Fragrant Water

Every night between 10.00pm and 10.10pm (Chinese standard time) Master Tian and his family project Chi energy to anyone in the world who would like to receive it.  When one receives their energy, one is able to turn normal water into so-called Fragrant Water i.e. water that can aid in healing all kinds of diseases or to upgrade one's energy levels.  This water can be used internally as well as externally. In Australia it should be done between 12 midnight and 12.10am Sydney standard time or between 1.00am and 1.10am during daylight saving time.  If it is done outside of those times it will have no effect at all.

Therefore, at the specified time, stand and face Luoyang City in China or simply towards China and raise your right hand.  In Australia, that would be towards North or slightly towards North-West.  Relax and stand in that position until you start to feel some sort of sensation in your palm, such as cold, wind, heat, tingling, being pushed or similar.  Remain feeling the sensation for about a minute then put your right hand approximately 30cm (12 inches) above a glass of water for 3 minutes, then dry wash your hands and face.

You may then drink the water whenever thirsty or use it to treat skin or eye problems externally, i.e. by washing with it.  If the area to be treated is a big one, you may use a bigger container of water instead of a glass.  Ideally this should be done daily and for yourself.  But exceptionally, it can be done for other members of the family, pets or close friends.

After preparation, the water can change in taste or different people who drink from the same batch, taste different things.   For example, in the same family, a father may feel it tastes sweet, while the mother sour and daughter bitter.  Once prepared, Fragrant Water stays energized forever.  It has no expiry date and, on the contrary, the more it matures the more potent it becomes.  It can be used to mix, boil, cook with, freeze, etc.  Its healing qualities do not change.

They claim it can heal many illnesses, including some serious ones like tumours (orally taken) or stubborn skin disorders like vitiligo and eye conditions like cataract (externally applied). 

Readers can try and use this technique (that is accessible and free of charge) to treat their health problems.  However, it's best to practice this method as part of the Fragrant Qigong regime.  Please write and tell us what you experience.

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