Chi Energy Testimonials

To give you an idea of what sort of diseases are treated by different styles of Qigong, this section of our website lists brief case histories.  Following case histories are collected from so-called Qigong "stations" across China, as well as Qigong Chinese Health students/practitioner's experiences.  The included diagnosis' are the ones given by their respective doctors and do not necessarily reflect the true conditions nor mean that Qigong can cure such conditions.

Five Animals Play Qigong Case Histories / Testimonials

Case 1

Condition:         Stroke

Age:                 62

Gender:            male

This gentleman suffered a stroke for a period of three years prior to considering practicing Five Animals Play Qigong.  The stroke had affected his right side and was accompanied with severe debilitation of his right arm and leg.  He was unable to use or lift his right arm and when walking had to drag his right leg.  He was unable to look after himself and was severely limited in his normal bodily functions.  Before practicing Qigong it would take him over an hour to walk one kilometer.

When he commenced practicing Qigong, his spontaneous movements specifically focused around his waist and hips and his right arm and leg were able to do various restricted movements.  He practiced three times a day for one hour each session.  After approximately four weeks there was a noticeable improvement in the movements of his right leg and arm.  He found that he could move them again where there was no response previously.  His right arm and leg improved so much that he was able to ride a bicycle to the place where he practiced Qigong.

Case 2

Condition:         Headaches, chronic laryngitis, hard lump on throat, nephritis (kidney inflammation)

Age:                 61

Gender:            female

This lady had suffered from an uncomfortably dry and sore throat for a period of more than 10 years.  Along with the throat problem, she suffered from headaches, plus there was a hard lump on the right side of her neck and there was often blood in her urine.  She visited many doctors and specialists regarding her problems however no matter what form of treatment they applied nothing helped to reverse the condition.  She was diagnosed with chronic laryngitis as well as nephritis.  The lump on her throat was diagnosed as non-cancerous tumour.

Soon after she started practicing Five Animals Play Qigong, she reported a stream of energy passing through her head and neck accompanied with a warm and comfortable feeling.  She continued practicing once or twice a day for a period of 20 minutes at a time and after only 16 days the soreness and dryness of the throat completely disappeared.  After two months the lump on the side of her neck disappeared as well.  With regard to her nephritis, year-end hospital checks indicated that everything was normal.

Case 3

Condition:         Duodenal ulcer and prolapse of the stomach

Age:                 34

Gender:            female

This lady's condition manifested itself mainly with severe stomach aches so she constantly had to resort to pain killers but they seldom helped.  Occasionally she would pass a black stool (that is typical of internal bleeding) and she had a poor appetite.  Some ten days before she decided to commence practicing Five Animals Play Qigong, she experienced extreme stomach pains accompanied with vomiting during the night.  She was also losing a lot of weight and nothing seemed to help.

During the first couple of sessions of Five Animals Play Qigong, she spontaneously released many accumulated emotions through crying and laughing and her body did some swaying and shaking.  There was spontaneous slapping especially in the area of the stomach and some acupuncture points like ‘Stomach 36' (one of the major points of the stomach meridian, just below the knee).  All of the typical five animals' movements appeared during the practice.  After three short days of practicing the pains in her stomach had reduced considerably and vomiting had completely stopped.  All other major symptoms gradually disappeared too.  She stopped taking all medications but the condition has never returned.

Case 4

Condition:         Rheumatic Fever

Age:                 15

Gender:            male

This boy was so sick that he was unable to attend his school.  For a period of three years his body temperature was extremely high (38-39° C).  On both sides of his body, especially around the knees and hips, there was a lot of swelling and pain, causing him great difficulty in walking.  His blood sedimentation was very high too (60 mm per hour).  He was taken to many specialists but they were unable to help - neither to reduce his temperature nor to improve his condition.  During this period he lost a lot of weight too and was very weak.  They diagnosed him with Rheumatic Fever and he underwent many treatments involving a significant number of drugs but to no avail.

That's when he started practicing Five Animals Play Qigong, and he did it at least once or twice a day for about half an hour each time.  After a period of thirty days all of his symptoms disappeared.  His temperature returned to normal values and he was able to walk again. After a period of another couple of months he was able to run and even participate in sports again.  It is also reported that he took no drugs following this miraculous improvement but his condition remained stable.

Case 5

Condition:         Inflammation of the ovaries and Fallopian tubes

Age:                 29

Gender:            female

Ever since an abortion which took place two years prior, this lady has suffered badly.  She felt great pain and discomfort in her lower back and abdomen and there was a lump in the abdominal area.  She underwent numerous treatments but her condition showed no improvement.

After a period of two months of daily practice of Five Animals Play Qigong the pains in her lower abdomen and back reduced significantly and all related problems disappeared.  Regular medical examination that followed confirmed that no abnormalities were present and she enjoyed normal health since.

Case 6

Condition:         Lower back injury, angina

Age:                 72

Gender:            female

This lady injured her lower back which brought her considerable discomfort and pain.  She experienced stiffness in that area and her movements were very limited.  She also suffered from angina of such severity that she had been hospitalised twice previously.  Her angina caused her tightness in the chest, shortness of breath and insomnia. She was severely lacking oxygen that her lips were permanently blue.

Her appetite remained very poor during this period because eating seemed to exacerbate the pressure in her chest. However upon examination in the hospital she was told there was nothing they could do.

Desperate and no one to turn to, the poor lady came across the Five Animals Play Qigong and decided to give it a try. Soon after she started the practice all of the five animals' movements came spontaneously and she expertly performed various Kung Fu movements even though she never practiced it in her life. She regularly practiced her Qigong twice a day for approximately one hour each time.  She continued like this for a period of four months resulting in great improvements in her overall condition. The pressure in her chest and the shortness of breath significantly reduced.  Her sleep returned to normal and her appetite improved considerably.  She was able to move freely without feeling stiff and sore, and her general health and wellbeing were best in years.

Case 7

Condition:         Emphysema, insomnia, under weight, depression, anxiety, duodenal ulcer, allergy

Age:                 38

Gender:            female

After suffering from bronchial asthma for more than twenty years (which always aggravated in winter and spring), this patient's problem developed into emphysema and was accompanied with excessive sneezing, a runny nose and sore throat, which for a singer by profession turned to be a nightmare.  She also suffered from insomnia, loss of body weight, stomach pains, poor appetite and low energy levels.  All of this led to depression and anxiety.  She visited many specialists but no help was forthcoming.  The problems persisted to the point where she could no longer work.  The hospital she visited gave her four interrelated diagnosis: bronchial asthma, emphysema, a stomach condition involving a duodenal ulcer and an allergy problem.

She started practicing Five Animals Play Qigong and after only two months, her asthma and runny nose disappeared along with the sneezing.  Her appetite improved as well as her general demeanor, energy level and her sleeping pattern returned to normal.

Case 8

Condition:         Nephritis (inflammation of the kidneys)

Age:                 52

Gender:            female

For twenty five years whenever she had urine tests done, there was always protein present plus there were all the indications that her problem was progressing as well.  Over the last ten years prior to practicing Five Animals Play Qigong, her blood pressure increased to a level of 170-230 over 100-180 that was much too high to be considered safe.  She experienced dizziness, insomnia, had no appetite and as a result of all this was unable to work.

Within only two weeks of practicing Five Animals Play Qigong her dizziness, insomnia and other subsidiary symptoms began to reduce.  Her appetite improved to normal and her blood pressure reduced to 140-170 over 80-100.  She continued to practice for many more months and medical urine tests indicated that her renal system had recovered to normal.

Case 9

Condition:         Lower back pain, premature aging

Age:                 24

Gender:            male

Suffering from lower back pain for many years as well as grey hair in his early twenties, he tried everything without much success.  At twenty-four he already looked like an old man.  Then he started practicing Five Animals Play Qigong.  Just three months down the track his lower back improved enormously and his hair started turning into normal colour.

Case 10

Condition:         Infertility

Age:                 38

Gender:            male  

I was married for more than two years, and even though my wife and I wanted to have children we were unsuccessful.  My wife went to see if she had any abnormalities but everything was normal.  Then I went for a check up and my tests showed some problems with sperm count and sperm mobility.  Plus there was slight inflammation of the prostate.  The doctor who examined me did not think it was anything serious, so he prescribed some standard pills for my condition.  However, after 3 months of treatment, there was no improvement.  At the time, I was 34 and desperate to have a child.

