"Lost Credibility"

During the preparation of Qigong Chinese Health we received a lot of well-intended suggestions from our friends and future readers with regard to Qigong articles.  Some people were very skeptical about us mentioning the other benefits apart from healing.  We will lose credibility, they said, if we talk about going through walls, telekinesis, levitating or predicting the future.  Despite the fact that most of those were witnessed by many ordinary people and that the majority of them were even proven by Chinese scientists to be possible.

But, we thought, whether we like it or not, Qigong practice brings along a lot of other extraordinary results.  So not mentioning some of them would not be fair to Qigong enthusiasts interested in those aspects of Qigong. Therefore the need for this article arose - in order to explain a few things first.

The best way, we thought, would be to explain how the things are in China, where it all comes from.  Not only did their scientists prove that many of the abovementioned phenomena were possible but they created a whole new science called the Science of the Human Body (Renshen Kexue) or the Science of Human Life (Rensheng Kexue).  It all started in the early eighties when some Chinese open-minded scientists (including some very prominent ones) got the green light from the government and the blessing from their national scientific governing body to conduct such unorthodox studies.  It is interesting to know that the biggest interest and enthusiasm as well as the biggest opposition to research hidden abilities of the human body (or rather mind) both came from scientists.

Anyway, since there was plenty of mentioning of unexplained metaphysical phenomena in Chinese history plus with the expansion of Qigong in the recent 30-40 years there had been more evidence in their existence than ever before*, to many of them it seemed that the time had come to stop closing the eyes to the facts.  It was there, plain to see and the fact that science could not explain them was only justifying the need of researching them and developing the science to the level of being able to explain them.

After all, some open-minded scientists were debating - what is "incredible" and/or "supernatural"?  Are there really any "miracles" in the world?  When you think, the world is such a miracle in itself.  When there are airplanes and rockets that are so heavy yet they can fly.  And TV to show you instantly what is happening on the other side of the world.  Not to mention computers, mobile phones etc.  Isn't it all quite amazing?  Well, it should be. But it is not. Not at all!  We've all seen it quite a lot.  Many are born into it.  It's nothing unusual.

Alright then, how about the fact that we can see and hear and feel?  To a blind or deaf person that is so hard to understand.  Even believe.  Yet we all take it for granted and again think that it is not a miracle.  Actually, when you think just a bit deeper, everything around us and "us" ourselves are all miracles.  But because we've "seen it all a lot" it all becomes the norm. The fact that there were too many reports of children bending stainless steel spoons as if they were jelly, X-ray vision, moving objects using the mind and so on made many Chinese accept it as the norm and therefore made it "eligible" to be researched scientifically.

Unfortunately that's how we usually work.  And that is regarded as normal too. The truth is, there are no miracles in the world.  There are only unexplained phenomena.  Among them some are hard to believe and some are not so hard to believe.  That is why we decided not to write too soon about things that are too "revolutionary" to the average reader.  Instead, we shall write about  things that we all can experience after practicing Qigong for a while and things that many of us experienced at some stages of our lives regardless of practicing anything similar or not.  When they happened to us we felt strange about them and were puzzled for a while but then, never finding the answer, we simply stopped thinking about them.

*Qigong can induce these abilities or make them more powerful

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bending stainless steel spoons effortlessly