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Can Chinese Medicine Treat Corona Virus (Part 2)

It's all our fault!!

In our last blog we discussed Chinese Medicine’s approach to treating any disease and that COVID 19 would not be an exception.

But, are you aware that the same principles Chinese Medicine uses to diagnose and treat diseases can be utilised in all other aspects of life to help sort out and correct the problems of any kind? They are known as the universal principles (e.g. yin and yang, 5 elements, bagua etc.) and are a part of Daoism (or Taoism), an ancient Chinese system of solving problems by primarily using non-action (Dao or Tao means the way).

For thousands of years it has been successfully used, apart from Chinese medicine, in Kung Fu, Qigong, Feng Shui, arts, relationships, business, economy, politics… When applied correctly, not only is it highly effective but its results are often immediate, thorough and long lasting without causing any harm in the process.

So, when faced with any problem, a Daoist approach is always to look for the essence first. What that means is that, regardless of how complex the issue may appear, it can be simplified and stripped down to its core by using yin and yang. As they say in Daoism - first make clear yin and yang i.e. distinguish the true from false by relying on facts and not on interpretations, by relying on knowledge and not on assumptions…

Another characteristic of Daoism is that it always stresses the key role of the internal factor. In other words Daoism is more concerned with me (or us) and our own actions in the creation of any problem than the role other people or the external factors (e.g. government, media, corporations…) play in it.

Only then can one hope to achieve wining without fighting or through passivity (in Chinese wuwei or do nothing i.e. getting more by doing less) to the extent that (if you are truly mastering Dao) you’ll be able to correct almost any problem without literally doing anything!

But we are sure, to many, this is still too vague so let’s see how it can be practically applied in the current world crisis caused by the apparent COVID 19 Pandemic.

According to most reports, COVID 19 is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2. They also agree that the disease was first identified in Wuhan, the capital of China's Hubei province, and has since spread globally, resulting in the current coronavirus pandemic.

At the time of writing (27 April 2020), according to WHO, there are 2,878,196 confirmed cases and 198,668 confirmed deaths from Coronavirus disease. [1]

To stop the spread of the disease, immediate measures have been taken in most countries consisting, primarily, of social distancing, isolation, quarantine, self-protection by wearing face masks and thoroughly washing hands while monitoring and treating the infected. Yet, despite all that, the disease still seems to be spreading rapidly.

To make things much worse, due to the unprecedented global measures including restrictions imposed on travel, business, any sorts of gathering, even (in some countries) leaving your place of residence… has caused enormous financial losses and threatens to crash the world economy.

Millions of people have lost their jobs, many businesses have closed down, there is a lack in supply of essential goods including food and there is a global panic and uncertainty with no solution in sight, only more bleak prospects for the future. Not only is the world facing unprecedented recession but people are even losing their basic democratic freedoms and rights and many fear civil unrest and the introduction of martial law.

And then, to add to the confusion, there are all sorts of theories and speculations on social media about a man-made coronavirus as an attempt of deliberate biowarfare between USA and China (quite often contradicting each other), accusing mainstream media of misinformation, some denying the existence of COVID 19 altogether, some others claiming it is all caused by the rolling out 5G technology…

One thing is for sure, there is more panic, fear, uncertainty and desperation! Things are getting from bad to worse and there are talks of keeping the lockdown for months, even years. It indeed seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel! Or is there?

Well, on the other side of the spectrum, there is a Daoist way of looking at things: “You had enough of complexity and confusion? Good. Now, let’s walk the opposite direction and simplify things for a change!”

It should start with clarifications, with bringing light where darkness was. And in situations like this, who should we rely on? Who is most competent to guide us through and give us advice? Is it media, politicians, scientists or someone else? Obviously, it is the scientists, and in this case the medical experts.

Science is based on facts and, in an ideal society, politicians make health-related decisions based on their recommendations while the media reports what these recommendations were and what decisions were made so that we should all do our part in implementing them for the benefit of all.

