroke, hypertension and poor circulation

The right side of Mr. Liu's body was affected and he couldn't walk.  Despite medication and massage he didn't improve.  He started practicing Fragrant Qigong in 1990.  Within weeks his symptoms started to disappear and he was able to walk again.

Case 4

Fang, female, teacher, 53 years

Diagnosis: Hypertension, arrhythmia (irregular heart beat), stomach prolapse, severe arthritis, migraines

Ms. Fang also suffered from chronic constipation, her white blood cell count was low and she had gall bladder problems.  She felt physically weak and was continually depressed.  After practicing Fragrant Qigong for only one day, her spirits lifted and she began to feel more relaxed and less depressed.  After practicing for a month she got up one morning and found she had no appetite.  She tried to eat but vomited.  Nevertheless she felt better than she had for years.  That night she began to smell a strange, but pleasant fragrance.  She asked her husband if could he smell it.  He couldn't.

Her resistance to food continued for over five days.  She also slept less.  Her husband became worried and doubtful.  But she remained full of energy and in good spirits.  He insisted she stay in bed for one morning, even though she couldn't sleep.  She did as he asked, but lying sleepless in bed made her feel dizzy.

Her one desire was to be out in the open, walking in the parks.  She decided to ignore her husband's request and follow her intuition.  This decision proved correct.  Normal patterns of eating and sleeping returned gradually and she was free of all negative symptoms.  These have been confirmed by medical checks.

NOTE:  What Ms. Fang experienced is a common occurrence with Fragrant Qigong. Especially ‘Bi Gu' or fasting which in Fragrant Qigong happens spontaneously.  No one knows why this happens, but the results are always positive and can be taken as an indication that the practice is doing its work.

Case 5

Han, male, factory worker, 20 years

Diagnosis: Born deaf and dumb

In 1991 Mr. Han started the practice of Fragrant Qigong.  Within months his hearing came back and he began to speak.  His mother heard her son say 'mother' for the first time in 20 years.

Case 6

Guan, female, medical doctor, 37 years

Diagnosis: Rheumatic heart disease

For 10 years Ms. Guan tried every system of medical care from traditional Chinese medicine to advanced western methods.  She saw many different specialists and was hospitalized several times for investigation and treatment.  To no avail.  Symptoms persisted and tests continued to show abnormalities.  Because of the severity of her condition she was unable to work and became increasingly depressed.

Within two months of practicing Fragrant Qigong all negative symptoms cleared.  This was confirmed by medical checks.  Her daughter, aged 7, also suffering heart disease, and slow mentally, started to practice Fragrant Qigong.  She too became well, along with her school grades, which improved dramatically.

Case 7


42 years

I suffered from hyper-thyroid, angina, diabetes, gall bladder infection and stones, indigestion, chronic gastritis, spondilitis in my neck and lower back and, due to breast cancer, had one of my breasts removed. 

Apart from paediatricians, I've seen every kind of specialist.  For the past 20 years, I suffered badly, both physically and mentally.  I could not do without some sort of pill to keep me going.  The quantity of medication that I have taken (this includes western and Chinese) over the years would have filled a large room.  To make things worse, some pills were making some of my conditions worse, plus it created a problem when it came to what and when I could eat according to which pills would not react with which foods.  Luckily I came across Fragrant Qigong and I gradually improved a lot.  Things like: my appetite became normal, I stopped getting bloated after meals and a dryness I had in my mouth completely disappeared.  My bowels became regular and the sleeping problems I had for some time completely disappeared.  My chest pain and stomach ache disappeared.  For two years, I found it difficult to swallow, now it completely disappeared.  I frequently suffered from colds and flu but since practicing Fragrant Qigong this hasn't happened yet.  This winter, for the first time in twenty years, I stopped wearing heavy jumpers, coats, scarves and gloves.  And I don't feel the cold at all.  So many people that saw me looking normal could not believe how much I had changed.  Fragrant Qigong truly gave me a second chance at living a normal life.