Then, by chance, I came across Spontaneous 5 Animals Play Qigong.  I became very interested, so I enrolled.

The first day of practicing I felt as though I was levitating and my body was slightly rocking from side to side.  On the second day, I experienced much bigger movements.  My hands started spontaneously slapping and massaging the sides of my thighs and groin area. As explained to me later, there was probably some chi energy blockage in that area that I was spontaneously treating.  I was amazed.  How did my body know?  I mean, it was me doing the treatment but I was in a trance-like state, it wasn't me consciously doing anything.   But, that's just how this Qigong worked and I was extremely happy with it.

I felt great after every session - light, relaxed and full of energy.  After a month of practicing, I experienced the 5 different animal movements - tiger, bear, monkey, deer and crane.  I was told that when that happens it signifies that by then all my health problems should be healed which I strongly believed since I felt better than ever before.  Two months later, my wife was pregnant.  Nine months later she gave birth to our healthy baby boy of 4kg, bringing great happiness into our home.

Case 11

Condition:         TB, asthma, high blood pressure and heart disease

Age:                 40

Gender:            male  

I used to be quite healthy until I contracted TB several years ago.  After that my health went downhill rapidly.  In less than a year I developed asthma, high blood pressure and heart disease, plus I lost a lot of weight.  All day long, I would experience headaches, dizziness, a stabbing pain in the chest area, shortness of breath, pain in my joints and my breath smelt pretty bad too.  I would often cough blood and thick mucus.  At night, my sleep was restless and I felt weak and exhausted during the day.

I consulted many doctors and specialists but, in the end, not only did my condition not improve at all, I also spent all my money on treatments and lost most of my furniture because I had to sell it.

Luckily, I came across Master Liang Shi Feng's Spontaneous Five Animals Play Qigong and after hearing about its incredible therapeutic properties, I simply could not wait to start practicing.  It worked from day one.  The very first time I practiced it, my body started moving spontaneously.  First I shook my head, bent my back and knelt down several times, then I started slapping my body all over, especially along energy meridians and acupuncture points.  Even though, while all that was happening, I was in a trance-like state, I was still aware of what I was doing.  It was interesting, I noticed, that I would use my fists instead of my palms to hit large muscle areas while I would use my fingertips for sensitive areas like face and neck.

After 3 months of diligent practice, my health improved dramatically.   My headaches, dizziness and insomnia disappeared completely, my memory improved, my lungs got cleared, the pain in my chest and joints decreased, my appetite increased and I felt much stronger.  All that was beyond my most optimistic expectations.  My confidence in my complete recovery was definite.  In less than a year I basically got rid of all my health problems.

Then, one day, all of a sudden, I discovered I developed some psychic abilities.  If I would put my hands over an animal or human I would feel strong, magnet-like sensations in my palms that I could trace to their energy meridians and areas affected by disease.  Also by intuitively pressing and massaging their acupuncture points I could treat many illnesses.  Since the results I was getting were so good I decided to make it my new profession.  In the last few years I successfully treated many patients from all kinds of illnesses.  Five Animals Play Qigong gave me a new life, picked me up when I was so weak and desperate and turned me into a strong, healthy person that's now helping others with their health problems.  For that I'll forever be grateful.

Case 12

Condition:         brain tumor, congenital blindness in the left eye

Age:                 62

Gender:            male

My name is B. Zhou and I am a 62 year old farmer.  Before practicing Spontaneous Five Animals Play Qigong, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and I have been blind in the left eye, since birth.  After practicing Five Animals Play Qigong for about a year, I had experienced spontaneous fasting - bi gu twice during that time.  The first time it was during the hottest part of the summer and it lasted for eight days.  I not only ate nothing, but I also drank nothing.  When I normally practiced Five Animals Play Qigong, I would always move spontaneously during the practice, but during this time, I went through the process without moving at all.  I just sat in lotus position and my breathing felt extremely slow (this is known as Xu Wu level of Five Animals Play Qigong - for more information, please see Qigong Chinese Health magazine, issue no. 1, page 11 or read the article Spontaneous Five Animals Play Qigong).  In winter of the same year, I had another seven days of spontaneous fasting.  During that time I did not need to sleep at all, I meditated and, several times, had out of body experiences.  Out of curiosity, I attempted to eat a couple of times, but every time I did that, it felt like fire was burning my throat and then I vomited.

Before I started practicing Five Animals Play Qigong, the doctors had suggested I have an operation on the brain tumor.  I was extremely reluctant to do so.  However, after these two experiences of bi gu, my condition improved remarkably.  After another seven months of practicing Five Animals Play Qigong, during the practice I would spontaneously pull the third toe of my left foot. (Editor's note: in foot reflexology, the bottom joint of the third left toe is connected to the left eye and the tip of that toe to the brain).  Not only did the brain tumor completely disappear, but I began to see with my left eye, for the first time in my life.

Case 13

For the last few years I have suffered from a strange condition.  The main symptoms being dizziness, ringing in the ears, pressure in my chest, palpitations, insomnia, dull pain in the liver area, aches and pains in the joints.  Apart from that, I felt as though my body was on fire, both inside and out - that was the worst.  The above symptoms would worsen whenever the weather changed.  Yet the doctors could not work out the cause.  For the last few years, I was taking all sorts of western and Chinese medication but without any success.  All that made me lose faith that I'll ever be cured.  Plus, being only in my early twenties and, when it got really bad, not being able to look after myself, further caused depression and anxiety.  So many times the idea of ending my life crossed my mind.

Fortunately, by accident, I came across some literature about Spontaneous Five Animals Play Qigong that, according to them, was giving extraordinary results in the treatment of many different diseases.  I also found they had classes in Guang Zhou City (Southern China), so I decided to travel more than 1,000 km away to join the classes. 

Under their supervision, very quickly, I started to move spontaneously.  At the very beginning, the movements were quite vigorous.  I would often go into forcefully slapping and hitting myself, turning and twisting my body, jumping, pushing on the diseased parts of my body, and at times pulling my penis strongly.  Sometimes I would tumble and roll on the ground, cry or laugh, shout spontaneously, sing loudly.  I wasn't quite sure about whether the above activities had anything to do with treating disease, but after every session, I would feel great comfort and relief.  All this gave me hope that this might be it.

Day after day, for four consecutive months I practiced and the intensity of the movements gradually started to reduce.  I stopped jumping around and slapping myself but, instead, I'd do subtle, dance like, movements and I also noticed that every time I go through the preparation part of the exercise and enter the Qigong state, there would be a stream of chi energy coming from my Lower Dantian (energy centre, equivalent to one of the chakras) going to the perineum (part of the body found between anus and genitals), then entering the base of the spine and then moving up all the way to the head and spreading all over the body.  Every time the energy reached the diseased parts of the body, it felt very soothing.

It has already been two years since I started practicing Five Animals Play Qigong and I am extremely pleased to say that all of the existing problems have disappeared.  I sleep well, eat well and live stress free life. I have never felt this great at any stage of my life.  I have also found that at work I perform better, can take on much more and produce more in less time.

Case 14

Before I got married, I was a very healthy young woman.  But after getting married and during pregnancy I noticed my food intake significantly reduced.  After some time it got so bad that I could not eat more than 15 grams total a day and it was like that until my child was two years old.  I could eat a little bit more then, but still much less than before pregnancy.  I was only in my early twenties, but I felt like an old lady.  I visited a few doctors, but all they suspected was that, during pregnancy, some of my digestive organs could have been displaced by the fetus pressing on them affecting my appetite.  Both of my parents are heads of western medical departments, so I had the best possible choices.  But unfortunately it did not help.  I tried Chinese medicine, still the same.

Luckily, by chance, I went to visit a cousin who lived in another city and who was doing this strange Qigong I'd never seen before.  However, since she experienced very positive results, I was curious enough to learn it myself.  It was called Spontaneous Five Animals Play Qigong.  On the very second day, since learning, I started doing spontaneous movements and within a week I was doing crane-like flapping movements.  To the observer, it would have appeared like injured crane movements.  Then I lied on the ground and started aggressively kicking, rolling and moving involuntarily.  After three vigorous sessions, my appetite improved immensely.  At one sitting I could eat three times the amount I could normally eat in one day and since then it never dropped back.  Not only that I was very excited about it, my whole family were tickled pink!

