Spontaneous Fasting (Bigu or Pigu) Triggered By Qigong Masters' Healing Sessions

Case 1: 26 days without food

On 4 April, 1987 a 71 year old lady from Liao Ning province attended master Yan Xin's healing session*.  After the session, she entered bigu.  Mrs Jiang went for 26 days without eating anything and only occasionally had a couple of mouthfuls of water.   During those weeks, she still did her daily chores and went along to the park to practice Qigong.  Not only did she not feel any signs of exhaustion, on the contrary, she felt light and energetic.

Case 2: 133 days without food

Miss Xu, age 21 who never practiced any Qigong had gone to one of master Yan Xin's mass healing sessions, she went into spontaneous fasting for 133 days.  When the "Beijing Institute of Science of the Human Body" discovered that she had not eaten in months, they decided to do some research and observation on her.  They had four female staff members constantly monitoring her every move to make sure she really wasn't eating anything.  They did that for 15 days and confirmed that she wasn't taking any food or even one mouthful of water.  One day she went on an outing with her friends to climb a difficult hill and they had a competition to see who could reach the top first - she had beaten them all.  Her spirit and energy during those fasting days were constantly up.  All her tests, such as blood pressure, blood count, heart rate and temperature all showed normal readings. 

Case 3: 3 years without food

In Jiangxi province, Mingdu county at Lotus Flower Mountain, Black Lotus Temple, there is a Buddhist nun by the name of Shi Hong Qing who fasted for three years.  In the summer of one year, she drank about 200mls of water and that's all she had.  She didn't lose any weight during those years and performed all her normal duties of such things as carrying water and going up the mountain to collect firewood.  In the newspapers they had named her the Miraculous Bigu Nun, they reported that when she worked, she would sweat like normal but, somehow, never needed to replenish the lost fluid.  So it remained a mystery, how she could survive at all when the amount of sweat each day was more than the amount of water she drank in three years.  Western medicine suggests that we cannot live without water for more than 10 days and that the recommended daily intake is 2 litres.

Now if that wasn't impressive read the following mind blowing case.

Case 4: 6 years without food

In Beijing there is a girl by the name of Ding Jing who in November 1987, after attending master Yan Xin's healing session started her bigu experience that lasted six years.  At the time, she was eleven and at the beginning she had lost some weight (she was originally a little overweight) but since then not only did she grow, but her weight also increased normally for her age.  Her study improved immensely and she was eligible to go to a selective high school.  In summer of 1988, the "Chinese Medical Academy" completed a study on her that lasted a month.  She had people monitoring her day and night.  The report on her was over 100,000 characters (ie. words) long documenting her every system.  They proved with tests that her bowels and stomach were indeed empty but all her organs and systems were functioning absolutely well and her body was, somehow, able to produce all the normal proteins even though according to western science the only source of proteins are gained through the intake of food.  Quite early in her fasting journey, she developed several psychic abilities, including teleporting and X-ray vision. 

* It is very common in China that great masters of Qigong have mass healing sessions from time to time - where a lot of people gather who suffer from all sorts of illnesses.  As these healing sessions are very strong, a lot of people leave from these sessions completely healed.  Among them, there are two masters most renown for their extraordinary powers - Master Tian Rui-sheng (Master of Fragrant Qigong) and Master Yan Xin. 

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