Case 8


45 years

I am a breast cancer sufferer.  From 1981 to 1991, altogether I had had 5 operations.  Every time I had a biopsy, the results always showed cancer.  The first operation, conducted in 1981 was the removal of the right breast with the lymph glands located on the same side.  Two years later, they discovered cancer in the left breast, so they did the same with that side.  In 1986, they discovered lumps in my neck, one the size of an almond, another slightly smaller. 

The doctors strongly suggested removal of the bigger lump and less radical treatment plus monitoring of the smaller.  A few months later, the smaller one did not disappear, on the contrary it increased in size so in the end, they operated on it as well.  In 1989, they discovered another almond sized lump in my neck and did the fifth operation.  For the last operation I found a very famous specialist who did very thorough examinations and treatments.  After the operation, I regularly had chemotherapy orally and by injection.  All this was supposed to kill the cancer cells, but unfortunately, it almost killed me. 

I suffered a lot, and it left me with a lot of side effects.  My right arm was swollen and I could not lift my left arm.  Plus my energy was very low.  My mouth and tongue were very dry and there was a big white patch on my neck.  Because of the excessive injections in my arm, they could not find anywhere to put further needles (due to the hardened skin tissue).  I felt dizzy and my vision was blurry, I could not eat normally.  The minute I ate I vomited straight after.  In the end, because my body couldn't stand the treatment any more, they had to stop the chemotherapy.  Then I started taking some expensive imported oral medication.  Because it cost so much and I needed to keep up the dosage for a long time I was left with very little cash. 

That's when I heard about how good Fragrant Qigong is for many different types of conditions.  So I eagerly enrolled in a course.  The first day that I practiced I smelt a lot of fragrances.  Within five days, the lump on my neck disappeared.  The white patch on my neck disappeared as well as being able to move my arm again.  Gradually, all my diseases disappeared.  I enrolled for the instructor's course and now I have about 30 students, most of them smelt fragrances and most of them got rid of their health problems.

Case 9


61 years

In 1977, I was diagnosed with nose and throat cancer.  I was hospitalised for three months and then treated with radiotherapy 58 times, 27 seconds at a time.  I suffered a lot, I lost my hearing in both ears and my face was swollen.  All the hair from my head and beard had fallen and I felt very weak overall.  Before I went back home, I asked the doctors if my hearing was ever going to recover, but unfortunately their reply was negative. 

In 1990, a neighbour of mine, told me about this amazing healing exercise by the name of Fragrant Qigong that can treat many different conditions, so I decided to give it a try.  After practicing Fragrant Qigong for three days, when I got up in the morning, I felt itchiness in my throat and then when I coughed strongly, I suddenly heard sparrows singing - I could hear again!  Oh, how happy I was!!  I went around telling whoever I found - I can hear, I can hear! 

When I went back to class to tell everyone my amazing experience, everyone applauded and the sound of clapping was sounding so strong in my ears.  I heard my little grandson for the first time telling someone that his deaf grandfather was no longer deaf.  Apart from the great benefit of getting my hearing back, I also felt many other health benefits.  I even went back to working in the field again.

Case 10

C. Wong*, 51 years

Male from Jiangsu Province

Mr. Wang developed a milder form of Cirrhosis of the liver when he was 35. Altogether he spent 3 years in hospital and was the only one to survive in his ward. Yet he felt very exhausted and weak ever since. Ten years later he started to feel discomfort and pain in his chest and was diagnosed with pleurisy. Apart from that he also suffered spondylitis and sciatica. For 16 years, not only did he endure much pain and suffering, he also spent tens of thousands of dollars on many different treatments, to no avail, whilst at the same time trying to support his family. Life seemed too much of a struggle and he felt it pointless to keep going.

Fortunately, an old friend introduced him to a very powerful style of Qigong and only after a couple of sessions he felt the improvement. One morning, as he was practicing, he felt something like a stream of energy creeping up his back and spreading into his arms. It instantly brought enormous relief to him. Not only was he free of all pain, but he felt stronger and fitter than he did for years. He immediately went to see his doctor whose tests showed the all clear. He was so happy, that he decided to practice Qigong for the rest of his life.

*This is one amongst hundreds of case histories listed in the book "Fragrant Qigong" ("Xiang Gong") by Tian Ruisheng, 1992, published by the Beijing University of Physical Education.