Walking Qigong Online Tuition
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Walking Qigong Online Tuition
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Walking Qigong is best known in China as the ‘anti-cancer Qigong’. For the last thirty years it has been widely applied in the treatment of all sorts of malignant ailments with very favourable results. Much more than just 'favourable' as a matter of fact. Tens of thousands of sufferers of cancer and other serious illnesses such as leukemia, lupus, nephritis, cirrhosis have their health restored each year thanks to Walking Qigong. They are so confident in their results that Walking Qigong trainers will accept patients of any type of cancer and at any stage, as long as the person is able to stand on their two feet and walk (even if all they can do is only make a few steps at a time). They claim that there is still a chance to conquer the disease and there are stacks of successful cases to prove it.
In China, Walking Qigong has not only successfully been used to treat malignant diseases, but it also proved to be very effective in the treatment of many chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, rheumatism, hepatitis, allergies, heart disease, as well as to significantly reduce negative side effects caused by western medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, operation, damage caused by anesthetics, antibiotics, hormones… It is not often seen in the west that a treatment for cancer improves other, unrelated, conditions so that a patient with say lung cancer ends up not only getting rid of his cancer but also of his rheumatic heart, improves his digestion, sight and blood pressure. It would be more likely losing all their hair, becoming bloated, constipated, fatigued and depressed, and after all that, the cancer will still spread elsewhere, in majority of cases.
Well, with Walking Qigong not only did many patients get rid of their cancer but they got rid of many other illnesses along the way, to the point that some of them claim the cancer was ‘the best thing that ever happened to them’. For more information regarding Walking Qigong, please refer to Qigong Chinese Health magazine – issue 4, page 10-15 or go to http://www.qigongchinesehealth.com/walking_qigong
$40 per hour (the basic course takes 10 one-hourly sessions)

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