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Research into Qigong Psychic Abilities 2

Extracts translated from Mandarin (with the author's written permission) from the Chinese best seller ‘The Great Masters of Qigong'.  Written by Ke Yunlu - writer, philosopher and Qigong promoter.  Ke Yunlu is the writer of at least 20 books on Qigong.  This book is based on fact and only names and places have been changed.

(Professor Xia Shang, a renowned physicist from Beijing, for years used to suffer from many different diseases. After practicing Qigong for some time, he gained good health and decided not only to keep practicing but to scientifically research it.  Following are some examples of his research into psychic abilities developed by practicing Qigong.)

7. The effect of transmitting chi energy to other living things

The professor began to introduce the affect of transmitting chi energy to other living things.  He explained: "We humans have thoughts, so when chi energy is transmitted from one person to another, it's not always clear how much it is a result of psychological factors.  So, in order to isolate that factor, we will carry out the following experiment, involving animals and plants."

They measured a rabbit's heart rate as a Qigong master decreased its heartbeat to a hault by using his chi energy.  This is not characteristic of a Qigong master's ways - this was purely done to prove something using the western medical approach.

Then the professor introduced an experiment that involved treating cultures with external chi energy to control bacteria.  They did on the spot checks to prove that the culture treated by chi energy contained no living bacteria, in other words the chi energy projected onto them had killed the bacteria. 

After that, the Lotus Qigong famous Master Zhao Puti demonstrated his ability to make flower buds bloom instantaneously.  Some assistants had brought flowers in pots with unopened buds, master Zhao used his palm to project his energy onto them.  Suddenly the buds opened in fast motion one after the other before the audience's very eyes.  Within a few seconds they all bloomed.  Everybody was very impressed and clapped in amazement.  The lab was filled with beautiful floral fragrances.

using chi to open buds

8. The effect of transmitting chi energy to non living things

Chi energy can influence not only humans, animals and all other living things, but it can also influence non-living things.  Professor Xia explained: "If anybody had any doubts with regard to the effects of chi energy when it comes to living things and their possible conscious reaction, the following experiment should eliminate that.  We're going to use laser spectrometers and other technical devices to compare objective measures of various non-living substances before and after being exposed to chi energy.  And now please, welcome on stage a famous Qigong master - Yao Jue!"

As soon as the professor mentioned his name, a loud applause came from the audience. The atmosphere was full of excitement. 

After they calmed down, the professor explained the experiment.  Master Yao Jue was about to perform an experiment to change the molecular structure of water.  To make it legitimate, the preparation of the whole experiment was very strict.  In front of everyone, they took a water sample and did all the necessary measurements.  Then they took the sample back and locked it up in a separate room.  Master Yao who was in a separate room himself, was about to project chi energy to the sample that was in the other room.  To prevent the master from walking through the wall (known as Ban Yun technique in Qigong), they had an assistant monitoring his every move.

After he finished projecting chi energy, he was held there until the scientists took the sample from the other room and used a very precise, special American device - SPEX-1403 type laser spectrometer to examine the sample.  The audience held their breath and waited in anticipation as the researchers examined the sample.  After a few minutes, the device processed the complicated numbers and on the computer monitor the results came through in the shape of a bell curve.  Compared to the curve on the graph that appeared before the demonstration, which was fairly flat, it clearly indicated that the molecular structure of the water had changed. 

It's amazing that without even touching the water, Qigong masters have the ability to change the molecular structure of it.  Knowing that more than 65% of our body is made up of water, it helps us understand how Qigong masters are able to treat people's diseases.  It can also help us understand how water, food and other objects that are energised by masters can be used to treat disease.  (This type of energising practice is quite common in China amongst Qigong masters).

The next experiment was even more amazing.  Master Yao Jue used his energy to create a chemical reaction between hydrogen and carbon monoxide under normal air pressure of 1 bar and in room temperature (20°C) which would normally require not only the assistance of catalysts but also air pressure of 20-30 bars and the temperature of about 300°C.

9. What constitutes chi energy

Still on stage, Master Yao was asked to project chi energy towards a device that measures many different kinds of rays.  The device's reading showed an extremely high presence of infrared rays, traces of visible light and X-rays.  Then he was asked to project chi energy towards a photo negative in a dark room.  When they later developed the negative, they realised that it had been exposed to light even though it never left the dark room.