Sounds like everything is as it should be because that is exactly what seems to be happening right now in the world. Or is it? Remember, we said “in an ideal world” which implies genuine scientists give recommendations based on extensive research and facts, evaluated by peer review studies and universally accepted as the most comprehensive and up to date.

Than it would be accepted by the honest politicians, discussed in a transparent and respectful manner and, taking into account public opinion, proposing new laws and regulations. And all that under the watchful eye and scrutiny of the unbiased media whose objective reporting would keep us all well informed and happy.

This unfortunately is far from what is going on in the world today because this world is far from being ideal. Let’s start with the science itself.

Unlike popular belief, and not even taking into account fraud in science (which is so prevalent that most people have no idea), science is not one undivided system where all scientists agree and think the same. There is so much division and disagreement among them that even some of the most basic terms like “disease” or “health” were argued for centuries and their definitions were never satisfactorily accepted by all.

That is because science never stoped evolving and so many things that were universally accepted as truth at one time were later, due to new discoveries, scraped and replaced by the new truths.

The influence of science to all aspects of our world is so obvious that there is no dispute there. And it is exponentially becoming stronger with each passing year.

But this influence is not one-way. Many elements of the society are trying hard to influence, even control and manipulate science for their own benefits. This should come as no surprise. Even from its early days many scientists were harassed by the ruling parties and their discoveries either destroyed or used for purpose other than intended. Remember Bruno, Galilei, Tesla? Nothing’s changed!

And then there are bought scientists in almost every field - from food industry and medicine to 5G safety and global warming proponents. Here is a short, handy definition for how to differentiate the true from false scientists, doctors and other experts. The true ones would endure anything and even lose everything for truth while the false ones would do anything for money!

When you say “I believe in science” which science are you having in mind? Be very careful of your choice because it could mean a difference between health and disease, happiness and suffering, freedom and enslavement.

To talk about honest politicians is like talking about endangered species. Conflict of interest and lobbying in politics are so widespread and even considered normal by many, that people have no idea where the essence of the real problem lies. Unless it is eliminated, once and for all, there is no hope that things will ever get better.

And then there is the mainstream media. Someone once said “Before the internet, people thought the cause of stupidity was the lack of access to information. Well, it wasn’t that!”. No comment there.

Why do people still place so much trust in mainstream media when there are so many other sources of information, far more reliable and their claims generally backed up by independent scientific research and fully referenced. They are open to suggestions and offer comments section where people can express their views and opinions, discuss the relevant issues and ask questions.

No democracy in the mainstream media however. While independent media encourages people to think for themselves and question everything, we are usually being told by the mainstream media how to think and what to do and, in particular, never to question authority.

The more you observe the way they operate, the more you get the impression that, to them, thinking is labeled as conspiracy theory. Well, following that logic, since they never talk about conspiracies, no thinking is allowed there.

So, with a little bit of a background on where all this is taking place, let’s now have a look at how it all came about:

A group of scientists in China last December came across some 200 patients that became acutely ill with respiratory symptoms and immediately suspected it was caused by a viral infection. Not only that all the established scientific procedures that should be routinely followed were completely ignored but, soon after, a diagnostic test was developed without even proving that that was the case. [2]

That test, known as RT-PCR test, then became a standard for diagnosing this “new disease” (COVID-19) that was, according to them, caused by a new strain of coronavirus. It was entirely based on the determined sequence of the genetic material found in the lung fluid in some of the affected cases that were tested. And that sequence is of RNA (not DNA) which may be present not only in a virus but in myriad of other things. No gold standard test was performed as the virus has never been been purified or ‘visualised’. [3]

If that was not strange enough what followed next was far more insane (sinister, rather) because, immediately, the media started reporting their findings and, soon after, more cases were “discovered” in other countries too. All of a sudden, that’s all that media were reporting. The more people watched the news, the more scared they became. The more scared they became the more they watched the news. The media were enthralled! And the panic became pandemic!

