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In order to continue our mission of popularizing and demystifying Qigong, here is our latest addition in the form of a Qigong blog. And since Qigong is one of the modalities of Chinese medicine some articles will be about Chinese medicine generally. We hope you enjoy it. And feel free to comment :)
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Parallel Worlds

It sounds unbelievable but it is true. We live in a world where there are many parallel worlds existing simultaneously, side by side. The worlds of rich and poor. The worlds of good and evil. The worlds of past and future.

Among others there is a world where there is no cure for many illnesses and where people, willingly or unwillingly, undergo all kinds of expensive, dangerous and ineffective torturous treatments while, at the same time, there is a world in which those same illnesses are successfully treated daily using simple, safe and cheap (even enjoyable) methods, some of which, have existed for thousands of years.

And even though most of us can have access to both worlds, if we so wish, the vast majority choose to stay in one, the only one they believe exists. Because they never hear about the other one on their TV so, to them, what is not mentioned on TV, does not exist!

To make things a bit harder even for those who would still opt to check out the other world, there are strict laws in almost all countries of the world that prohibit anyone from claiming that they can treat (let alone cure) any illnesses that are proclaimed as “incurable” by the medical establishment and all those who break them are severely punished. Not only can they lose their practicing license, but they may even end up in jail. In a world of lies the greatest sin is telling the truth!

But people have discovered all kinds of ways of how to adapt and survive even in such a world and still be able to help others without clashing with the law! Those who were open-minded enough to search for them (or was it their faith :) not only become fully aware of that other world but many were even able to get rid of their “incurable” illnesses! Of course, leaving the world completely oblivious of the fact!

It is so easy to deceive people and those who engage in it have found many ways to do it. One of the most commonly used ways (since forever) is indoctrination which, with the existence of mass media, has reached such proportions that it has become possible to make a villain out of a most generous and benevolent person (even crucify them!) while, at the same time, glorify and give Nobel Prize for Peace to a person who have invaded other countries and killed thousands of innocent people. And, of course, always with the “best intentions” at heart and in the name of something glorious.

Such as in the name of “people”, or “peace”, “democracy” and now, more and more, in the name of everything that exists - religion, science, humankind, medicine, “finding the cure for”, or in the name of a “war on” drugs, cancer, terror… Whereas, in most cases, exactly that in what name all that has been done, becomes far worse than before.

And even though almost everyone seems to agree that one cannot trust mainstream media and, despite the fact that there are so many independent sources of information, far more reliable, objective and, most importantly, addressing the real problems of the world, most people still choose to put their trust in the offical media and be willing slaves of the system.

To them that is the only “reality” and so, the two parallel worlds in this manner continue to co-exist, independent of each other. Yet those two worlds themselves are more than clear about the existence of the other one. There is a war waging between them, the greatest war that ever existed. It is a war between good and evil, between darkness and light. But, it is done in secrecy so the sleeping majority is not even aware of it.

And while the army of light is desperately trying to wake us up and make us realise what is going on, the army of darkness is quietly telling us to be ‘troubled over nothing’. Just watch the news, follow our instructions and ‘all will be good’! The last thing they want for the sleeping giant is to wake up. All their dreams and hopes of enslaving us totally would be forever gone. So, shhhh. Sleep well and let us look after your destiny. Trust us, we control the finances, economies, armies and information of the world.

Yet, the war is not over yet. When it is over, all will be clear that it is over. The only problem is, then it will be too late to do anything about it and reverse the process. So, let’s see what can be done while we still have a choice. Here is one solution: Qigong. The ancient Chinese discipline that can both fix the dream as well as awake us from it!

To “fix a dream”, according to Taoism, means to help us with the problems we perceive as real while we are still sleeping i.e. the problems related to health, relationships, work and life on this planet.

To “wake us from the dream”, on the other hand, refers to the permanent solution of all of our perceived problems i.e. the spiritual enlightenment and awaking to reality which is inherently good.

Check out some of its mind-blowing healing properties that majority of people are still totally oblivious of, but even that falls short before its ability to transform the entire life by awakening us from the dream of suffering and insanity known as a ‘life in a body’ on Earth!

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