Case 15

I am a forty two year old female food grower.  For the past ten years, I have been suffering from things like oedema, headache and abdominal pain.  To make it even worse, the skin on my face gradually turned dark and patchy.  However, after many visits to the doctor, they could not work out the cause.  The only time I was diagnosed was by this old Chinese medicine practitioner that I met accidentally who told me that the root of my problem was in the liver meridian.  Apart from the above, I also started having problems with bleeding haemorrhoids and was extremely exhausted.

However, since I started practicing Five Animals Play Qigong (I did it every morning and night for about an hour), after only four days my headaches reduced noticeably which gave me faith and made me very committed to the practice.  Three weeks into the practice, something strange happened.  Every time I'd practice and move spontaneously, there would be some sort of pus that would come out from my big toes.  The skin would simply break near the corner of the nail and it would pour out.  The first few times a bit, but then, with each session, more and more.  Interestingly enough, after I'd finish each session, it would stop leaking.  At first, I was scared, but my teacher explained that this was quite normal and it is a result of clearing the liver meridian, which starts at the inner corner of the big toe nail.  I was relieved.  It also reminded me of the old Chinese medicine practitioner who said that there was a problem with my liver.  It all made sense and made me more enthusiastic about continuing the practice.  The pus ran for about three weeks and probably due to getting rid of all the toxins I experienced great improvement all over.  The oedema subsided, the dark patches from my face cleared up, the bleeding from the haemorrhoids stopped and the constant pain coming from my abdomen noticeably reduced.  My spirits were lifted and whoever knew me prior to the practice said that I looked like a different person.  I myself could not believe that, after ten years of suffering, within a month and a half I improved so much.

Case 16

After having problems with my throat I went to see my GP who then sent me to a specialist and after having many tests done I was diagnosed with throat cancer by the Oncology Hospital in Guanzhou.  My condition deteriorated very quickly.  Within half a year, my appetite was very poor and I lost a lot of weight.  Luckily, I came across Five Animals Play Qigong and started practicing it.  I was doing all sorts of strange movements, many of them mimicking animals, but it felt really good.  Within three months, I achieved extraordinary results.  My blood pressure, which was extremely low as well, normalized and I gained six kilos.  My appetite improved and I could digest food better.  I also used to suffer from dizziness which went for good and I don't catch cold as much as I used to.  But what impressed me and my GP most is that my throat cancer disappeared.  Nine months into the practice I had another general oncology test and all results were clear.

I even went back to work.  Since then, once yearly, I still have regular checkups and they all keep showing normal results.  I was diagnosed with throat cancer ten years ago, however, today I am very healthy, my appetite is excellent, I sleep well, my spirits are high, I am very happy and I've been working all this time.

Case 17

A patient who had received excellent results from practicing Spontaneous Five Animals Play Qigong, almost spoiled it all by breaking the rules.

This is a true story about a patient who was introduced to Spontaneous Five Animals Play Qigong through a neighbour friend of his who practiced the style but wasn't qualified enough to teach it.  Still, within the first few months of practice, when he was still following the rules, everything was ok. He experienced the involuntary movements that included spontaneous 5 animal movements, manipulation of several acupuncture points etc. which all led to the establishment of the Small Universe.*  After continuing the practice for a few months, he got rid of all his chronic conditions.  Even the one he never imagined would ever correct - a crippled foot due to an old injury that was twisted 90 degrees inwards.  During his practice on one occasion, he stepped clumsily on it (that's what he thought), heard a large crack and felt he'd damaged it even more somehow.  But when he stopped the practice and checked his leg he was surprised to see it back in place.  What joy it brought him!  He thought he could do anything with this Qigong.  He even started developing some psychic abilities.

So, he started increasing the practice time to 3-4 hours at a time and made some "adjustments" to it.  He felt he could activate his energy instantaneously any time he wanted without going through all the, what he thought "unnecessary" steps (a big NO, NO in Spontaneous Five Animals Play Qigong) so he'd go straight into the yang part of the practice.  Now that wasn't very wise.  Without yin preparation, going straight into the yang part risks the prospect of not being able to stop the spontaneous movements once they start to occur, and the more one tries to calm down and stop the stronger they become (known in Qigong terminology as 'yin giving birth to yang').  And that is exactly what happened to him.

"Oh my God!" He thought to himself.  "What am I going to do now?"  still shaking and moving he went to ask his neighbour, but the neighbour had no idea either.  He panicked.  For three days and three nights he was constantly moving his arms, legs and other parts of his body involuntarily.  In the end he took a train to Guangzhou City to go and ask for help from Master Liang Shifeng who first introduced the style publicly.  It took Master Liang more than three hours to stop him from moving.  What a relief! 

Now those who are familiar with Spontaneous Five Animals Play Qigong would know about this phenomenon and would prevent it from happening in the first place.  So, when the shaken man finally stopped his involuntary movements and sat down to rest, he noticed there were some "problems" with his sight.  He enquired to the master that there were different coloured aura-like layers around people and other living things.  The master distributed his chi energy to his hands and asked the man to tell him where the aura was the thickest around him and the man said around the master's hands.  Then he tested him by doing the same with other parts of his body, and the man would always guess it right.

Well it seemed, after all, the naughty Qigong practitioner went not only unharmed by this unplanned trip but he had even developed the ability to see auras around people.

In this case, it worked out well but only because he was lucky enough to have received assistance of the master. Not that this style is unsafe to practice but, like anything else in life, if not done properly it can still cause problems. Prevention is always better than cure and the same applies to Qigong.

Case 18

Dear Qigong Chinesehealth,

I just thought I'd send you a note to let you know how we have been since learning and practicing 5 Animals Play Qigong daily.  Previously, I needed to visit an Osteopath for spinal manipulation to relieve pain and complicated symptoms that affected my central nervous system.  Usually, I would need to go at least fortnightly and had also started receiving acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment.  I had stopped working as a nurse 18 months ago and had been sick and incapacitated for two years.   We moved to the country and have a quiet life, wishing to recuperate.  My partner has a degenerative disease in three lumbar vertebrae and had constant pain in his left leg and heel. 

Now, I have only mild discomfort that never amounts to anything.  I take no pain killers and have only been back for treatment once.  It was quite a healing crisis which was hinted at with psychic messages of Chinese characters each day when I would do 5 Animals Play Qigong.  By coincidence (!)  I saw jewellery in a shop and the girl looked up what they were:  Monkey and Fire - Chinese astrology and element pendants.  I'd been feeling really nauseous for a few days and went for Chinese medicine treatments.  Of course, there was a spleen imbalance with lots of dampness.  That day, during my practice of 5 Animals Play I had a huge violent "monkey rage", bashing things on the ground and screeching.  Then I laid down and massaged deeply under my ribs, on the left and right side.  The Qigong practice balanced the problem. 

I had a lovely dream about my grandmother (who has passed on) that night and she said she was happy I was better now, because I had been sick like that since I was a little girl.  There has been something incredible like this everyday.  I am very psychic - sometimes picking up what ails people and I am very connected to plants and animals.  This has increased, normalised and is much more practical since doing 5 Animals Play Qigong.  At times, it used to make me wonder why I could feel like that, but now it's very clear messages and ends up helping someone.  My neighbour's dog turned up and I ended up feeling streams of chi energy coming out of my hands when I patted it.  Later, I found out it had run away, didn't have its medication - it's epileptic.  When it got home, it slept for two days and was OK. 

Thanks and see you again.

Leonie, NSW.

*  Small Universe - something that occurs to one's energy when practicing 5 Animals Play. For more information, please refer to issue 1 of Qigong Chinese Health magazine (page 11) or read the article Spontaneous Five Animals Play Qigong.

Fragrant Qigong Case Histories / Testimonials

Case 1

Wang, male, 12 years

Diagnosis: Congenital Ichthyosis (scaling of the skin)

Wang had been taken to more than 10 specialists for treatment with no satisfactory result.  His family was told by the experts that nothing could be done.  The boy was very distressed.  Finally he tried Fragrant Qigong twice a day.  He also applied Fragrant Water - drank it and washed in it.  Within a month his skin was normal.

Case 2

Bo, female, retired worker, 55 years

Diagnosis: Psoriasis

Ms. Bo had suffered with this condition for 20 years.  The itchiness tormented her and scratching the sores was hard to resist.  She tried every known medical remedy and medication with no success.  In 1990 she began the practice of Fragrant Qigong.  In one week the psoriasis had gone, never to return.  She couldn't believe it.  While suffering with psoriasis she also had an aversion to cold water.  But when recovered, not only did she get rid of this aversion but she even had an intense desire to swim in cold water.