10. Teleporting

The next master invited up to do a demonstration had a mischievous look about him.  It was another young Qigong master by the name of Hu Xiao Ming.  The first thing he did was break an iron bar using his mind.  After they checked and confirmed the break, he put the pieces together and used his mind to weld them back.  The whole process was recorded by using an ultra-sensitive high speed camera that measured any changes by 1000th of a second.  The master was very relaxed and performed the whole demonstration with a smirk on his face. 

He then teleported a green cricket from one jar to another.  The jar was signed and sealed by an independent member of the audience.  An empty heat-sealed test tube was also signed by another independent member of the audience.  Both the jar containing the cricket and the empty test tube were put into a large glass box side-by-side and locked.  People could clearly see what was happening at all times. 

Hu Xiao Ming stood a couple of metres away from the container, closed his eyes and started concentrating.  The entire lab remained silent and everybody waited in anticipation with their eyes wide open - not to miss a beat.  Among them, there were two suspicious looking young men who had a special interest in what was about to occur.  They pushed through to the front and viewed the container from all angles including underneath.  All of a sudden, master Hu opened his eyes and exclaimed  "Gone!", and at that moment everyone saw the cricket appear in the test tube.  No-one believed their eyes.  Professor Xia said: "Please, observe closely!" and everyone kept rubbing their eyes with amazement.  The glass box was then unlocked and the jar (previously containing the cricket) was taken out and the seal examined.  It was intact, and the person who signed proved that it was indeed their original signature.  Next, they took out the test tube that was still heat sealed, only this time it was not empty - it did indeed contain the cricket and everyone heard it croaking.  How did it get there?  It's unbelievable!

One of the two suspicious young men who had previously raced to the front commented: "This is such great magic." 

One of the scientists in amongst the audience turned around and said, "How can you call this magic?"  A few other people who overheard the conversation turned their heads to see what was going on.  The professor's face turned ugly.  Master Hu seemed extremely angry.  There is nothing worse than to insult a Qigong master by calling him a magician. 

The young man felt embarrassed, but did not want to take back what he said.  He apologised politely to the people around him and confirmed:  "This is just my personal view.  The teleporting from both the scientific and philosophical point of view is impossible."

"But if it does exist, then it's not impossible.  Wouldn't it be more appropriate for science and philosophy to try and understand it?" replied the scientist.

The two young men said, "We are ready to accept new facts, but if these facts are a result of a magician's tricks, then we cannot go and rewrite all the science books.  That would be such a silly thing to do."

The professor remarked, "So you reckon that everything you saw today, was a magician's tricks?"

The room was full of tension.  The two young men looked at each other, and said firmly yet politely, "Yes we do". 

The professor said:  "Can you do it?" 

"We can't perform tricks, or, at least not those ones, but we can expose some."

"Alright", said the professor.  "How about you expose some tricks for us?"

The younger of the two said, "Sure.  For example, one of the first psychic abilities that was discovered in recent years, was to use the ears instead of the eyes to read with.  I don't have this so-called 'ability', but I can use magic to perform it for you."

The lab was dead quiet.  The professor said, "Please do."

The younger guy tore a piece of paper from his notebook and said, "Please write something on this piece of paper and I'll use my ear to see what you've written."

The professor looked at him suspiciously and asked someone from the audience to be a witness.  Then together, they went as far away from the young man as possible to write something down.  They scrunched the paper as tightly as possible to the size of a little marble and then brought it to the young man.  The young man went to take it from the man, only the professor intervened and said, "No, take a seat and I'll put it to your ear".

The young man smiled and sat on the chair.  The audience gathered around them and watched closely.  The professor put the small scrunched up paper to his ear, while he sat there smugly.  "Don't drop it." said the young man and then pushed it in further with his finger.  Then he closed his eyes and started listening to the paper.

After a while, he opened his eyes and said:  "Please take away the paper, but don't open it yet."  The man who originally wrote on the paper, came and removed the paper from his ear.  The audience became alive again.  The young man then said, "I have two abilities.  Firstly, I can tell what was written on the little piece of paper.  Secondly, I can make the writing disappear from the paper."

Everybody became excited.  The professor said:  "Well, come on then, don't keep us waiting."

