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In order to continue our mission of popularizing and demystifying Qigong, here is our latest addition in the form of a Qigong blog. And since Qigong is one of the modalities of Chinese medicine some articles will be about Chinese medicine generally. We hope you enjoy it. And feel free to comment :)
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Is There A Cure For Cancer?

Did you know that there is a law in this country prohibiting health practitioners to say they can cure most common diseases regardless of the facts. As a practitioner you get a list from A-Z, where you can find them all: asthma, arthritis, bronchitis, cancer, ... and the most you can say is that you can "control the pain" or "temporarily relieve the symptoms" of some of them. Unbelievable, but true. So, if you don't want to get in trouble with the law, you'd better obey it. Oh, by the way, these laws are written by western medical “experts”, and the logic behind them is that - if we can't treat these diseases, then no one can!

On the other hand, for people who are successfully treating such diseases, it is "business as usual". Unfortunately, due to the above-mentioned reason, most people unaware of the fact.

We all know that cancer is one of the biggest killers of all diseases. Ever since western medicine discovered the disease, they have been trying to find a cure. Every now and then, we hear about some new discoveries and breakthroughs, but people still seem to be suffering and dying as much as they always were. Of course, some were successfully treated with operations, but those were the lucky ones who were detected early, or the cancer was still isolated. Unfortunately, in most cases, it manifests itself when it's already too late.

Or is it? What do the Chinese say about that? Is there still hope, when all hope is lost? Their traditional medicine, especially herbal remedies combined with Qigong, seem to be able to help a lot with all types and all stages of cancer. But even in China, when it comes to recognition of such therapies, things are still not the way they should be. There is still a lot of resistance from the mainstream establishment and ignorance among patients.

Someone asked a famous Chinese medicine practitioner and lecturer of the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, professor Jiao Shude who successfully treated many cancer patients with herbs, about the accusations that came from some doctors who said that those patients did not really suffer from cancer.

His reply was: "In Chinese medicine, there is no such diagnosis as “cancer”, all those patients I treated were diagnosed by doctors, so if their diagnosis' were wrong, that was their mistake. I never said, I can treat cancer. This is how it normally works - if those patients get well, the doctors say they ‘never had cancer’; if they improve but not completely, they say they 'may suffer from cancer’; and if they die, they say they ‘definitely had cancer’. I don't argue with them anymore, but whoever comes to me, I'll treat them the best way I know how".

There are some great practitioners and a whole wealth of knowledge regarding cancer in China, but some of the best therapies for cancer are self-help ones such as Qigong. Among them, the best ones are Walking Qigong, Flying Crane and Spontaneous Five Animals Play.

Cancer is like a bushfire, it develops fast and is very deadly. So no matter what method is used, it can get out of hand and take another casualty. So if there is any method that saved as little as one human life, it should be taken seriously, studied and evaluated. Let alone those methods that have saved tens of thousands of lives, like the above-mentioned styles of Qigong did.
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