Case 3

Liu, male, 70 years

Diagnosis: Stroke, hypertension and poor circulation

The right side of Mr. Liu's body was affected and he couldn't walk.  Despite medication and massage he didn't improve.  He started practicing Fragrant Qigong in 1990.  Within weeks his symptoms started to disappear and he was able to walk again.

Case 4

Fang, female, teacher, 53 years

Diagnosis: Hypertension, arrhythmia (irregular heart beat), stomach prolapse, severe arthritis, migraines

Ms. Fang also suffered from chronic constipation, her white blood cell count was low and she had gall bladder problems.  She felt physically weak and was continually depressed.  After practicing Fragrant Qigong for only one day, her spirits lifted and she began to feel more relaxed and less depressed.  After practicing for a month she got up one morning and found she had no appetite.  She tried to eat but vomited.  Nevertheless she felt better than she had for years.  That night she began to smell a strange, but pleasant fragrance.  She asked her husband if he could smell it.  He couldn't.

Her resistance to food continued for over five days.  She also slept less.  Her husband became worried and doubtful.  But she remained full of energy and in good spirits.  He insisted she stay in bed for one morning, even though she couldn't sleep.  She did as he asked, but lying sleepless in bed made her feel dizzy.

Her one desire was to be out in the open, walking in the parks.  She decided to ignore her husband's request and follow her intuition.  This decision proved correct.  Normal patterns of eating and sleeping returned gradually and she was free of all negative symptoms.  These have been confirmed by medical checks.

NOTE:  What Ms. Fang experienced is a common occurrence with Fragrant Qigong. Especially ‘Bi Gu' or fasting which in Fragrant Qigong happens spontaneously.  It's hard to explain why this happens, but the results are always positive and can be taken as an indication that the practice is doing its work.

Case 5

Han, male, factory worker, 20 years

Diagnosis: Born deaf and dumb

In 1991 Mr. Han started the practice of Fragrant Qigong.  Within months his hearing came back and he began to speak.  His mother heard her son say 'mum' for the first time in 20 years.

Case 6

Guan, female, medical doctor, 37 years

Diagnosis: Rheumatic heart disease

For 10 years Ms. Guan tried every system of medical care from traditional Chinese medicine to advanced western methods.  She saw many different specialists and was hospitalized several times for investigation and treatment.  To no avail.  Symptoms persisted and tests continued to show abnormalities.  Because of the severity of her condition she was unable to work and became increasingly depressed.

Within two months of practicing Fragrant Qigong all negative symptoms cleared.  This was confirmed by medical checks.  Her daughter, aged 7, also suffering heart disease, and slow mentally, started to practice Fragrant Qigong.  She too became well, along with her school grades, which improved dramatically.

Case 7


42 years

I suffered from hyper-thyroid, angina, diabetes, gall bladder infection and stones, indigestion, chronic gastritis, spondilitis in my neck and lower back and, due to breast cancer, had one of my breasts removed. 

Apart from paediatricians, I've seen every other kind of specialists.  For the past 20 years, I suffered badly, both physically and mentally.  I could not do without some sort of pill to keep me going.  The quantity of medication that I have taken (this includes western and Chinese) over the years would have filled a large room.  To make things worse, some pills were making some of my conditions worse, plus it created a problem when it came to what and when I could eat according to which pills would not react with which foods.  Luckily I came across Fragrant Qigong and I gradually improved a lot.  My appetite became normal, I stopped getting bloated after meals and a dryness I had in my mouth completely disappeared.  My bowels became regular and the sleeping problems I had for some time completely disappeared.  My chest pain and stomach ache disappeared.  For two years, I found it difficult to swallow, now it completely disappeared.  I frequently suffered from colds and flu but since practicing Fragrant Qigong this hasn't happened yet.  This winter, for the first time in twenty years, I stopped wearing heavy jumpers, coats, scarves and gloves.  And I don't feel the cold at all.  So many people that saw me looking normal could not believe how much I had changed.  Fragrant Qigong truly gave me a second chance at living a normal life.

Case 8


45 years

I am a breast cancer sufferer.  From 1981 to 1991, altogether I had had 5 operations.  Every time I had a biopsy, the results always showed cancer.  The first operation, conducted in 1981 was the removal of the right breast with the lymph glands located on the same side.  Two years later, they discovered cancer in the left breast, so they did the same with that side.  In 1986, they discovered lumps in my neck, one the size of an almond, another slightly smaller. 

The doctors strongly suggested removal of the bigger lump and less radical treatment plus monitoring of the smaller.  A few months later, the smaller one did not disappear, on the contrary it increased in size so in the end, they operated on it as well.  In 1989, they discovered another almond sized lump in my neck and did the fifth operation.  For the last operation I found a very famous specialist who did very thorough examinations and treatments.  After the operation, I regularly had chemotherapy orally and by injection.  All this was supposed to kill the cancer cells, but unfortunately, it almost killed me. 

I suffered a lot, and it left me with a lot of side effects.  My right arm was swollen and I could not lift my left arm.  Plus my energy was very low.  My mouth and tongue were very dry and there was a big white patch on my neck.  Because of the excessive injections in my arm, they could not find anywhere to put further needles (due to the hardened skin tissue).  I felt dizzy and my vision was blurry, I could not eat normally.  The minute I ate I vomited straight after.  In the end, because my body couldn't stand the treatment any more, they had to stop the chemotherapy.  Then I started taking some expensive imported oral medication.  Because it cost so much and I needed to keep up the dosage for a long time I was left with very little cash. 

That's when I heard about how good Fragrant Qigong is for many different types of conditions.  So I eagerly enrolled in a course.  The first day that I practiced I smelt a lot of fragrances.  Within five days, the lump on my neck disappeared.  The white patch on my neck disappeared as well as being able to move my arm again.  Gradually, all my diseases disappeared.  I enrolled for the instructor's course and now I have about 30 students, most of them smelt fragrances and most of them got rid of their health problems.

Case 9


61 years

In 1977, I was diagnosed with nose and throat cancer.  I was hospitalised for three months and then treated with radiotherapy 58 times, 27 seconds at a time.  I suffered a lot, I lost my hearing in both ears and my face was swollen.  All the hair from my head and beard had fallen and I felt very weak overall.  Before I went back home, I asked the doctors if my hearing was ever going to recover, but unfortunately their reply was negative. 

In 1990, a neighbour of mine, told me about this amazing healing exercise by the name of Fragrant Qigong that can treat many different conditions, so I decided to give it a try.  After practicing Fragrant Qigong for three days, when I got up in the morning, I felt itchiness in my throat and then when I coughed strongly, I suddenly heard sparrows singing - I could hear again!  Oh, how happy I was!!  I went around telling whoever I met - I can hear, I can hear! 

When I went back to class to tell everyone my amazing experience, everyone applauded and the sound of clapping was sounding so strong in my ears.  I heard my little grandson for the first time telling someone that his deaf grandfather was no longer deaf.  Apart from the great benefit of getting my hearing back, I also felt many other health benefits.  I even went back to working in the field again.

Case 10*

C. Wong, 51 years

Male from Jiangsu Province

Mr. Wang developed a milder form of Cirrhosis of the liver when he was 35. Altogether he spent 3 years in hospital and was the only one to survive in his ward. Yet he felt very exhausted and weak ever since. Ten years later he started to feel discomfort and pain in his chest and was diagnosed with pleurisy. Apart from that he also suffered spondylitis and sciatica. For 16 years, not only did he endure much pain and suffering, he also spent tens of thousands of dollars on many different treatments, to no avail, whilst at the same time trying to support his family. Life seemed too much of a struggle and he felt it was pointless to keep going.

Fortunately, an old friend introduced him to a 'very powerful style of Qigong' called Fragrant and only after a couple of sessions he felt the improvement. One morning, as he was practicing, he felt something like a stream of energy creeping up his back and spreading into his arms. It instantly brought enormous relief to him. Not only was he free of all pain, but he felt stronger and fitter than he did for years. He immediately went to see his doctor whose tests showed the all clear. He was so happy, that he decided to practice this Qigong for the rest of his life.