The young man said:  "The word written, was 'magic', is that right?"  The professor was stunned, while the writer of the word shouted out "That's right!"  The audience went buzerk.   But when they calmed down and the witness went to open the paper, the young man said:  "Now, I'll make the writing disappear."  He turned towards the witness and blew strongly in his direction.  The witness opened the paper and found it was totally blank.  The professor came closer and examined it carefully but found no trace of writing whatsoever.  He remained speechless.

putting a paper ball into the ear"Now you tell me, does this count as psychic abilities?" asked the young man.

"Well, it should", said someone from the audience.

"Well, I can sincerely tell everybody, I do not possess any 'psychic abilities'.  It was purely a magic trick.  In order to expose all kinds of tricks, I paid visits to many magicians and researched many of their tricks.  We, (pointing to his friend) are on a mission to expose all sorts of trickery that these days come under the name of New Science." 

The Qigong master Zhao Pu Ti (flower bloomer), who until now calmly sat in the corner observing the whole situation, walked across the room and asked the man if he dared to do it one more time.  "Of course I dare", said the young man confidently. 

"What if we tie your hands, would you still do it?"  The young man looked at master Zhao and smilingly said, "I'm afraid not.  This is a magic trick, I need my hands in order to perform it." 

"So you think other people can't see what you're doing?"

"Well you're good at magic tricks, so you probably know how it's done."

Master Zhao grew angry, but the young man ignored him, turned towards the audience and explained how he did the trick.  (He sneakily took the little bit of paper from his ear when he was acting as though he was pushing it in to "secure it" and replaced it with a blank little bit of paper.  Then later on peeked at it while the audience was focusing on his ear).  "Look, here is the original one that was placed in my ear." As he displayed it for all to see.

The audience was puzzled.  The professor, with a tremble in his voice, asked, "Even so, you still think our whole experiment was a display of magic tricks?" 

"Yes I do!"

"What evidence do you have to prove it?"

"I don't have any yet, I'm not a magician, but, ladies and gentlemen, I'm sure you can imagine what sort of tricks real magicians can pull off.  They can make many more people believe in their tricks.  However, no matter how great a magician they are, in the end, tricks are tricks."

Master Zhao, still fairly young, was showing signs of losing his temper.  He asked: "I made so many people's heartbeat speed up and slow down.  Were they magic tricks too?"

"That's probably a result of suggestive hypnosis.  Qigong is probably some sort of psychological method of convincing people to believe in what they are suggesting."

"Well it seems, you two really don't believe in the power of Qigong.  How about I make your heart beat 20 times per minute."

"Well, that's possible because even we are not immune to this psychological method of suggestion.

"Alright, how about we conduct an experiment where there is absolutely no psychological influence", said Master Zhao. 


"You two sit closely together facing each other."

The two young men sat facing each other and the audience surrounded them.

Master Zhao went to another room to concentrate.  Master Yao who was standing among the audience, smiled as if he knew what was going to happen.

After a few minutes, the two young men's hands started moving involuntarily.  They seemed quite disconcerted as they looked left and right.  Every now and then, their arms would drop and then raise suddenly, as if they were pulled by an invisible rope.  No matter how hard they tried to stop themselves from moving, they had no control over themselves.  Then before they knew it, they began to hit each other involuntarily - left, right and centre, throwing punches, slapping each other all over and a few across the face.  The audience was stunned and their mouths dropped, before they began rolling across the floor with laughter. 

The two men's "punch up" was getting way out of hand, where they started begging, "Stop, please stop!" two rebels spontaneous slapping each other

Professor Xia hurriedly went straight to Master Zhao's room and brought him back out.  The two young men stopped their involuntary movements.  Huffing and puffing, they began nursing their bruises, picked up their spectacles and checked if they were broken.

"So do you still think this is magic?" asked Master Zhao with a smile on his face.

"Well maybe not....but...".  they said, even though the audience did not take much notice of them anymore.  They turned their backs and continued listening to what the professor had to say, as he began introducing the next experiment. 

The two youngsters lost their integrity that evening.  While the audience turned their backs on them, a scientist, in favour of Qigong told the young men that their mission was not necessarily a bad one, simply because there are a lot of charlatans out there.  However, their mistake on this occasion was that they came to the wrong place.  No charlatan would ever agree to show their "skills" under such strict scrutiny.

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