Chinese Fitness Testimonials

Case No. 1

After 8 months of practicing Chinese Fitness, I experienced a much higher energy level physically, mentally and emotionally.

But the greatest achievement for me through the practice of Chinese Fitness was almost total absence of pain in my wrists, which were badly affected by RSI prior to embarking on the practice.

I am a Brazilian who came to live in Australia but, strangely enough, it was Chinese Fitness that is my biggest discovery here and I am so grateful that I, quite accidentally, came across it.

I have now been practicing it, on and off, for more than 20 years. The reason being that, at times, it felt as I was not getting much more out of it so I would stop. And only then would I realise how much it was helping me but I was unaware of it until I stopped.

And so I would go back to the practice and to feeling great again!!

Clarissa Brum

Case No. 2

I have been practicing Chinese Fitness for a few years, and enjoy it very much. It has improved my physical, emotional and mental health.

Chinese Fitness has helped ease the pain in my back, neck and shoulders. It has also helped release negative emotions, improved my mental health, and made me a more positive person.

I wholeheartedly recommend this practice, and will continue to practice for the rest of my life.

When I practice Chinese Fitness, I feel warm sensations in my body, particularly in the palms. It improves my circulation, and boosts my immune system such that I rarely get sick nowadays.

Gary Hao Zhong

Case No. 3

Q: How does it feel practicing Chinese Fitness?

A: Wonderful!

Q: Was there any improvements in your health?

A: Certainly balances us emotionally and gives a sense of joy.

Q: Would you recommend it to others?

A: Absolutely!

Q: Were they hard to learn or practice?

A: Not that we recall. We have practiced it daily for over 20 years so comes naturally.

Q: Do they take a lot of time?

A: No 15 mins a day when convenient.

Q: Are they enjoyable?

A: Yes, lots of fun!

“We have been practicing a particular form of Chinese Fitness known in China as Fragrant Qigong1 for over 20 years now. It is just part of what we do on a daily basis.
With only two of us doing it, we rarely smell the fragrance (like we used to while attending group classes), but my memories of those fragrances linger still and very occasionally I still smell them! Chinese Fitness gives a sense of JOY I guess is the best word to describe it.

We both still consciously, try and do our one good deed a day2 too! Often just picking up a turned over rubbish bin, on our walks and say to each other: My good deed for the day!

Chinese Fitness comes with us wherever we go.  I have even practiced it at the back of a plane on a long distance flight! No tools needed!”

Carolanne & Robert Van Leeuwen


  1. This form of Chinese Fitness is called “fragrant” due to the fact that many practitioners, during the course of practice, report smelling beautiful / sweet fragrances (especially in group settings), the sign of it taking effect (in Chinese medicine: getting rid of blockages of “chi” life energy).
  2. One of the requirements of Fragrant Qigong: doing one good deed a day

Case No. 4

I received from your student Vesna, a very good friend of mine, an invitation to write a few sentences about my experience with Chinese Fitness.

Way back in 1997 Vesna sent me a VHS with your demonstration because I was very sick. I was doing exercises for about 6 months and felt well, and I stopped.

I got back to the exercises in 2011 and the first thing what happened was that I stopped smoking, unintentional side effect, but later my rheumatologist started cutting down on my medication and he was quite pleased that I am doing a particular kind of Chinese Fitness known as Fragrant Qigong (I believe it is Xiang Gong in Chinese - he was originally from Taiwan).

After seeing that I was getting better my husband started with the exercises. So the two of us have been doing them twice a day ever since. My rheumatoid arthritis is in remission.

Branislava Mirnić

Case No. 5

I used to practice Chinese Fitness daily in a group settings in Sydney. However, after moving to Queensland, I stopped since I couldn’t find a similar Chinese health centre there.

So I miss it greatly :(

It helped me be calm, rejuvenate, connect to higher Self / spirit, be well grounded…

Mayling Lee

Case No. 6

I’ve had a long list of physical, mental and spiritual issues, too many to list here. To name a few Depression/Anxiety, addictions (alcohol, smoking, drugs, coffee… alcohol being the worst, I would consume two liters of wine daily), mental fog and physical aches and pains, commonly acute but at times chronic.

Chinese fitness has been life changing for me, bit of a magic cure. I started getting better from day one and within the first couple of months the transformation was significant!

Along with consuming ‘what’s right’ and daily exercise this has been a one stop shop. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to heal themselves and bring in peace, calm and balance into all aspects of their lives.

Put 100% in and get 100% out, put 50% in get 50% out.

Paul Howard

(latest update):

Between September and November 2022 I saw Paul twice and he also sent me an email:

Hi John

I've been off food again for a couple of days and feel a strong impulse to keep going. I am more hungry for the Truth than a big mac. Can you advise on the best way for me to manage this please.
… …
I have got myself back off all substances and feel I am done with it all but coffee, and even that significantly less then before!
… …
One small victory - I remember you speaking in early days of changes one may experience in the body. I came across a scribble note from last Sept of my blood pressure that I had randomly checked from my wife's home machine over a one week period and once in December.

My older brother (#56) has been going through the medical model for checks up as he has been experiencing heart issues (apparently it runs in the family/ better said it runs in Western society). I tested my BP again last night and this morning. Here's the results, and thankyou thankyou thankyou!

Sept 2021. lowest result  148/97 - 93
Sept 2021. highest result  172/98 - 91
(weight 122kg)

Dec 2021. only result 132/87 -70
(weight 115kg)

Last night. 117/90 - 61
This morning. 105/64 - 60
(weight 93kg)

My sleep apnea improved a lot. Used to use a machine during sleep for 4-5 years daily, but now only occasionally and that is mostly because of my wife’s concern about snoring. The test showed only a mild form of sleep apnea. At present, having my health fixed, my main preoccupation is deciding on what to do careerwise.

Case No. 7

I have been practicing Chinese Fitness exercises for many years now. After a couple of years of practice, I no longer got sick. Actually, I didn't have a sick day from work for around 15 years. I find the exercise very relaxing.

Tim Quinn

Service Manager
Infiniti Fitness

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