Case 11

In 1985 I was sentenced to death by Tianjin's** leading hospital.  The diagnosis was a severe blockage of the main stomach artery.  At the time I was only twenty eight and I was not ready to leave this world, however, the specialists told me the only option would be to go to America and have a major by-pass operation.  Unfortunately, I could not afford something like that. 

Maybe it was my fate to come across Fragrant Qigong and not die this young.  A few good people recommended I embark on Fragrant Qigong and just as I was planning to join one of the local courses several months ago, I was invited to watch a video on one of Master Tian's healing sessions.  It was a public broadcast organized by one of the leading Fragrant Qigong groups in the area.  I was told that many people get cured just by watching it.  I was curious enough to go, but I did not expect much.  However, the sensations I got during the program were quite amazing so I decided to watch it again.  After watching it four times in a row, I was completely cured of my dreaded disease. (Note: This sounds unbelievable but it's true, many people have been cured by simply watching videos of Qigong Grand Masters or by placing their photographs, their personal belongings like pen, comb, business cards, even their hand writing onto the diseased part of their body. For more information please read the article Fragrant Qigong Master Teleporting Diseases)

Case 12

I have been suffering with stomach problems for sixteen years, I would constantly feel bloated and after many tests, including an endoscopy, I was diagnosed with erosive atrophic gastritis.  In order to monitor its progress, I was strongly advised to have half yearly endoscopies.  Normally, I would be very careful with my food, because my stomach was very sensitive.  Not only could I not eat much, but I couldn't stand cold or very hot food.  I was forever hungry but could not satisfy my hunger.  For the two years that I practised Fragrant Qigong my condition improved enormously.  My problem would not flare up as often and, when it did, it was very mild.  However, I still had to be very careful with my diet.  I couldn't eat all that much. 

One day, as my stomach started playing up, I decided to prepare Fragrant Water to see what was going to happen.  At the class we were repeatedly told to do it as often as we can and that it can speed up the recovery/healing process, but I ignored it.  That night though, after drinking the full glass of water I prepared, strangely enough, I did not feel bloated.  However, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling nauseous and vomited half a bucket of phlegm containing pus-like mucus and traces of blood that smelled like fish.  I also noticed that it contained no food I had eaten that night.  After vomiting I instantly felt better.  I slept well afterwards and that's how I got rid of my stomach problem.  Since then I've been eating normal.  I can eat any food and as much as I like without any problem.  

Case 13

I am a sixty seven year old retiree from Shanghai and a great Peking Opera fan.  Not only do I enjoy listening to it but I often like to sing it as well.  However, after having a bad flu which lasted for almost a month, it not only made me suffer in the usual way (coughing, fever, sore throat), but it also affected my voice and I could not speak.  I went to see a doctor who referred me to an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist.  I was prescribed many different types of medication, but without any results.  I also secretly worried that I had throat cancer.  On top of that, I suddenly developed angina and was hospitalized for that for two months.

After leaving the hospital, I felt very weak and exhausted and my throat was worse.  I sounded very hoarse and found speaking took too much energy.  And just as I was worrying about my condition, a friend introduced me to Fragrant Qigong.  I joined one of the classes and within two months I felt a great improvement.  My stamina was much better and my voice much clearer.

A couple of months ago, our Fragrant Qigong group organized a public display of master Tian's mass healing sessions which I attended.  I was very excited and then in the midst of it all, for some reason, I started crying uncontrollably.  When I stopped crying, my throat felt better instantly.  The next morning when I brushed my teeth, all of a sudden, there was a tickle in my throat and when I went to clear it, there were two big bloody lumps that were expelled.  Something told me this was a good sign and I was right.  Since then, my throat improved dramatically and today I can honestly say that I am 100% cured.  My voice is back to normal and I often sing my favourite Peking opera "arias".

Case 14

My name is S. Yang, I am 50 years old and I suffered from high blood pressure, heart disease, bronchitis and rheumatoid arthritis for many years.  Then I developed some lung disease for what I was once hospitalized for five months.  After many tests including nine x-rays, I was finally diagnosed with lung cancer.  The tests showed a 15 cm sized lump covering both lungs.  Apart from this my right eye's fluid was unclear and I also had gynaecological problems.  I was sick and tired of being sick all these years.

Luckily, in May of 1991, I was able to attend one of Master Tian's mass healing sessions being held in the city I live in (Xi-an, China).  That evening, I felt a surge of energy throughout my body, followed by feeling extremely exhausted and weak.  The next morning, when I woke up, I noticed two cysts, the size of a walnut filled with liquid, on both of my feet.  I knew this was a sign of bing chi (bad energy) leaving my body.  A week later I began spontaneous fasting which lasted for six days.  There was no more feeling of hunger, but my spirits were high.  I kept working as normal, riding my bike to and from work, never feeling tired.

After two months of practicing Fragrant Qigong, I got rid of all of my diseases and there were no abnormalities shown on any of my tests.  My blood pressure had normalized, the cancer had disappeared from my lungs, my rheumatoid arthritis disappeared and I could see clearly.  I was so amazed and overwhelmed with the results in such a short period of time.

Case 15

My name is Lao Duo.  I've been practicing Fragrant Qigong for eight years and I experienced spontaneous fasting (bi gu) twice.  The first time it came upon me was about six years ago.  I was very active those days with my fitness, did a lot of stretching and martial arts and my appetite was quite good to say the least.  But one day, for no apparent reason, I felt I wasn't hungry.  I could hardly finish my breakfast.  Then lunch time came along and I was still not hungry.  I only ate because it was time, but I wasn't hungry at all.  So I ate half and stopped.  I wasn't sure what was going on, but I did not want to force myself regardless.  I even worried for a second, thinking, am I getting sick or something, but then again, apart from not being hungry, I felt great and was in top condition - fit, full of energy, relaxed and happy.  I completely forgot about bi gu which is quite a common occurrence with Fragrant Qigong.  However, when the evening came and there was still no trace of hunger, something told me that I'm ‘into something good'.

That's it, it's bi gu, there's no doubt about it.  So I put away my apron and chopping board for the time being.  For three days and nights I ate nothing, despite the fact that I was more active than ever.  On the fourth day, out of the blue, my appetite came back, so I went back to my normal 3 big hearty meals a day.   Last year it happened again, only this time it lasted ten days.  It's interesting that while I was on this fast, I did enjoy the food smells around me, whether coming from fresh fruit and vegetables or from somebody's cooking, like the smell of onion or garlic.  But, there was no desire for me to eat it.  This time, I did lose some weight, even though I am not overweight, but that came back in no time.  Just like the first time, I felt great, not only during the ten days, but for the weeks after.

Another interesting thing that happened since then is that I became much more inclined to eat vegetables (especially raw) and soups, which were never my thing.   And even though I am not a vegetarian, I am well on the way there.  I tried a few times in the past to become one but felt it was too hard.  However since my second bi gu experience I effortlessly went for months without meat.

Case 16

My name is Paul Howard. I've had a long list of physical, mental and spiritual issues, too many to list here. To name a few, Depression/Anxiety, addictions (alcohol, smoking, drugs, coffee... alcohol being the worst, I would consume two liters of wine daily), mental fog and physical aches and pains, commonly acute but at times chronic. Chinese fitness has been life changing for me, bit of a magic cure. I started getting better from day one and within the first couple of months the transformation was significant! Along with cosuming 'what's right' and daily exercise this has been a one stop shop. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to heal themselves and bring in peace, calm and balance into all aspects of their lives.
Put 100% in and get 100% out, put 50% in and get 50% out.
(latest update)
Between September and November 2022 I saw Paul twice and he also sent me an email:

"Hi John,

I've been off food again for a couple of days and feel a strong impulse to keep going. I am more hungry for the Truth than a big mac. Can you advise on the best way for me to manage this please.
... ...
I have got myself back off all substances and feel I am done with it all but coffee, and even that is significantly less than before!
... ...
One small victory - I remember you speaking in early days of changes one may experience in the body. I came across a scribble note from last Sept of my blood pressure that I had rendomly checked from my wife's home machine over a one week period and once in December. My older brother (#56) has been going through the medical model for checks up as he has been experiencing heart issues (apparently it runs in the family / better said it runs in Western society). I tested my BP again last night and this morning. Here's the results and thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

Sept 2021. lowest result 148/97-93
Sept 2021. highest result 172/98-91
(weight 122kg)

Dec. 2021. only result 132/87-70
(weight 115kg)

Last night. 117/90-61
This morning. 105/64-60
(weight 93kg)

My sleep apnea improved a lot. Used to use a machine during sleep for 4-5 years daily, but now only occasionally and that is mostly because of my wife's concern about snoring. The test showed only a mild form of sleep apnea. At present, having my health pretty much fixed, my main preocupation is deciding on what to do careerwise.


