Chi Energy Healing: Tapping Teeth

The Great Asian Bite

"Chew your liquids and drink your food"*

Of all our various body parts which rank in the ‘high maintenance' category, the highest of high has to be our teeth, naturally.  Intense use at least three times a day - usually more - would cause wear and tear on the best piece of equipment.  So, teeth require, over time, braces, fillings, even replacement once their use-by date expires.  A new style of toothbrush seems to emerge every second day, we've got more than enough fluoride in our water supply, let alone our toothpaste, but still the western tooth decays.  Why?  What more can we do?  Well, China found an answer to that question - thousands of years ago and it still works today.

In the analytic west, we usually tend to focus on appearances, or symptoms.  Our dentists try to correct the position, the shape, even the colour of the tooth: all the outward appearances.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the problem is always dealt with at the source - the root.  The Chinese conclude that if the root of the tooth is healthy, then the tooth itself will be healthy, which is usually correct.  With this theory in mind, the ancient Chinese devised four simple exercises to keep both root and tooth in tip-top condition.

To be performed first thing in the morning and after each meal:

  1. Mouth Rinse - rinse the mouth with water.
  2. Tapping Teeth Technique - tap teeth together 36 times (not too hard, not too soft) this improves chi energy and blood circulation through the roots, gums and teeth, allowing for better removal of toxins and supply of nutrients.
  3. Gum Massage - teeth closed, push tongue against gums, starting at the centre, upper gums. Push anticlockwise across the lower gums and full circle to upper centre. Repeat this exercise 18 times, then do same clockwise. This exercise will stimulate the production of saliva high in alkaline - which western medicine acknowledges as good for healthy teeth.
  4. Mouth Rinse - rinse mouth with saliva 36 times, then swallow saliva in 3 portions. Follow the saliva with the minds eye down to the Dan Tian or belly. Thus to finish, we treat the mouth with alkaline and take the opportunity to cultivate Chi energy in the Dan Tian (energy centre).

This set of exercises has been effective in the preservation of healthy teeth for centuries.  Once you've made it a habit it will serve your teeth for life, no matter how old you are.

(Warning: do not abandon the western method of toothbrush and paste.  Instead use both methods in conjunction; have your cake and eat it - then rinse well.)

*"Chew your liquids and drink your food" refers to healthy eating and drinking where you drink your liquids very slowly (sip by sip) almost as if you are chewing them and chew your food many times before you swallow it almost to the point of it becoming liquid.

Some extra tips when doing the "tapping teeth" technique:

If you still have to use something to help get rid of bits of food, use dental floss instead of a tooth pick (or even better - dental tape) and then do the "tapping teeth" technique.

  • Some beginners experience a bad taste in their mouth after rinsing with saliva, in that case, keep spitting it out for the first couple of days, until you clear and strengthen your teeth and gums and then start swallowing.
  • Ideally, do not consume sweet food or beverages in the evening.
  • There are some excellent Chinese herbal toothpastes, based on the principles of Chinese medicine that can prevent and treat some tooth and gum diseases.
  • Avoid toothpastes containing harmful chemicals like sodium laurel sulfate, fluoride, propylene glycol, saccharin,...
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