The rest is history. But, the story does not end there. Soon after this insanity pandemic started, hundreds of true doctors and scientists all over the world started questioning, criticising and openly condemning such breaches of scientific procedures, false reporting and the brutal measures that were introduced by the governments causing unprecedented damage both to the global economy and to millions of people.

They questioned every single step taken and challenged the medical authorities for their role in creating it, using ample scientific data: Inadequacy and inaccuracy of the test (80% false-positive) [4] [5], severity of the alleged condition (milder than common flu) [6] [7], mortality numbers (overblown) [8] [9], effectiveness of the measures taken (more harm than good) [10] [11], effectiveness of the treatment (ventilators cause even more deaths) [12] [13]…

Despite all the difference in the opinion and division among the scientists on many levels (even agreeing about some basic terms e.g. what the “virus” really is) [4] [14] [15] they came united in the truth of things known and scientifically accepted.

Which, turns out, was diametrically opposed to the view of the medical establishments all over the world. They too seemed to be all united and acted like one, as if orchestrated by an invisible force that told them how to think and what to do. And, it soon became quite apparent, only their view was (and still is) highly praised and publicised by the media. To the mainstream media there is no division among scientists and only those in top positions (the decision makers) are right!! But, “coincidently”, almost all top positions are occupied by the individuals with huge conflict of interest who serve the interests of rich and powerful, not of people. [16] [17] [18] [19]

Now, wait a minute, this sound so much like a conspiracy and we have been conditioned to think that there is no such thing. Or is there?

The history of humankind is a history of conspiracies and telling the truth was always severely punished! Do not believe it? Well then, how about Julian Assange and Edward Snowden? Right now and right in front of our very eyes! They uncovered thousands of conspiracies that are happening right now in this world.

And they are only the most prominent two among the thousands of other whistleblowers that had enough courage to risk their own lives and tell us the truth. It is really a tip of the iceberg. We can only imagine how many more and much bigger conspiracies are going on right now but will never be known to us due to an unimaginable high level of security, secrecy and severe punishment for all who attempt to do the same.

Yet they, who are the true heroes, are being condemned by the politicians and the media and are now being pursued and punished while the world goes on as if nothing happened. How different is that to the crucifixion of Jesus. Which, by the way, was a result of a conspiracy itself. As were Watergate affair, political assassinations of Lincoln, Kennedys, Martin Luther King and other black leaders…

So, you still have doubts about conspiracies? The thing is not whether they exist or not (because they clearly do and always did) but who do we trust when is comes to finding the truth about them. Here is a short, handy definition on how to differentiate between the conspiracy researchers and the conspiracy theorists:

The former base their research on facts, use only reliable sources and witnesses, offer scientific explanations (fully referenced), consider motives, are consistent and neutral, i.e. seek for truth wherever it may lead. The latter base their views on speculations and sensationalism, are inconsistent, even contradictory…

And, of course, there is the mainstream media which are either totally silent on all related issues or, when do occasionally mention them, miss not the opportunity to label all open-minded scientists, investigative journalists etc. as conspiracy theorists. Nor do they ever give them a chance to elaborate their views.

Now that we have come to the essence of the problem, the Daoist approach would be then to offer a solution because what is the point of finding where the problem lies without solving it. And the solution could not be simpler. It is literally yelling at us.

As we said earlier, Daoist approach is to always look inward and not to point the finger at someone else. According to Daoism “I” am the creator of my own destiny. “I” am the determining factor, the “others” are only the contributing factors that can influence me (to some degree) but have no power over my decisions. Unless, of course, I give them that power.

And so is with the current world situation. All that is going on at the moment is our own fault. Yes, there are bad scientists, yes, there are corrupt politicians and biased media but they are not to be blamed. We are!!

