True Values Lost In a World of Illusions

Have you ever stopped to think about the true values in life?  Such as, what comes first, what comes next and then what doesn't really matter?  Think about money, health, fame, but also about Coca-Cola and Arnold Schwarznegger.  What would the order of importance be for you?   Imagine that you are rich and famous, but you are dying of AIDS.  Or have epilepsy, heart disease or Parkinson's disease.  Would you be happy?  Oh, here it is.   Did you forget the most important ingredient?  The absolute number ONE.  Regardless of age, sex and race.  HAPPINESS!  Isn't that what we should all place at the very top of the list?  But how do we achieve happiness?  Is it something you can buy and keep with you forever. Or is it something that we all have (to some degree) but we only become aware of it after we lose it?

Most of us are too busy to create our own happiness, so instead we use our hard-earned money to go out there and purchase instant, disposable, happiness (in other words buying many short-lived pleasures) such as: watching a movie, buying a magazine, (not Qigong one of course -  the kind with Meghan Markle on the front cover), go to a concert, or buy the latest gadgets.  Then we watch the news and sports before going to bed to be ready for work the next day.  Let's now stop for a moment and think about the real values in life.  Let's look at ourselves with alien eyes and analyse ourselves with the information that we gather.

For instance, we all get so excited when a strong, tall, guy runs faster than all the others by .04 of a second.  The new world record!!  It's not 25.76 seconds anymore.  From now on, it's 25.72. Remember that figure, you will be using it many times to impress people around you.    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are divorcing and we know every single detail.  Princess Diana died.  The same day a child in Nigeria starved to death, but that wasn't important.  They say Hugh Grant slept with a prostitute!  Big Deal!  Well it definitely was a big deal for some.  The leading London gossip magazine paid for her return airfare plus a quarter of a million pounds for an exclusive interview.  For who?  For Us.  That's where it all starts and ends.  Artificial happiness that we often resort to really makes happier (or rather - greedier) the creators more than us.  We pay for it.  It is all so wrong.  The whole setup is upside down.   Did you know that they would stop making bad movies only if we stopped watching them?  Why do sports fans get so excited when a team that bought all the best players (in front of our very eyes) wins again?  What is the real value of all that wealth of useless information that we remember?  Well probably to exchange with people who think the same and don't know any better. 

Let's now for a moment forget about our traditional values and have a look at some Chinese traditional values.  For example - Qigong.  What is Qigong?  We have already written a lot about it.  "But why are some Qigong styles so expensive?"  Every now and then we hear people asking us that question.  It's a bit like asking why this software program is so expensive when it can all fit on one DVD?  Or Encyclopedia Britannica?  They don't know how many people worked on it, how much effort and knowledge was used and that some of the most advanced Qi Gong styles (as well as computer programs) look fairly simple and are easiest to use.

The truth is, even the most expensive Qigong styles are often worth far more than the value given to them.  Therefore, they are not expensive at all.  This kind of thinking is purely a result of incorrect thinking caused by ignorance, so we won't even answer it.  We'll just put things in perspective and you will find the answers yourself.

Did you ever ask yourself these questions:

  • How much is life worth?
  • How much is happiness worth?
  • Freedom from disease?
  • Freedom from pain and suffering?

Some people would pay millions to prolong their own lives or the lives of their loved ones, even if it was for just a few months.  Qigong has saved many lives.  There are numerous cases of people who resorted to Qigong after being given bleak prognosis' or a life expectancy of only months and they completely recovered.  How much is freedom from worry, sadness, fear?  How much would you pay to have control over your own health (to a large degree), and not have to constantly depend on others - their time, good will (even mood) and somehow, it is always you taking responsibility if things go wrong ("Sign here" said the surgeon before the operation).

How much money do some people pay each year for health insurance that benefits them only if they get sick?  Some of the most expensive Qigong styles that can treat and prevent a vast majority of common diseases, improve quality of life, as well as prolong it substantially, are still cheaper than only one year's health insurance.

If you think it is OK to pay thousands of dollars to some specialist to refer you to another specialist or prescribe you some pills that can cause a (2 pages long) list of negative side effects to hopefully treat a symptom or two and, at the same time, you find it "far too dear" to pay several hundred dollars for one of the most powerful self-healing techniques in the world (and one of the safest at the same time) with the possibility to treat not one, but all your conditions, then there is something seriously wrong with your thinking. 

Did you know that only until recently, some of the best styles of Qigong were secret and even if you came with diamonds and gold, the masters would not teach you?  It was simply "not for sale".  Or some others, that were "for sale", were charging exactly that much, just to show you one or two techniques at a time.

Even today when there are all these wonderful great styles available, think of how much it would be to go to China, find the most appropriate style among tens of thousands of them, find the right teacher, not be cheated by someone in the process (very often seen), be able to understand them (not only the language, but also the way they are thinking), etc.  Sometimes, if not properly introduced, you might spend years of practicing a particular style only to find that it was not what you were looking for.  Or even worse, after years of practicing you quit, thinking it's not what you were looking for when, in fact, if you kept on going it would soon lead you there, but no one told you.  They were cheap, but they did not instuct you properly.

Today, there are people in the west who have done all that for you, and they are sometimes only a five minute walk or a couple of hours drive away, offering their expertise for the benefits of you and your family. Not to mention that many are offering online tuition so no need to travel anywhere.  And they often have a range of different Qigong styles in store.  Some might be more expensive, but you may always try the more affordable ones.  In the end, it all comes down to time and effort.  Some expensive styles will give you more benefits within a couple of weeks of easy exercising than others that may show results after say a year's full time commitment.

Now, if you haven't found the answer to the above question yet, this might help: Treating disease is the least of what Qigong can help you achieve.  It has a potential to do more good for you than all the specialists in the world, but in the Qigong scheme of things, it is just rough balancing of Qi energy.  After the disease has gone, comes the real practice where the fine tuning of energy takes place. Not only will you get back in touch with your body and nature but you may end up developing all kinds of psychic abilities as well.  Qigong practice can open a whole new world to you.  A world so real and so beautiful (that, by the way, has always been there but you never knew existed), however no-one ever showed you how to enter there.  And only by experiencing it yourself can you start to really understand and appreciate the true values of Qigong.

If you are on a waiting list for an operation - do Qigong in the meantime.  By the time it's your turn you might not even need one.


Can't fall pregnant?  Want to go on the IVF Program?  Before you go and sell the house to be able to afford it, try Qigong.  You might end up with a house full of children.

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