*This is one amongst hundreds of case histories listed in the book "Fragrant Qigong" ("Xiang Gong") by Tian Ruisheng, 1992, published by the Beijing University of Physical Education.

**Tianjin City, one of the largest cities in China, approx. 100km east of Beijing

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Walking Qigong Case Histories / Testimonials

Case 1

Wang,              factory worker

Condition:         Rheumatic heart disease

Age:                 56

Gender:            male

Presented with atrial fibrillation (a specific type of heart palpitation) which was treated with medication over several months, Mr Wang was hospitalised for a particularly bad fibrillation episode.  His condition improved for a time but later he developed arrhythmia (irregular heart beat), which resisted any sort of treatment.  Stooping or bending would bring on an attack and he became too ill to work.  His pulse rate increased to 120-160 beats per minute, he suffered shortness of breath, had an enlarged liver, oedema (water in the tissues) of the legs and insomnia.  His doctors told him that his condition was incurable and that treatment could only be palliative.

Wang heard about Mrs Guo Lin (ie. the founder of Walking Qigong) and, in desperation, consulted her about his condition.  She told him not to worry and that she had worse cases than his get better through the practice of Qigong.  On July 9, 1974, Wang began to learn Walking Qigong.  Within 13 days the oedema disappeared from his legs.  Towards the end of August, the fibrillation stopped, never to return.  After 4 months of steady practice, his liver returned to its normal size, his pulse rate normalised, his shortness of breath disappeared and he began to sleep well.  He was able to return to work.

Case 2

Gao,                 naval officer

Condition:         Advanced lung cancer with secondaries

Age:                 60

Gender:            male

In July 1976 Gao consulted his doctor about a bad cough which he thought was due to the flu.  An X-ray showed a shadow on the right lung and exploratory surgery revealed inoperable lung cancer with secondaries.  Gao was treated with radiotherapy in September, followed by chemotherapy and Chinese herbs, in January 1977.  The side effects of the chemotherapy were leg oedema, abnormal liver function, decreased white blood cells, exhaustion, headaches, dizziness and insomnia.

In May 1977, Gao became one of Mrs Guo Lin's students and began Qigong despite great physical weakness and exhaustion.  The best he could manage daily was a total of 30 minutes' practice with many rests and breaks.  After one month's Herculean effort, Gao's energy began to return, he began to eat better, the oedema disappeared, liver tests became normal and he could sleep.  After four months he felt even better and was able to practise for three to four hours a day and this he did outside no matter what the weather.  Finally, he was clear of all negative symptoms.

Much later, at a meeting of the Walking Qigong Association, where Gao was invited to tell his story, he was asked if his lung cancer had really gone.  He answered that he didn't know but that he was alive and well three years after being told that he had six months to live.  Gao told the meeting how he had gone back to his doctor a year later to show him that he was still alive.  'Not bad', said the doctor.  Gao repeated the visit two years later.  'Wow, really not bad', said the doctor.  But the next time, when Gao presented himself for the third year, the doctor admitted that his recovery was indeed 'a miracle'.  (John Dolic: "On one of my previous visits to China, I found him to be very much alive, healthy and teaching others Walking Qigong, 15 years later!!".)

Case 3

Gao,                 school secretary

Condition:         Liver cancer

Age:                 56

Gender:            male

In 1960, Gao presented with what appeared to be chronic hepatitis.  By 1980 he was experiencing pain in the liver area, weight loss, low-grade temperature and jaundice.  Further investigation showed an advanced liver cancer.  Gao joined a Walking Qigong class and within eight months his health showed definite signs of improvement.  His temperature became normal, he gained weight, the pain disappeared and an ultrasound examination showed that the tumour had greatly decreased.  After two years of Walking Qigong, medical tests could find no signs of any cancer.

Case 4

Shi,                  employee of Oil Research Institute

Condition:         Intracranial aneurysm (local dilation, or bulging, of an artery within the skull)

Age:                 61

Gender:            female

In 1975 Ms Shi began to have severe headaches on the right side of her head.  Her right eye had double vision and was swollen and sore.  These symptoms, varying in severity, came and went.  By 1977, they had worsened considerably.  The eye was now immovable, the vision even worse and the right side of her face had drooped.

Finally, in 1978, Ms Shi had a cerebral angiography (specific examination) which revealed an intracranial aneurysm.  But, because of its location, the aneurysm was inoperable and she was treated with acupuncture and herbs.  Her symptoms eased only a little and in January 1980 she began to have episodes of dizziness and fainting spells.  She felt weak, had no energy or appetite and slept poorly.  Nothing seemed to help.

But, in March 1980, she began to attend classes in Walking Qigong as well as taking herbs from time to time.  At the end of the first month, she had more energy and slept and ate better.  At the end of the first year, all the severe symptoms had gone - she was free of headaches, her right eye and vision had returned to normal and she felt well.  A medical check, in 1984 found her still well and free of symptoms.

Sight Improving Qigong Case Histories / Testimonials

Case 1

Male, 17

Shanghai, High School Student

Short sightedness

I practiced Sight Improving Qigong for one month and benefited in many ways.  Before I started practicing this Qigong, my left eye was .4 and my right .2*.  In the evenings, if I read for more than half an hour, my vision would blur and I would feel pressure in my eyes.  Apart from that, I had a few other health problems.  I would easily catch colds, and no pills or injections would help.  There were pimples and boils on my face, my sleep was poor and due to my poor concentration, couldn't follow the classes, so my grades were low.

After only two sessions of Sight Improving Qigong, I got rid of a cold I caught prior to the practice and my temperature went back to normal.   I could read for much longer without getting pressure in my eyes.  On top of that, my memory and concentration improved a lot and my study got better as a result.  After a month of practicing, both my eyes reached 1.5* and my energy peaked.  I was so happy that I ignored some do's and dont's with regards to using my eyes properly.  Such as, I read for too long, did not adjust the light, so I had a relapse - therefore my condition worsened.  After correcting my ways and practising Sight Improving Qigong again, my sight went back to 1.5.

* In China, according to their standards, 1.5 equals to 20/20 vision.  Less than that is poor vision (the lower it is, the worse it is)

Case 2

Male, 25, Chinese Massage Practitioner

Graduate from a school for the blind in Shanghai

Born blind

Two months after birth, it was discovered that I had a congenital cataract and I had several eye operations to fix it (first operation performed at age of 6 and the last at age 20) which brought no improvement.  Apart from cataract, the eye examinations also showed some retinal deformities.  The liquid in the eye, (vitreous humour) was unclear apart from having the lens of my eye removed after the operations.  My left eye was not registering any traces of light and my right eye could register some, but it was so blurry, that I could not see a thing.  So, for more than twenty years, I lived the life of a blind person.  I started practicing Sight Improving Qigong in 1985 and after a month of diligent practice, I started to see some light with both eyes.  After three months, the light that was peripheral started spreading towards the centre of the eyes (ie the pupils).  One day, all of a sudden after I finished my practice, I had difficulties opening my eyes.  I felt as if there were hundreds of lights shining at me from all sides.  It was hard to bare.  After quite a while, I gradually got used to the brightness surrounding me as I slowly opened my eyes.  For the first time in my life, I saw the blue sky, green trees.  It was unforgettable. 


Three years later, the Sight Improving Qigong school followed up to see how he was doing.  It was reported that he was still seeing very well even though he completely stopped the practice after 2 years.

Case 3


Age 27

Shanghai, worker in a factory with electric devices

Graduate of school for blind children

I was born blind, and I also had cataracts on both eyes.  It was so obvious that people could see white cloudy stuff in both my pupils and I could not see any traces of light.  I was meaning to have an operation, but the doctor refused, saying that it was pointless.  Many times, I felt helpless, constantly needing to depend on others and my cane.  After graduation, I got a job in a factory, but due to poor health (on top of being blind plus my spirits and energy were always low), I would often ask for sick leave.  And also, due to never being able to finish my normal workload, I never got any higher rewards. 

