Sight Improving Qigong Case Histories

There were millions of people throughout China practicing Sight Improving Qigong over the past three decades.  Majority of whom wore prescription glasses for short sight. Following are three case histories - one typical case of shortsightedness and the other two - the mind-blowing recovery from severe congenital blindness.  The practice benefits not only those with sight problems but many other conditions as well.  The included diagnosis' are the ones given by their respective doctors and do not necessarily reflect the true conditions nor mean that Sight Improving Qigong can cure such conditions.

Case 1 

Male, 17

Shanghai, High School Student

Short sightedness

I practiced Sight Improving Qigong for one month and benefited in many ways.  Before I started practicing this Qigong, my left eye was .4 and my right .2*.  In the evenings, if I read for more than half an hour, my vision would blur and I would feel pressure in my eyes.  Apart from that, I had a few other health problems.  I would easily catch colds, and no pills or injections would help.  There were pimples and boils on my face, my sleep was poor and due to my poor concentration, couldn't follow the classes, so my grades were low.

After only two sessions of Qigong, I got rid of a cold I caught prior to the practice and my temperature went back to normal.   I could read for much longer without getting pressure in my eyes.  On top of that, my memory and concentration improved a lot and my study got better as a result.  After a month of practicing, both my eyes reached 1.5 and my energy peaked.  I was so happy that I ignored some do's and dont's with regards to using my eyes properly.  Such as, I read for too long, did not adjust the light, so I had a relapse - therefore my condition worsened.  After correcting my ways and practicing Sight Improving Qigong again, my sight went back to 1.5.

* In China, according to their standards, 1.5 equals to 20/20 vision.  Less than that is poor vision (the lower it is, the worse it is)

Case 2 

Male, 25

Chinese Massage Practitioner

Graduate from a school for the blind in Shanghai

Born blind

Two months after birth, it was discovered that I had a congenital cataract and I had several eye operations to fix it (first operation performed at age of 6 and the last at age 20) which brought no improvement.  Apart from cataract, the eye examinations also showed some retinal deformities.  The liquid in the eye (vitreous humour) was unclear apart from having the lens of my eye removed after the operations.  My left eye was not registering any traces of light and my right eye could register some, but it was so blurry, that I could not see a thing.  So, for more than twenty years, I lived the life of a blind person.  I started practicing Sight Improving Qigong in 1985 and after a month of diligent practice, I started to see some light with both eyes.  After three months, the light that was peripheral started spreading towards the centre of the eyes (ie the pupils).  One day, all of a sudden after I finished my practice, I had difficulties opening my eyes.  I felt as if there were hundreds of lights shining at me from all sides.  It was hard to bare.  After quite a while, I gradually got used to the brightness surrounding me as I slowly opened my eyes.  For the first time in my life, I saw the blue sky, green trees.  It was unforgettable. 


Three years later, the Sight Improving Qigong school followed up to see how he was doing.  It was reported that he was still seeing very well even though he completely stopped the practice after 2 years.

Case 3 


Age 27

Shanghai, worker in a factory with electric devices

Graduate of school for blind children

I was born blind, and I also had cataracts on both eyes.  It was so obvious that people could see white cloudy stuff in both my pupils and I could not see any traces of light.  I was meaning to have an operation, but the doctor refused, saying that it was pointless.  Many times, I felt helpless, constantly needing to depend on others and my cane.  After graduation, I got a job in a factory, but due to poor health (on top of being blind plus my spirits and energy were always low), I would often ask for sick leave.  And also, due to never being able to finish my normal workload, I never got any higher rewards. 

After practicing Sight Improving Qi Gong for a month, I could see some light with both eyes and my energy improved a lot.  Also, for the first time, I got paid more than the minimum wage.  I was so happy, that I bought ginseng and gave it to my teacher - the founding master of this fabulous style - master Zhang.  However, she refused to take it.  I told her that she must take it, otherwise she would offend me.  After this, I practiced even more diligently until the cloudy stuff totally cleared from the pupil of my eyes.  Once during practice, I felt light coming from all directions into my eyes before it concentrated towards my eyes pupils.  After a while, I opened my eyes and could see for the first time the little river about 20 metres away.  I could see, mirror images of the surrounding trees in the river.  I looked at my hands and I saw my fingers for the first time.  I also felt as though there were little holes of light in my eyes and the light was becoming stronger and stronger.  I could see colours with my right eye.  I was so happy, as if I suddenly understood the world.

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