One of the basic principles of yin and yang is that they do not exist without each other. And the whole universe follows that law. If there are no feet there would be no shoes. If there are no hands there would be no gloves. And since all this started as a media fabrication (and still continues to do so with even more intensity) who was it that got hooked allowing it to come to this? It’s us!

Was anyone of us being forced to watch their news? And, even if we were, was there anyone to stop us from checking the facts? Let us teach you a very simple yet very powerful technique that can be used in similar situations in the future (and yes, we promise you, there will be lots more similar fabrications, they are already in the pipeline as we speak).

Every time you start hearing about this new “virus”, or a new “threat to our lifestyle”, a new “terrorist attack”… just get hold of your remote control and then, very gently, press the “switch off” button or change it to another channel. “I” am the master of the universe and without me (which is “us”, the audience) “they” are doomed. No need to get scared, angry, stressed, or to complain, organise demonstrations of any kind, sign petitions…

Just stop watching their program and they’ll either vanish or start telling the truth. They need us far more than we need them. And with so many choices out there, we will not be left in the dark. On the contrary, we will stop being in the dark.

That is what they call wu wei or “do nothing” in Daoism. How many times one needs to be cheated before he realises what is going on and prevent it from happening again? Or worse, over and over again, as is the case with this ploy of the media, fraudulent scientists and the opportunistic politicians, all serving the interests of their masters who rule the world behind the scenes.

Wake up from your slumber and check the facts. Media-launched pandemics have a long history. All from the eighties with the fear-mongering and doomsday’s predictions about AIDS, then using the same scenario for the Mad Cow Disease panic in the nineties, SARS Virus Epidemic of 2002, H5N1 Bird Flu Pandemic of 2005, H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic of 2009, Ebola Virus Epidemic of 2014…

Well, some would argue, even if “I” stop falling pray to their ploy, there will always be the “others” who will not and things will still be the same. Or will they? When I become fully aware of my own power that leads to my own liberation why should I worry about their choice to remain fearful, enslaved and to suffer?

Of course, that does not mean, either, that I should just sit and watch them suffer without helping them become liberated too. Truth is light and light dispels darkness. One candle can be used to light up thousands and so can they too. There was never, in the history of humankind, ever easier to spread the information as it is today.

Maybe we cannot trust the mainstream media (and even many independent sources of information too) but we can trust ourselves when we come across some valuable pieces of information and do our homework well I.e. do some research and ALWAYS check the facts!!!!!. Most people still do not realise that the power of social media communication is not in “liking” but in “sharing”. One becomes ten, ten becomes hundred and, within minutes, we can reach millions!

There is a principle of yin and yang that says: “When yin reaches it’s peak, it turns into yang (and vice versa).” In other words, anything that we do can turn against us if we push it over the limit. Such as when an abused child turns on its abuser and kills them when being pushed too far.

We, the people of the world, are this abused child but most of us are not even aware of the fact. And so, we keep on suffering never suspecting there is someone deliberately doing it to us. Yet, with the ever-faster spreading of the information it is becoming more and more obvious, even to the most oblivious of us, what is going on.

This insane idea of trying to enslave the whole world by spreading fear, introducing new ever-restricting laws, forcing lockdowns… may soon backfire and turn the people against them. It may actually speed up the world liberation.

Those who were trying so hard to divide and conker us all may soon find themselves being singled out against the unified world. And the fear they were trying to impose on us will really be felt by them. After all, it is not very comforting to find yourself isolated and against 99% of the population. Once it comes to this it will be clear to all where all that terrible clamouring of the media was coming from. From a squeaking of a mouse, magnified and multiplied. Wizard of Oz is all would be found there.

But here is a warning: Daoist way is a way of peace. Once people realise their true power, some of them sometimes become so proud and vengeful that it can often get out of hand and lead to war and destruction. The wisdom is in non-action and in undoing the wrong i.e. in peaceful transformation through love and forgiveness, not in hate and attack. So, it is equally important to share that message too!!