After practicing Sight Improving Qigong for a month, I could see some light with both eyes and my energy improved a lot.  Also, for the first time, I got paid more than the minimum wage.  I was so happy, that I bought ginseng and gave it to my teacher - the founding master of this fabulous style - Master Zhang.  However, she refused to take it.  I told her that she must take it, otherwise she would offend me.  After this, I practised even more diligently until the cloudy stuff totally cleared from the pupil of my eyes.  Once during practice, I felt light coming from all directions into my eyes before it concentrated towards my eyes pupils.  After a while, I opened my eyes and could see for the first time the little river about 20 metres away.  I could see, mirror images of the surrounding trees in the river.  I looked at my hands and I saw my fingers for the first time.  I also felt as though there were little holes of light in my eyes and the light was becoming stronger and stronger.  I could see colours with my right eye.  I was so happy, as if I suddenly understood the world.

Weight Loss and Beauty Qigong Case Histories / Testimonials

Case 1

Female, Age 32

Before child birth, my normal weight was always around 55-60kg, but in 1984 after giving birth to my son, my weight increased.  Originally, I thought it would come back to normal after a year or two.  But after four years, it didn't even stop increasing.  At this stage, my weight was 83.5kg.  This excess weight I was carrying brought me a lot of pressure and angst.  I worried a lot and felt helpless to do anything about it.  To make it worse, many people do not understand the way overweight people feel and often they hurt our feelings with their fat jokes.  For that reason I started avoiding going out and meeting friends.  From a socially active person, I became quiet and withdrawn.

Excess body weight brought me other problems too.  For instance, whenever I wanted to buy clothes, they never had my size.  My self esteem suffered, especially when my friends looked so good in their fashionable gear.  Just barely over 30, I had to wear middle age fashion - it made me feel old.  So for the past few years, this weight problem was constantly on my mind.  And I tried constantly to find a solution.  I was searching and tried many different methods of losing weight.  Every time I read an article in a magazine or paper, see an ad or hear from a friend about a new method, I would try it.  But, whether it was because of me not persevering long enough or I did not have faith in those methods, they did not work for me.  I visited specialist clinics and took various weight loss herbal teas and products.  I got very little results.  Still, I didn't give up on searching, I strongly believed there was hope.

And then, I enrolled in Weight Loss and Beauty Qigong.  Very quickly I learned the techniques and the results I got from this method were extraordinary, I started losing weight from day one.  Within less than a month I effortlessly lost more than 10 kilos.  I was extremely thrilled.  Something that I hoped for years would happen, happened within less than a month.  My husband was on a business trip that month, so when he came back, he was pleasantly surprised.  I continued practicing Weight Loss and Beauty Qigong for another month everyday without fail.  I was not craving as much food and often didn't eat anything at all.  And I lost another 10 kilos.  At this stage I got back to my 60 kilos which was my weight, pre-birth.  My waist reduced from 90 to 67 cms and my hips went from 110 to 80 cms.  I felt much lighter and more agile.  My friends and colleagues could not believe the change, they all found me unrecognisable.  I am a new person and my old self again.

Case 2

Male, Age 27

Most people when mentioning Weight Loss and Beauty Qigong praise its weight loss aspect.  But to me, it not only helped with my weight problem, more importantly, it helped me get rid of my hepatitis that I suffered from for years.  A few years back when I had some tests done, the doctors found that I had some liver function abnormalities (GPT) and I was diagnosed with hepatitis.  Three years later, at one stage, my tests got better, but soon after, I got busy at work and my liver problem relapsed. I was hospitalised several times, being treated by both western and Chinese medicine, but without great results.  My GPT skyrocketed to more than 100 units, when normally it should be below 30.  A year later, they also found that I had fatty liver and I felt very depressed.  Due to getting lots of bed rest, plus eating high calorie foods, I gradually put on a lot of weight.  At the age of 27, height 179cm I ended up with 93 kilos and my waist was 98.5cm. 

I enrolled in Weight Loss Qigong to give it a try and on the first day I lost 1 kilo.  On the third day though, I felt some dizziness and it felt like I was walking on cotton.  I complained to my teacher and they considered that it is due to my liver problem, so they suggested I don't completely stop eating food.  I was given a diet in which I was meant to have some rice, vegies, fruit, meat and fish, however, the amount was limited.  With this diet, I kept practicing for two months and lost 13 kilos.  My GPT values dropped to 34 and the ultrasound showed no signs of fatty liver.  I was ecstatic.  I continued practising for another month and my liver function was completely normal.  My weight reduced to 75 kilos and my waist was 80cm.  I went back to work and many of my colleagues could not recognise me. 

Case 3

Female, Age 34

Before I practised Weight Loss Qigong I weighed 82 kg.  Apart from my weight problem, I suffered from discus hernia and my fat stomach made it even worse.  Due to my discus hernia (ie. slipped disc between vertebrae, pressing on a nerve of the spine) the pain in my back was pretty bad and my ability to move freely was limited.  I worked as a welder and as I was not able to bend, I was forced to kneel, so after a day's work, both my back and legs hurt.  I was constantly taking sick leave.

Since I started Weight Loss and Beauty Qigong, I was amazed with the results it brought.  On the first day I lost 1 kg.  After a week, I lost more than 5 kg.  This sort of result increased my confidence so much that I firmly decided to stick to it till the end.  For one week, I only ate fruit and vegetables and did not feel hungry at all.  During practicing Weight Loss Qigong I kept going to work as usual, but what was strange was that I had even more energy than before.

After two months, my weight dropped to 57 kg and my waist reduced from 92 to 66 cm.  My skin became soft, smooth and lustrous.  But what made me even more happy was that my back problem healed.  Before practicing Weight Loss Qigong, I visited many hospitals and doctors, I received acupuncture, massage and other sorts of treatments.  Some of them quite unpleasant and painful, but the overall result was nowhere near as favourable as this one.  In the end, I was put on a waiting list for an operation on the discus hernia.  Luckily, I found Weight Loss Qigong before I went down that road.  As it was, the doctors suggested I lose weight before I have the operation and so, not only did I lose my excess weight, I also got rid of my back problem in the process.  Before I lost the weight, I looked old and pale and even though I was 30 years old then, some kids would treat me like a granny (even call me that), but now I look and feel younger than my age, four years down the track.

Longevity Self Massage (Sitting Eight Strands of Brocade Qigong) Case Histories / Testimonials

Case 1

Twenty years ago I injured my lower back and since then the pain was constantly there.  Sometimes it got better and sometimes worse, but it would especially hurt bad when there was a change in the weather.  It was affecting my study and work and my mood would often fluctuate as a result.  About eight years ago, I heard that Sitting Eight Strands of Brocade Qigong is very good for back pain, so I took up the practice. Within three months, my back gradually improved and then within six months, I never had the problem again.

Case 2

I am seventy one years of age.  Before I started practicing Sitting Eight Strands of Brocade Qigong, I suffered from chronic gastrointestinal problems, had very low blood pressure, often felt dizzy and suffered from insomnia.  Nine years ago, I bought this little booklet called "Chinese Longevity Self-Massage" and started practicing straight away.  At the very beginning, it looked too simple, so I doubted it would do anything.  But I decided to give it a try anyway.  In the first year since starting I was not practicing regularly, but even so, I felt some improvement.  My sleeping and appetite improved greatly and because of that I felt motivated to take it more seriously by practicing daily.  My condition improved immensely and ever since, I have never missed a day.  Unlike previous years, for the last five, I neither took any medication nor visited any doctors.  I also continue to read for many hours and I have never felt the need for reading glasses.

Case 3

In the past, I would often suffer from cold and flu.  However since I, by chance, got a hold of a book called "Chinese Longevity Self-Massage" and started applying its techniques, I started noticing an improvement within a couple of months.  Since last year, I have not caught any colds or flu.  Interestingly enough, last winter, there was a flu epidemic and in my family of six, I was the only one who didn't catch it.  I strongly felt the power of this simple massage.

Case 4

I am a sixty five year old retiree and I have been suffering from high blood pressure for the last five years.  During the Spring Festival, I happened to come across a little book on Sitting Eight Strands of Brocade Qigong at my friend's place.  I borrowed it and started practicing everyday, morning and evening, following the diagrams.  When I performed the head massage it felt really good and it brought my blood pressure down considerably.  Since I started practicing, I did not miss a day, I did not take any medication and I did not need to see a doctor.  I strongly recommend this simple massage.  It does so much more than any medication ever did for me and, on top of this, there are no negative side effects.

