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It's Not Rocket Science!

Qigong Master of Predictions

Master Yu Qi is famous for many marvels, especially making predictions.  In 1994 he was requested by high officials of the Chinese government to predict whether or not 2 of their rockets would be successfully launched within a year.

According to his prediction, the first rocket would be a success, while the second wouldn't.  In fact, he predicted that no matter what they tried for the second rocket, there would be a serious problem that would be unrectifiable.  The best thing they could expect would be that it would merely be able to make "take off".

Not everybody believes in Qigong, but, because this prediction was coming from a man whose predictions were proven correct over and over, they took it seriously.  They checked and double checked everything.  As predicted the first launch was successful, however with the second one even though the rocket left the ground and went into orbit successfully, there were problems that occurred that could not be fixed from earth.  Therefore it became a useless object in space.  Since the entire operation cost over a billion dollars and it was a matter of Chinese prestige, many Chinese, including his biggest fans, had hoped that in this case his prediction would be incorrect.

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