For more on Can Chinese Medicine Treat Corona Virus (Part 3) please see below.


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Can Chinese Medicine Treat Corona Virus (Part 3)

Meaningless solutions based on meaningless data

In our last blog we discussed Daoist approach to solving any problem and we said that the current world crisis supposedly caused by COVID 19 would not be an exception.

Let us now contrast that with the globally accepted approach to fixing it in order to understand it even better.

So, let’s start with a question: What if all the measures that are taking place in the world today are correct and the most appropriate ones, as highly praised by the mainstream media?

What if, on other hand, those same measures are meaningless, dangerous and devastating as massively expressed by the scientists, doctors and investigative journalists based on the overwhelming evidence and reported by the independent media (elaborated more in detail in our last blog)?

Well, it is quite obvious that so far, we the people, have placed full trust in our politicians’ and mainstream media’ hands and thus are passively agreeing that these measures are right. So, we are doing our best and diligently following their recommendations. Loyalty, discipline and total commitment is necessary to achieve a common goal and that indeed should be congratulated.

It is like with an army, which, in order to be affective and swift in action, each soldier has to be not only highly trained but very disciplined and strictly following the orders from above.

But, what if that highly trained and disciplined army is WRONG and sent to invade an independent, sovereign countiy and kill innocent people? All in the name of justice and defence! What if all our efforts are in vain because all those measures are wrong and will only make things worse? One does not need to be a genius to differentiate right from wrong. Here is an example:

Let’s pretend that COVID 19 is indeed caused by a virus that was never proven to be the case, that the test are not 80% false positive, that the disease indeed killed as many people as officially reported despite it never being proven… The worst possible scenario we are left with is that we would be plagued by a disease that kills less people than common flu and that almost all of them are either of very advanced age or have been suffering from other illnesses.

Let’s suppose too, that the measures taken by the world governments are right and that washing hands thoroughly, covering our faces, social distancing and self-isolation can indeed stop the spread of the disease. The best possible outcome we can expect is to stop the spread of a disease that is milder than flu while at the same time wrecking the world economy, leading to high rate unemployment and causing far more deaths from other illnesses, suicide and poverty.

And when that happens and all are out, desperate, hungry and emaciated, fighting for the last scrap of bread, the disease will quickly spread among them still! But the only way to stop the spread, according to Dr Media is to follow these measures - indefinitely!! Of course, they don’t say “indefinitely” because they know we would not accept it and would probably just ignore it and wreck their plan.

So they recommended a 14 days lockdown first. Then 14 days became a month. Then a month turned into months… And they keep reassuring us that it is working. So we listen and follow obediently. However how much brain does one need to realise that it is indefinitely because, if they stop these measures now, or at any other time, the disease (let’s call it FLU since it is much more appropriate) will spread as if nothing had been done.

How can you hope that these measures will be ever taken away when, according to them, there are almost 3 million confirmed cases now while they were spreading fear with a global pandemic when there were less than 300 cases in the whole world?

Yet they are quite confident it is all working just fine and encourage us to persevere because they rely on their team of experts - the celebrities!

Instead of true scientists and doctor specialists, who are dying to be heard in order for reason to take the place of insanity, it is them who, every five minutes, appear on our TV screens and tell us how to think and what to do.

Seemingly intelligent people are repeating, like parrots, same cliche phrases, over and over, while at the same time seemingly intelligent people that are watching them are nodding their heads and agreeing that they must be right. After all, some of them were acting doctors and other important people in TV series.

Mainstream media needs charismatic people who have no idea about what they are talking about. So they, very confidently, tell us how important it is to wash our hands properly. But even that is all wrong. They don’t tell us that washing hands for 20 seconds (or even for one hour) is useless unless we use special, hands-free, taps and clean our hands with sterile towel afterwards as well as stop touching things around us. [1]

In other words, if we touch anything, all that work is wrecked and we need to start again. And again, as soon as we touch anything, we need do it again. The solution: either we wash once then sit whole day with our hand up in the air and do nothing or keep washing our hands over and over again until the day it’s all over!

