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Fragrant Qigong Online Tuition
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After being kept secret for almost two thousand years Fragrant Qigong emerged in China in 1988 and in less than two years it became absolutely the most popular style of Qigong of all times, purely by word of mouth. It has never been advertised. In 1998 it was voted and officially declared by China’s national Qigong Association as No 1 Qigong among assessed 50 most popular styles of that time.
What they took into consideration, apart from the healing powers and the range of diseases each style exhibited, was also their ease of practicing, how much time each style would normally take to perform on a daily basis, who can all practice it (eg men, women, old people, children, bed ridden), how high the practice may take its practitioners and so on.
Well, Fragrant Qigong not only can treat almost any known and unknown disease but it is one of the easiest to learn and practice at the same time, takes only about 10-15 minutes for each session and it does not require any special breathing technique nor mind focusing. On the outside however it looks too simple to do anything.
Its basic level is comprised of 15 simple arm movements that can be done either sitting or standing, while chatting or watching TV, listening to the radio or simply enjoying the view. Indeed sounds too good to be true yet it can do all of the above and much more. It is known to induce many psychic powers and can even lead to spiritual enlightenment over time.
During practice, one may smell amazing sweet fragrances, feel tingling, itchiness, hot or cold (all signs of chi energy rebalancing) and many chronic illnesses can be treated in the process, some as soon as after a couple of sessions. It is especially good for treating asthma, diabetes, ulcers, allergies, high blood pressure, skin conditions, hearing problems, migraines, depression, stroke and many other ailments. For more information regarding Fragrant Qigong, please refer to Qigong Chinese Health magazine – issue 3, page 10-15 or go to
a group of practitioners of fragrant qigong
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