Case 5

I find that Sitting Eight Strands of Brocade Qigong is really great.  Within six months, I felt an improvement in the following areas:

i. For the last few years, I had been having problems with indigestion. Since I started practicing Sitting Eight Strands of Brocade Qigong, my indigestion problems completely disappeared and my poor appetite changed for the better.

ii. In the past, I would very easily catch cold or flu which is not the case any more.

iii. I suffered from double vision and now I can see everything clearly.

Case 6

I'm a 53 year-old male who used to suffer from severe high blood pressure and heart complications.  A few years ago, after having suffered heart infarction, I was hospitalized for several months and then when I went into remission, I was sent to a sanitarium to recover.  For the first three months I was so exhausted that only after taking a couple of steps I had shortness of breath and chest pain.  The doctor ordered me to rest in bed.  By accident I met a fellow patient in the sanitarium who was recovering, amazingly quickly, from a stomach operation after applying a self-massage technique he was taught by a friend.  He offered to teach me too and I accepted gladly.

I started practicing diligently, every morning, afternoon and evening and I started feeling much better.  My ECG examination results kept improving each time.  Within four months my ECG was normal.  I stopped having chest pain, shortness of breath and exhaustion.  At the moment, I can effortlessly walk three kilometers within half an hour.  Apart from all of this, I also experienced the following improvements: before I started practicing Sitting Eight Strands of Brocade Qigong, I had backache and every time I bent over I had difficulties coming back up.  Now, I can move my back with ease.  I had bad vision for many years and I was not able to read without my glasses, especially in the evening, while now I can read without them.  My blood pressure went from 160/110 to presently 130/80 mmHg. 

Case 7

This year I will be seventy eight years of age.  Due to many chronic health problems, I embarked on Sitting Eight Strands of Brocade Qigong about ten years ago and received good results in many different ways.

I used to suffer from high blood pressure, which according to my doctor was a result of arterial sclerosis.  It would usually be around 180/120mmHg and I often felt dizzy.  At times I felt as though the room would start spinning and I'd lose balance, even fall.  Despite medical intervention, I was not able to rid myself of these problems.  Luckily I came across this little booklet called "Chinese Longevity Self Massage" and I started practicing daily.  Within a year my blood pressure dropped to 140/100 mmHg.  I especially focused on the massage around the chest area in order to improve my heart condition and, soon after, I got rid of my chest pains and arrhythmia which, by the way, used to happen every five or six beats.  I also suffered from another condition which began when I was sixty.  My teeth started hurting and feeling loose and some even fell out.  However, since I've been doing Longevity Self Massage, especially the tapping teeth technique, my teeth are much stronger, they don't ache and they did not fall out.  Finally, my backache and arthritis have all improved greatly. 

Case 8

I started practicing Sitting Eight Strands of Brocade Qigong fifteen years ago and I do it every morning and evening.  As a child, I contracted TB which most probably affected my health thereafter.  When I was about fifty, my hair was all white, my eyesight was bad and I was partly deaf in my left ear.  I would often have dizzy spells, backache and joint pains.  After practicing Sitting Eight Strands of Brocade Qigong, not only did my health improve, but I felt rejuvenated.  All of these problems either improved or completely disappeared.  This year, I am seventy-three and able to see without the need for eye glasses.  Last year I had a general health examination and the doctor gave me a "clean bill of health".  I had chronic constipation for many years and often suffered from toothaches.  Within four years of practicing Longevity Self-Massage, both conditions improved.  Interestingly enough, once after I finished my self-massage, my stomach started gurgling and then, half an hour later, my whole body felt really warm.  I had some other improvements, but I found that the results of these two extra conditions were the most notable.

Case 9

Several years ago, I bought this book called "Chinese Longevity Self-Massage" and started applying myself to the exercises.  After about six months of doing these exercises, I started noticing amazing results.  My headache and dizziness eased, the stiffness in my limbs improved considerably and I had much more strength.  The feeling of bloatedness had disappeared and I felt lighter.  At work I was able to take on much more than before.  At my office, I showed a few of my colleagues how to do the massage and they had great results too.  The most common one they experienced was clarity of mind and general comfort & lightness in the body. 

Case 10

One winter I had terrible bronchitis, the following autumn I ended up with a stomach ulcer and then a few years later, I started having chronic inflammation of the bowel.  On top of that I contracted tuberculosis, which had me bed ridden for six months and, within that period, I lost almost twenty kilos.  Due to my condition, I was transferred to a bigger local hospital, then to the county hospital and, in the end, I was admitted to a state hospital.  The opinion of a few doctors was that I needed an operation.  But even though I was desperate, I was not willing to have an operation.  By chance I met someone who was doing this kind of longevity self-massage and so I decided to try it.  I started practicing daily.  I was also shown the standing form of Eight Strands of Brocade Qigong and Relaxation Qigong.  I diligently practiced everyday for fifteen months and with all these, my health improved dramatically, I completely got rid of my bronchitis, ulcer and bowel condition.  With regards to the tuberculosis, x-rays only showed traces of calcification which, I was told, was a sign of recovery, like a scar on the lung tissue.  My weight increased from 42 to 61 kilos.  In the past, every time I got sick, I would go to a doctor, but since I started treating myself, all I have to do is increase the amount of times I do Qigong.  I very seldom get flu, I never had a day of sick leave at work since improving and I have a healthy appetite.  I used to take all sorts of medication and used to be very inactive, while now, I don't take any medication and I love being active.  And am still full of energy. 

Case 11

Sister Marie C. (Order of St. Joseph's)

In 1993 Marie became sick with what seemed to be persistent flu symptoms. She also felt weak, fatigued, developed pains in the hands and a red, butterfly-shaped rash appeared over her lower face. The pains spread to her limbs.

A series of blood tests revealed systemic lupus erythematosus. Anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers were prescribed and she was told there was no known cure for her disease.

Over a year the lupus appeared to be under control but, during the winter of 1994, it flared up afresh.

One cold weekend, despite regular and heavy medication, the pain returned with such a vengeance Marie found herself almost paralysed.

Every slight movement, shifting position in bed or dressing, became an ordeal. In desperation, having faithfully followed the orthodox medical path without any long-term results, Marie decided that she would consult John Dolic.

John introduced her to ear acupuncture and taught her the Eight Strands of Brocade Qigong. Of significance, in the diagnosis, was Marie's dislike of cold weather and her persistently cold hands. This indicated particular meridian imbalances.

Marie practiced Eight Strands of Brocade Qigong twice a day and pressed ear seeds as prescribed. At first she could hardly raise her arms to perform the Qigong but, by the end of the first week, almost full movement had returned and the pain was noticeably reduced, but her hands remained cold. By the third week the facial rash had begun to recede and pain was even less.

By the fourth and fifth week of consistent Qigong, and ear acupuncture, Marie began to feel better and had more energy. Her hands now were worm, she was pain free and the facial rash had gone. Gum ulcers, another persistent problem for Marie, also seemed to have disappeared.

Later, when Marie had her routine quarterly blood test, the specialist remarked on how much the blood sedimentation rate had improved from last time. This overall improvement continues as Marie perseveres, at home, with her Qigong practice.

Due to her progress Marie has been able to reduce intake of medication considerably and consistently with the approval of her specialist. She expresses herself as impressed and pleased with the result of Chinese medical treatments.


After reading the above case histories and testimonials you’ve probably noticed that Qigong names and their indications are not so strict in their application. In other words, it seems that you can use almost any style to treat any disease(s). And it is, to a degree, true. Not absolutely, but they are definitely not limited to only one or two conditions suggested by their respective names.

As an example, you may lose weight by practicing, say, Sight Improving Qigong and you may also improve your sight by practicing the Weight Loss Qigong. They are all wholistic and do rebalance chi in all meridians and organs but some of them are much more effective in rebalancing certain meridians and getting rid of certain blockages while the others specialize in some others.

It is a bit like in life: if you wish to get from A to B you can do it by either walking, riding, driving or flying. You just pick the most appropriate vehicle and off you go. Chances are, your sight will improve much quicker if you choose the Sight Improving Qigong and you’ll lose more weight and in less time if you practice Weight Loss Qigong which is analogous to choosing to fly from Las Vegas to New York rather than to walk even though walking is also an option (you can better enjoy the view!).
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