So, we’ve been told by our saviours, the celebrities, many valuable things e.g. to be RESPONSIBLE and to DO THE RIGHT THING, that these are TOUGH TIMES, CRAZY TIMES (spot on!), that SOME PEOPLE ARE PUTTING US ALL AT RISK but that WE CAN GET THROUGH THIS…

But not even all celebrities are dumb or greedy. The time has come when politicians are comedians and should not be taken seriously while the comedians make much sense and should be taken seriously.

Such as the great George Carlin who was not only highly entertaining but what he telling us for years is as relevant today as it ever was. When he talked about politicians and media and how they teach us how to think and what to do he would proudly say that he was “not a good American” because it was “not for me, I engage in thinking!” [2] [3]

And then there are those tests. Even if they meant anything, to say that someone is negative is meaningless unless he is tested again and again, day after day, month after month because the moment he finished the test he might contract the virus (or rather RNA sequence of the genetic material which could be anything). And since it is so flawed, one does not even need to contract anything, they vary so much that, according to some doctors, they can show positive results, then negative, then positive again. This has nothing to do with science!

And it is no better with the protective face masks and gloves. Not only that most masks people wear are useless but they should not even be worn for more than a couple of hours at a time. And gloves are useless unless they are regularly washed too (and properly, then no touching things, remember?) but they are neither designed to be washed nor protect anyone from anything. But it all looks so impressive and sounds so scientific when told by the celebs.

Doesn’t all this remind you of all the previous “wars” e.g. war on drugs, cancer, terror… proclaimed by the politicians which, in the end, all ended up with only more of it? The only difference is this one is lead by the media, heavily supported and orchestrated by the shadow rulers. And, due to the failure of all the previous ones, they decided not to call it a war. It just is!

The next logical step in their plan would most probably be to either keep pushing it as far as they can until they achieve their goal of ruling the world or, if opposition becomes too strong, to gradually ease the restrictions, learn the lessons for next time and proclaim the victory over the non-existent enemy. You see, our measures indeed have worked!!

And that “next time” is going to be far sooner than many realise. If this “horrible pandemic” finishes right now, it will be completely forgotten as soon as another one rolls around and everyone is glued to their TV screen panicking about a LAVID 21.

You cannot expect to hear from the mainstream media, who started it all, to tell you: ”We made it all up.” in order to finally wake up and be certain of the truth. Yet many are waiting exactly for that to happen.

To make things even more confusing, there are now these self-proclaimed “fact-checkers” on social media that are trying to turn truth into lies. However, since they only target genuine sites that threaten their lies, it is highly recommended to follow those sites. It is like a seal of approvement from the fact-checkers. They did they homework for us and we should thank them for that.

Remember that principle of yin and yang that says: “When yin reaches it’s peak, it turns into yang.”? As explained in our last blog, anything that we do can turn against us if we push it over the limit. Those who are using fear to divide us are obviously unaware of this law and are, unwittingly, working toward unifying us.

Once the critical mass is reached, all that they will achieve would be that they will divide themselves from us making it, for the first time in history, perfectly clear who was hiding behind the scenes all this time. And they themselves will indeed have a great cause for fear!

Remember the story of the Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini who was not very happy with the book The Satanic Verses so he offered 6 million dollars to anyone who would kill the author Salman Rushdie? Not only that it never happened (because Rushdie went into hiding) but, on the contrary, his insignificant book suddenly became a world bestseller while he became one of the most famous and celebrated writers of the nineties. Exactly the opposite of what Khomeini was hoping to achieve. [4]

So, in the end, it might not necessary be all that bad, as long as we learn our lesson well. What’s the lesson? Do not allow to be deceived over and over by the same people. Learn to search for the essence in all things, be aware of your own power, love and forgive and, above all, do nothing (stupid)!


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