Qigong Master Teleporting Diseases

When Master Tian Ruisheng treats disease, he does it in a very unique way. He asks no questions, gives no diagnosis and does no individual consultations (he treats a minimum of 1,500 people simultaneously at a time - the more the better).  His healings are usually performed by sitting and talking to the gathered crowds. Occasionally he would stand and wave a special fan or do some hand gestures and movements.  But those who can see auras, will tell you something completely different. 

Master Tian RuishengFragrant Qigong Grand-Master Tian Ruisheng is one of the greatest Qigong masters in recent years.  After diligently practicing Fragrant Qigong for several decades, he has developed many extraordinary psychic powers.  Among them, here are a few that are most inspiring: 

  • Ban Yun technique, better known as teleporting in the west, is where one can move real, physical objects from one place to another by using the mind.  Unlike some less established Qigong masters who possess this ability and use it to perform it in front of an audience to impress them by moving such things as pens and cups, Master Tian uses it purely for removing diseases, such as tumours, lumps, stones, ulcers.  Many people claim their cancers and other diseases were healed after only one session, their claims being sufficiently supported by relevant medical tests.  Or cases where people had severely broken limbs and their X-rays, after a healing session, would show no traces of ever having had a fracture.
  • Qian Shen Fa (thousand bodies) is where one has the ability to multiply his spiritual body and be at many places at the same time.  People who can see auras, see thin auras around all living things.  However, when they come to his Fragrant Qigong mass healing sessions, they notice that the aura around him is in constant change.  Sometimes it increases in size and becomes ten or more metres high, sometimes it becomes brighter or changes colour, sometimes it multiplies into thousands (all of human shape and size) and they "stand" behind every single person in the room (thus conducting necessary healing).  Those who cannot see auras only see the master sitting and talking. Interestingly enough, there are many photos that were taken with normal cameras during these sessions that have captured many strange images.  In some of them there are lightning-like images over the actual images, in some others there are 3, 4, 5 or more images of Master Tian in one place, and in others spiral-like or ring-like objects mysteriously appear hanging around.  This phenomenon isn't exclusive to Fragrant Qigong and Master Tian Ruisheng.  Similar occurrences have been reported with other Qigong masters and with practitioners of other spiritual disciplines like Reiki and Yoga, but not on such a large scale and showing so clearly.  There are literally piles and piles of photographs with such images, among them some taken by hardcore non-believers who used to rubbish things like this until they developed their own films and saw it for themselves (refer to the examples of these photos).
  • Master Tian can produce specific fragrances voluntarily, such as sandalwood, jasmine, citrus and choose which fragrances he'd like some people to smell as opposed to others. He can also make one person smell something and the others smell nothing.  The fragrances produced have great healing qualities and people who will smell them smell the specific fragrance they require for their own healing.  Sometimes, all he will do is look at the audience and scan over them with his eyes and they will smell fragrances.  Other times he will wave his fan and the same will happen. 
  • He can energise things such as water, pens, handkerchiefs and other objects and they can all be used as healing instruments.  His personal belongings have healing qualities as well, such as his business cards, gloves, comb etc.  Even his writing and photographs (especially the above-mentioned special energy photographs).
  • Remote Needleless Acupuncture is another mighty Qigong healing technique where he asks everyone to sit and relax as he takes an object such as a closed fan, waves it around several times and then as he points it towards the ground, people feel sensations in various acupuncture points of their body.  Often accompanied by smelling fragrances, feeling heavy, tingling, itchiness etc.
  • Word Healing, on the other hand is a technique, where he announces his intention to cure specific ailments or problems.  For example, he might say, "Now I'm going to cure addictions", where upon he slams the table and, in that instance, most of those who came for addictions will be cured.  On one occasion, at a big football stadium full of people (about 50,000 attendees), all those who were instantly cured of their smoking addiction, threw out their cigarette packets and as a result created a huge mound of waste (caught on camera).
  • High Intuitive Power - he can tell how people are feeling in the audience and can admit to what proportion are feeling certain sensations to others.  For instance, he will claim what proportion of people are feeling tingling sensations in their right palms.  He has been known to say things like "If 70% of you are not feeling a tingling in your right palms, then I declare that this session has been a failure."  Then he will get them to raise their arms and let the audience see for themselves.  Very brave to say things like that but, he's never been unsuccessful. Not once! 
  • The Ability to Predict Future Events - even though Master Tian possesses this unique ability he very rarely used it publicly.  There are some accounts of this from those who are very close to him.  For example, a businessman who asked him for some advice on a business opportunity was told by Master Tian that he should go ahead with the idea as it would be a very lucrative one.  And it proved to be so. But then, on another occasion, he wanted to try another venture and the master advised against it which proved correct again as the friend went ahead with his venture anyway (this time unsuccessfully).
Masters who possess this level of energy usually do not use it to treat people with, they stay out of contact on a mountain somewhere.  They can live well over a hundred (some say they can live over 200) and they live the kind of life that is hard to  understand by those who haven't experienced it.  Unfortunately, people like Master Tian, who use their energy in such a big way for the benefit of others, usually do not live long.  Using energy on a small scale for Qigong Grand-masters is hardly damaging anything (it can even be beneficial), but on a large scale it can be very depleting to the energy.  And Master Tian, for seven years, used enormous amounts of his energy to heal millions of people.

Someone once asked Master Tian, if what he does is some sort of hypnosis or suggestive healing?  His reply was:  "The difference between hypnosis and Fragrant Qigong is that hypnosis relies mostly on the power of a person's belief, whereas Fragrant Qigong relies on both the person's belief and the master's abilities."

It's a well known fact in China that Master Tian cured many deaf people, most of them born that way.  So he took that as his example when he replied.  He said, "When I use my Word Healing technique to heal the deaf, naturally, they are unable to hear what I'm saying, but after I speak the healing words they are able to hear.  It would be very hard to verbally suggest anything to such people, let alone to entirely base a healing technique on it (like what is the case with hypnosis)."

At his healing sessions when he uses his Word Healing technique for curing deafness, he asks the people who came with a deaf person to clap behind each ear.  When the person turns their head towards the sounds, their deafness has been corrected.  After healing the deaf, Master Tian attends to those who were mute and instructs the families that accompanied them, to ask the mute to say a word made up of two syllables (such as ‘mama' or ‘papa').  Any word really, but if it were made up of more or less than two syllables, their healing process would be delayed (again, another one of those strange things that Qigong is full of).

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