Spontaneous Five Animals Plays' Magic Chi Energy Powers

Weird Diseases Require Weird Treatment

Case No. 1

For the last few years I have suffered from a strange condition.  The main symptoms being dizziness, ringing in the ears, pressure in my chest, palpitations, insomnia, dull pain in the liver area, aches and pains in the joints.  Apart from that, I felt as though my body was on fire, both inside and out - that was the worst.  The above symptoms would worsen whenever the weather changed.  Yet the doctors could not work out the cause.  For the last few years, I was taking all sorts of western and Chinese medication but without any success.  All that made me lose faith that I'll ever be cured.  Plus, being only in my early twenties and, when it got really bad, not being able to look after myself, further caused depression and anxiety.  So many times I thought of ending my life altogether.

Fortunately, by accident, I came across some literature about Spontaneous Five Animals Play Qigong that, according to them, was giving extraordinary results in the treatment of many different diseases.  I also found they had classes in Guang Zhou City (Southern China), so I decided to travel more than 1,000 km away to join the classes. 

Under their supervision, very quickly, I started to move spontaneously.  At the very beginning, the movements were quite vigorous.  I would often go into forcefully slapping and hitting myself, turning, jumping, pushing on the diseased parts of my body, and at times pulling my penis strongly.  Sometimes I would tumble and roll on the ground, cry or laugh, shout spontaneously, sing songs loudly.  I wasn't quite sure about whether the above activities had anything to do with treating disease, but after every session, I would feel great comfort and relief.  All this gave me hope that this might be it.

So, day after day, I practiced consecutively for four months and the intensity of the movements gradually started to reduce.  I stopped jumping around and slapping myself but, instead, I'd do subtle, dance like, movements and I also noticed that every time I go through the preparation part of the exercise and enter the Qigong state, there would be a stream of chi energy coming from my  Lower Dantian (energy centre, equivalent to one of the chakras) going to the perineum (part of the body found between anus and genitals), then entering the base of the spine and then moving up all the way to the head and spreading all over the body.  Every time the energy reached the diseased parts of the body, it felt very soothing.

It has already been two years since I started practicing Five Animals Play Qigong and I am extremely pleased to say that all of the existing problems have disappeared.  I sleep well, eat well and live stress-free and content in every way.  I have never felt this good at any stage of my life.  I have found that at work I work better, can take on much more and produce more in less time.

Case No. 2

Before I got married, I was a very healthy young woman.  But after getting married and during pregnancy I noticed my food intake began reducing.  After some time it got so bad that I could not eat more than 15 grams total a day and it was like that until my child was two years old.  I could eat a little more then, but still much less than before pregnancy.  I was only in my early twenties, but I felt like an old lady.  I visited a few doctors, but all they suspected was that, during pregnancy, some of my digestive organs could have been displaced by the fetus pressing on them affecting my appetite.  Both of my parents are heads of western medical departments, so I had the best possible choices.  But unfortunately it did not help.  I tried Chinese medicine, still the same.

Luckily, by chance, I went to visit a cousin who lived in another city and who was doing this strange Qigong I'd never seen before.  However, since she experienced very positive results, I was curious enough to learn it myself.  It was called Spontaneous Five Animals Play Qigong.  On the very second day, since learning, I started doing spontaneous movements and within a week I was doing crane-like flapping movements.  To the observer, it would have appeared like injured crane movements.  Then I lied on the ground and started aggressively kicking, rolling and moving involuntarily.  After three vigorous sessions, my appetite improved immensely.  At one sitting I could eat three times the amount I could normally eat in one day and since then it never dropped back.  Not only that I was very excited about it, my whole family were tickled pink!

Case No. 3

I am a forty two year old female food grower.  For the past ten years, I have been suffering from things like oedema, headache and abdominal pain.  To make it even worse, the skin on my face gradually turned dark and patchy.  However, after many visits to the doctor, they could not work out the cause.  The only time I was diagnosed was by this old Chinese medicine practitioner that I met accidentally who told me that the root of my problem was in the liver meridian.  Apart from the above, I also started having problems with bleeding haemorrhoids and was extremely exhausted.

However, since I started practicing Five Animals Play Qigong, every morning and night for about an hour, after only four days my headache reduced noticeably which gave me faith and made me very committed to the practice.  Three weeks into the practice, something strange happened.  Every time I'd practice and move spontaneously, there would be some sort of pus that would come from my big toes.  The skin would simply break near the corner of the nail and it would pour out.  The first few times a bit, but then, with each session, more and more.  Interestingly enough, after I'd finish each session, it would stop leaking.  At first, I was scared, but my teacher explained that this was quite normal and it is a result of clearing the liver meridian, which starts at the inner corner of the big toe nail.  I was relieved.  It also reminded me of the old Chinese medicine practitioner who said that there was a problem with my liver.  It all made sense and made me more enthusiastic about continuing the practice.  The pus ran for about three weeks and probably due to getting rid of all the toxins I experienced great improvement all over.  The oedema subsided, the dark patches from my face cleared up, the bleeding from the haemorrhoids stopped and the constant pain coming from my abdomen noticeably reduced.  My spirits were lifted and whoever knew me prior to the practice said that I looked like a different person.  I myself could not believe that, after ten years of suffering, within a month and a half I improved so much.

Case No. 4

After having problems with my throat I went to see my GP who then sent me to a specialist and after having more tests done I was diagnosed with throat cancer by the Oncology Hospital in Guanzhou.  My condition deteriorated very quickly.  Within half a year, my appetite was very poor and I lost a lot of weight.  Luckily, I came across Five Animals Play Qigong and started practicing it.  I was doing all sorts of strange movements, many of them mimicking animals, and it felt very good.  Within three months, I achieved extraordinary results.  My blood pressure, which was extremely low as well, normalized and I gained six kilos.  My appetite improved and I could digest food better.  I also used to suffer from dizziness which went for good and I don't catch cold as much as I used to.  But what impressed me and my GP most is that my throat cancer disappeared.  Nine months into the practice I had another general oncology test and all results were clear.

I even went back to work.  Since then, once yearly, I still have regular checkups and they all keep showing normal results.  I was diagnosed with throat cancer ten years ago, however, today I am very healthy, my appetite is excellent, I sleep well, my spirits are high, I am very happy and I've been working all this time.

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